CARLA International3D has built a strong reputation for providing effective, expert and quality international development training. Our trainings are provided by qualified development practitioners and use active learning to build your skills and knowledge, while encouraging participants to share experiences and challenges. These amazing programmes have been developed in collaboration wth the Royal Gegrapical Society, UNlCEF, WFP and Concern Universal; and are unique opportunities to hands-on learn what is involved in international development and aid interventions.
The Sahel is a zone of African countries just south of the Sahara, including Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Nigeria, Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon.
Whilst this is an amazing opportunity to understand the processes of doing effective and sustainable development, the local communities will ultimately be the key beneficiaries, as the project you will be involved in will be the basis of providing facilities for the increased levels of food production for children. The 1990s was a decade of globalization powered by the Internet and rising transnationals, multinationals and global corporations.
Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Training and Development of an International Workforce. With more than 30 percent of the population undernourished, poverty is recognised as being closely related to food insecurity. They have been designed to provide you with the essential field experience needed for working in international development and aid.

The challenge that confronted many corporates were identification of training needs and competencies for an international workforce, and deploying new methodologies to train them.
They are practical, highly participatory and focus specifically on skills development and deepening understanding. Undernourishment is especially severe in children where there is a 22 percent prevalence of chronic child malnutrition.
This book provides a retrospective view of these changing times, when different methods were pioneered, by Human Resource Management for adapting to globalization of businesses and developing an international workforce.
The 2 week programme involves the stages of identifying real problems, engaging in a situation assessment, and planning an appropriate project.
The causes are associated with inadequate local food production, poor financial income, and rising imported food prices.
It provides insights into the training needs for women, who were increasingly becoming part of the global corporations as managers during the decade. The 6 week programme extends into project implementation, with an immersion to allow for a fuller understanding of the issues and effects from a culturally grounded perspective.
With the onset of the Sahel crisis in April 2012, crop harvests fell by more than 56 percent, which has resulted in 35 percent of the population being food insecure.

Since 2012, the Sahel has struggled with catastrophic levels of food insecurity putting 8 million people at risk of hunger. Both courses look at the specifics of how to do 'development' right and are unique and exciting opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills needed for working in development as good change. Multiple and complex factors have contributed to the deteriorating situation in the Sahel, including:• Drought has resulted in poor harvests, with 56 per cent less crops than last year. Corn prices in the Sahel are 60 to 85 percent higher than average prices over the last five years, at this time of year.• Communities are still vulnerable, having not yet had a chance to re-capitalise their lost assets from the food crisis of 2009-2010. There is enough food to feed everyone, but the majority of those going hungry are small-scale farmers. In developing countries, poor people often spend as much as three quarters of their income on food.

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