Scheduling challenges are different today than they were, and keeping the schedule full is requiring persistence as well as a fair amount of creativity. You recommend treatment to your patients, you think theya€™re ready to move forward with that treatment, and then you find out theya€™re not on the schedule. Employees who bungle telephone talk simply dona€™t know the appropriate way to handle this mission critical line of communication.
We have an collection of Dentimax Dental Practice Management Software Course Details in various styles. Jay Geier Dental Office Management Training Jay Geier helps me think outside the box and make quick decisions. Changed My Life I feel sorry for the posters on here who referred to this program as a con or who claim it doesn't work and want to stop receiving mail.
Intrusive Our office requested information from Scheduling Institute based on an advertisement we received in the mail. Establishing a sound fee schedule allows you to be fair to your practice and improve care to your patients.Learn what it takes to create a solid fee schedule that will boost your bottom line.

That means not only are your patients not getting the treatment they need, your practice isna€™t meeting its full potentiala€”and ita€™s costing you money.
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Geier had one of his staff members call our office, record our conversation without our knowledge, sent us a cd of that phone call and proceeded to insinuate that our staff was under qualified to answer the phone. Basically most staff resist change so they tell the doctor it doesn't work because they never committed to implementation. Based on purely the fact that he violated our staff's privacy, we will not be purchasing anything from his company.
Then they get rude, demeaning, lie, and prolong things as much as possible so you don't get a refund. So then the doctor, who never monitored and insisted they be committed 100%, fails to be the leader and just accepts their assessment.

We also warn that if you do not want fall out from your employees you may want to look elsewhere for training. Then she went back in to talk to the staff and told them the opposite of what she had previously told them!
I engaged in their full program 2 years ago.,I can tell you my practice DOUBLED in production in that time, my net income increased by 60% AND I have halved my clinical hours (I have multiple associates now) My average monthly new patients has gone from 16 to 85. Their full program will change your life IF you commit, are focused, and do what they tell you to do.

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