This method originated using eye movements, but the power of EMDR is really through bilateral stimulation. EMDR stimulates both hemispheres of the brain (the right hemisphere and left hemisphere) and can be done through tapping or auditory forms of bi-lateral stimulation. EMDR was originated to help post-traumatic stress disorder, in particular with war veterans.
It turns out that EMDR is effective with all kinds of traumas that we experience in our lives. What happens during traumas – both big and small – is that the memory doesn’t get stored in adaptive memory (which requires the electrical impulse to traverse both hemispheres of the brain).
Instead of getting stored in long-term memory adaptive memory, trauma gets stuck in the nervous system. Any type of emotionally overwhelming experience can create a disruption in the normal process of memory storage which then gets stuck in the nervous system and can create all kinds of problems in your present day. It is for exactly these types of experiences that the bi-lateral stimulation of EMDR is incredibly effective at treating. So when you have an experience that even remotely resembles a previous trauma, your body and emotions will react before you’ve had a moment to really consider the truth of what is happening. It is exactly these types of experiences that the bi-lateral stimulation of EMDR is incredibly effective at treating. A memory, an experience, has to travel and traverse both hemispheres to be stored adaptively. In an overwhelming emotional experience, the memory gets stuck in the motoric or the right hemisphere, creating sensations of anxiety, panic and depression.
By stimulating mind, body and soul with the bi-lateral process it creates distance from the original experience. Most times I will start out with my clients’ at a distress level of 8, 9, or 10 (we use a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worst) and by the end of the process the level of distress is down to anywhere from a 0 to a 3 or 4.
Baggage are collections of outcomes from past traumatic or emotionally overwhelming experiences that get stuck in the nervous system and interfere with our interpretation of (and reaction to) the present in our relationships.
If the answer is “yes” it is most likely because the past is flavoring your present, in some cases blinding you to the truth of the present moment. Has your partner ever said “I love you” or something that you really want to believe, but you just can’t believe it? EMDR can help you reprocess and release the old baggage so you can be grounded in the present with your partner.

Especially in couples’ therapy, it will often happen that one part of the couple will be saying something, and it is completely and totally misinterpreted on the other end. Because they’re viewing the words through the lens of their past history and wounds, I often will at that point suggest doing a breakout session (an individual session) with them to work on an individual issue.
In the case of being loved, if you can’t believe your partner loves you, maybe somewhere in your past you had an experience – something that made you believe you are not lovable and no one will ever love you. My approach to EMDR is to find the negative, irrational, destructive beliefs and reprocess them into rational and constructive beliefs. When something happens to us that “proves” one of these negative beliefs, we have an overwhelming emotional experience.
I then help you use the overwhelming emotional experiences in the present to target and reprocess these beliefs and the earlier experiences associated with them. Once this is done we move into the positive stage of finding what it is that you’d rather believe, and through a natural process you will come to see truth in the positive, constructive belief in your nervous system and on a deep core, emotional level. It’s really amazing – sometimes I can seeI immediate change is possible in one 5075 to 90 minute session – sometimes as little as a 50 minute session.
Furthermore, empirical studies and follow-ups show that the decrease in distress levels remains low over time.
Now – when something happens that would have previously reminded you of that original experience, you don’t have the same emotional response.
If you think this approach sounds right for you and you’d like to learn more – schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with me by using the Schedule Now button or contacting me via phone below. When stored adaptively, it then becomes a part of your rational, linguistic reference system. Through EMDR and the process of bilateral stimulation, these unconscious and seemingly uncontrollable sensations are released from the nervous system. You will then be able to hear their words and see their actions for what they are, not for what you interpret them to be from your wounded past.
It doesn’t make you immune to your emotions but rather allows you to feel them and react in the way you really want to react.
If you broaden the definition of trauma to include any experience that is emotionally overwhelming you will find that EMDR has application in most areas of psychological distress.
You can then constructively learn and respond appropriately and in an emotionally grounded way to related present day occurrences. Understanding this wide variation in types of cybercrime is important as different types of cybercrime require different approaches to improving your personal and  network safety. Symantec draws from the many definitions of cybercrime and defines it concisely as any crime that is committed using a computer or network, or hardware device.

The computer or device may be the agent of the crime, the facilitator of the crime, or the target of the crime.
For example, the victim unknowingly downloads a Trojan horse which installs a keystroke logger on his or her machine.
For example, the target is contacted in a chat room by someone who, over time, attempts to establish a relationship. Or, members of a terrorist cell or criminal organization may use hidden messages to communicate in a public forum to plan activities or discuss money laundering locations, for example.• It is generally facilitated by programs that do not fit into under the classification crime ware. IM allows users to relay messages to each other in real time for a "conversation" between two or more people. Because many IM systems have been slow to add security features, hackers have found IM a useful means of spreading viruses, spyware, phishing scams, and a wide variety of worms. This term refers to any "malicious software" created to damage or illegally access a computer or network. Often these messages will appear to be from a friend, a bank or other legitimate source asking for personal information such as names, passwords, Social Security numbers or credit card information. These messages might also direct users to phony Web sites to trick users into providing personal information. When slipped into a drink, a dye in these new pills makes clear liquids turn bright blue and dark drinks turn cloudy.
But this color change might be hard to see in a dark drink, like cola or dark beer, or in a dark room. Legitimate institutions, such as banks, do not send e-mail or IM of this nature due to security concerns on the Internet.
A macro virus infects the executable code embedded in Microsoft Office programs that allows users to generate macros. Worm Similar to how a worm burrows through an orchard apple making it inedible, a computer worm is a program built to reproduce itself and spread across a network, rendering it ineffective.
However, one common denominator is that a worm can harm a network by consuming large amounts of bandwidth, potentially shutting the network down.  References   Anonymous (1987).

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