Here you can join over 400,000 members from around the world discussing all things Catholic. Well, yes, if the states are heavily Catholic and heavily non-religious, then of course that means there are a lot of non-practicing Catholics. Interesting that Mississippi also has a very high rate of divorce, a low rate of abortion, and a high rate of teen births. Because Israel does not figure into the thread, and because it is you alone on the thread who is making that charge against Israel.

Membership is open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who seek the Truth with Charity.
However, I will agree with Anp1215 that it is very sad that the least religious states are also the most heavily Catholic. If Mississippi is #1, it has had a change of heart from when it was perhaps the #1 racist state.
Some posts may contain information that I believe is incorrect or was poorly understood from a Catholic viewpoint.

Or do you think that prejudice and violence against black people by whites there was a rarity?

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