With increased responsibility comes the need for new skills and an expanded perspective of your organization. Management Essentials for Developing Leaders equips new managers and technical experts with the essential management skills and strategic perspectives needed to succeed in today's business world. Faculty leader and developer of the "Growing Great Managers" course, Weiss is an expert in operations and production management with extensive consulting experience for both manufacturing and service companies. A member of the Accounting faculty and the academic director for the Initiative for Business in Society (a Darden Center for Excellence), Frank has been repeatedly recognized for her expertise in tax policy and tax education, as well as for her teaching.
Snell teaches leadership, developing organizational capability, and human capital consulting. Steenburgh is an expert in business-to-business marketing and sales, and his research analyzes the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies. Inn at Darden, our highly rated hotel adjacent to the classroom buildings and dining center. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you've entered or been promoted into a management-level role in the past several years, you may have gaps in your knowledge and experience that prevent you from fully embracing your new position. In one week, Darden's top-ranked faculty impart wisdom on core topics associated within the MBA degree, enabling participants to return to their organizations with a broad, solid base of fundamental knowledge, ideas and approaches.The ProgramReveal your true potential with this boot camp-style immersion in the principles of organizational management. It's best for those newly empowered to lead teams or business units and high-potential individuals who want to build expertise in strategy, operations, finance and leadership. She has interest in public-private partnerships, health care topics and other areas as well. Co-author of four books on management topics, including human resources management, he is a top-cited author in scholarly journals of management. He has won the Wachovia Award for Research Excellence, and his case study on Hubspot is part of the HBS Premiere Case Collection. You'll learn the basics of powerful leadership and build your capacity for meaningful contributions with a global peer group that shares your appetite for challenge and growth. Before turning to academics, he held several positions in marketing and operations at the Xerox Corporation.

You'll be a better manager as a result, with a more seamless understanding of all areas of your organization and how they fit together. Faculty experts in operations and production management, human capital, accounting, and marketing and sales will present case studies of successful organizations, and you'll use their examples to review and analyze the interplay of the core components of business: finance, marketing, operations, strategy and leadership.
After all, a resume and an interview can only tell a hiring manager so much about the person they are bringing on board, and often talented employees are simply being put into a role that is not a good fit. In this hour-long webinar, business analyst and PMP-certified project manager Dan Stober will walk you through a four-step plan to ensure that you hire the right people for your team, from assessing talent to providing continuous learning and establishing a mentorship program. You'll expand your perspective across organizational functions and develop the managerial habits to support corporate-level as well as departmental initiatives.

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