Some job interviewers ask tough questions to trip you up or to get you to reveal information you may be trying to conceal. Q: What is your biggest weakness that’s really a weakness, and not a secret strength? A: Maybe in about 20 years, but by then, I suspect you’ll be running the entire company and will need a good, loyal lieutenant to help you manage this department! Q: If you knew that things at your company were rocky, why didn’t you get out of the company sooner? Once the company began to turn around, [my boss] was offered a terrific job at a rival organization and it took CC&L six months to replace him and when they did, the new boss was eager to bring in his own people.
Q: If you were running a company that produces X and the market was tanking for that product, what would you do?
A: I would search for new markets for the product while I spurred the engineers to change the product to make it more marketable to its original core audience. Q: Are you telling me that, now that you’re 40-something, you would be willing to start at an entry-level position just to get your foot in the door here? The career that I’ve been in is so different than yours that I would love the opportunity to start over again in your field.
I came home, applied to architecture schools all over the country, and was accepted by one of the best.
Q: What do you view as your risks and disadvantages with the position we are interviewing you for? A: I think that with the home office located halfway across the globe, there is a very small risk that one might not have the chance to interact with the key decision makers as often as might be ideal. A: Yes, I did very well at my internship, and I had originally assumed that I would come on staff once I graduated from college.

I love working at BB&L, and I brought some references with me today to show you that my job performance there was stellar. Q: We love women at this company, but our clients are Chinese and so we were thinking of hiring a man for this particular job. Q: What would you do if you really wanted to hire a woman under you, and you knew the perfect candidate, but your boss really wanted to hire a man for the job? So while I may have fewer TV spots on my reel as other candidates, hopefully you’ll agree that my ideas are stronger than theirs. A: During my first week on the job, I would ask my boss how she would prefer me to handle projects.
A: I suppose that asking for name-brand vodka at the Christmas party, instead of the generic swill that they normally serve, doesn’t count, right? Others want to get a better sense of your thought process or see how you respond under pressure.
As long as I am continuing to learn and grow within my position, I’ll be a happy camper. Once again, I tenaciously hung on to my job, and, even though I was long overdue for a promotion, I really didn’t think that the timing was right for me to broach it. It’s true that I was fired twice, but I managed to bounce back both times and land jobs that gave me more responsibility, paid me more money, and were at better firms. Still, in some ways, I consider this new turn of events to be a lucky break for me, believe it or not. It seems to me that I am probably more qualified to handle this position than anyone, man or woman.
I am excited about the prospect of helping your promotion agency upgrade and fine tune your loyalty programs.

Certainly, [at my former job, my boss'] confidence in me inspired the decision makers at our firm to trust that I could do the job.
Well, men might seem like simple creatures, but when it comes to what they really look for in their dream girl, characteristics like confidence and intelligence can outweigh any physical features.
Different companies promote people at different rates, and I’m pretty confident that working for you will keep me motivated and mentally stimulated for several years to come.
The top management was terribly unprofessional, plus they didn’t have the contacts with newspapers, TV, and cable stations that we really needed to service our clients properly.
Of those, let’s figure that 21,175,000 of them own skis, leaving the number who rent at 9,325,000.
But behind the A players, you need the B players who can hammer out the details of the projects and stick with them on a day-to-day basis. I just learned to drop the assignments off with my boss on the day that they were due, and when the managers would ring me up, I would recommend that they simply follow up with her.
After a couple of years went by, I felt like I wasn’t learning anything new, and I confess that I began to feel bored.
I canvassed my own contacts, of course, but I was the only person in the entire firm who had any contacts! Why should I hire you for the job and not someone else who has the credentials that we’re really looking for? To unlock these secrets further, we sat down to with former athlete, fitness model, and face of Paco Rabbane's newest fragrance Invictus, Nick Youngquest, to tell us more.

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