After serving in the role for the past 15 years, your firm’s administrator has announced her retirement.
She has given four months’ notice, so you have some time to find a suitable replacement. The experience, competence and skill level of the individuals in legal administration varies from the folks who do a spectacular job of dealing with operational complexity to those who are really partner-level strategic professionals that can help your firm build leadership capability and client relationships and impact both top and bottom lines. Since the difference between leadership and management came up today in the discussion, i thought it was a good idea to share some of the definitions it happend to have read lately.
I hope you find these definitions usefull and keep challenging the differences between leaders and managers.

Thank you for the good definitions of the difference between these two, management vs leadership. I think that given our society current state of being and how we have grown up, at least in my culture, it is rather intuitive to manage than lead. Today, I wanted to drop in a short and simple post that highlights the BIG differences between leadership and management. You knew it was coming, but you hadn’t put much thought into what you would do when the day actually arrived. To me, no one can asnwer this, even with risk assessments, one has to actually do it and find out.

Both of them have they own characteristics which are perfectly complemented by one another. And i think one of the most challenged way is to balance between strong leadership and strong management. While managing well often exhibits leadership skills, the overall function is toward maintenance rather than change" (Cuban, 1988).

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