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Who better to write a comprehensive book on the history of genetics than the man who won the Nobel Prize for his role in discovering the structure of DNA? James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA structure, gives this authoritative yet personal account of the course of modern genetic research and the technological and ethical challenges unleashed by it.
Professor Betsey Dexter Dyer examines the wide ranging field of genetics, which is the study of the hereditary information of organisms, how it is used, and how it is transferred through generations.
The extraordinary Siddhartha Mukherjee has written a biography of the gene as deft, brilliant, and illuminating as his extraordinarily successful biography of cancer.
A scientific and medical revolution has crept up on us, based on study after study, from hundreds of laboratories around the world. Arguably the most significant scientific discovery of the new century, the mapping of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up the human genome raises almost as many questions as it answers - questions that will profoundly impact the way we think about disease, about longevity, and about free will.

We build branched DNA species that can be joined using Watson-Crick base pairing to produce N-connected objects and lattices. These fascinating lectures also address DNA sequences and how they apply to "genetic engineering," viruses, and genetic diseases such as cancers and birth defects.
Weaving science, social history, and personal narrative to tell us the story of one of the most important conceptual breakthroughs of modern times, Mukherjee animates the quest to understand human heredity and its surprising influence on our lives, personalities, identities, fates, and choices. It is no longer just a theoretical shift: every one of us will be touched by it, and many of us already have been.
And what we're continuing to learn about it every day has the potential to transform our health, our nutrition, our society, and our future.
The meaning of disease, our understanding of the human body, and crucial decisions about what we all need to know and what choices we make about our health are at stake. Matt Ridley here probes the scientific, philosophical, and moral issues arising as a result of the mapping of the genome.

But what, exactly is DNA, the self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms? We have constructed a molecular assembly line using a DNA origami layer and three 2-state devices, so that there are eight different states represented by their arrangements.
In a new system that demonstrates exponential growth, we are progressing towards selection of self-replicating materials.

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