May 8, 2012 by Jeannine Yoder Leave a Comment You want to know “What degree do you need to become a life coach?”.
You will need to understand the concept of 6 degrees of separation when applying marketing strategies within your life coaching business. When thinking of what degree you need to become a life coach, consider that you may also may need 2 degrees of separation from the negative people in your life. Most people will want to look for proof of their worth by a “piece of paper” type of degree. When you ask “What degree do you need to become a life coach?” I would tell you to try a different question. Do you have a passion for the discovery of strategies in life that create powerful results?
Can you discover the blocks that limit those around you with a natural source of intuition on what action will change their life course? You, my friend, don’t need to ask “What degree do you need to become a life coach?”, you simply need to value your own gifts and talents and take action. A lot of the mompreneurs I’ve worked with in my coaching career have told me that they spent quite a bit of time thinking about hiring me before actually taking the leap and doing it.
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February 23, 2012 by Dave Iuppa 1 Comment Here are three good reasons for wanting to become a life coach. To become a life coach, you have to realize that you will have the life of your client in your hands, as surely as if you were a heart surgeon. I say this because I have recently run into a new generation of, so called, “life coaches” who know little of life and less of the art and science of coaching. By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “30-Days to Become a Coach” video toolkit. What I like most about this post is the 3 main points and how you can apply them to almost any entrepreneurial venture…or any type of teaching venue. Watch full movies online, Free movies download, Mpeg, HDQ, Putlocker, Streaming, 1080p, Android, HD, Tube, Divx.

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue flick provides decent and good made plot, though, it is not fresh. You must choose your questions wisely and you must prepare yourself to filter through all of the hidden agenda’s, bull crap, fillers and rambling to discover the truth.
This is the first step and therefore one answer to “What “degree” might be needed to become a life coach?”. Your peers and inner circle support and define you, choose to value yourself and the worth of your life by letting go of those who limit you. I say the answer to “What degree you’ll need to become a life coach?” will never be found in a piece of paper from a school.
Some weren’t exactly sure what life coaching was about or what a coaching relationship would look like. My passion is helping entrepreneurs create and run businesses that honor their priorities and values.
They are not the only reasons but if your reasons don’t jive with these, it might be a warning flag; kind of like wanting to have kids, so you have someone to play with. And while it may be interesting to wander out on to the fringe of reality and embrace quackery for yourself, you have a sacred obligation to care for your client responsibly.
It is frightening when you realize that their coaching is based primarily on the placebo effect. You must create strategies that will alter you clients course toward clarity in massive action in achieving ultimate success by their definition. Some even admitted to feeling embarrassed about hiring a coach to support them, almost as if it meant they were a failure at doing what they wanted to do or being who they wanted to be in life. It goes without saying that time management is always going to be our #1 problem as mompreneurs because we’ve signed up for two completely full-time-with-overtime-no-time-off jobs. Once you set some boundaries, you can begin to set expectations with your family, clients, colleagues, vendors, and friends.
We talked a little bit about creating an ideal schedule, but beyond that, we need to figure out what your high pay-off actions are, how to set those high pay-off actions as one of the first things you do each day, and then how to handle errands and to-do lists of things that are not time-critical—things like housework or grocery shopping—all those “extra” things you do as a mother.
I could go on and on and on about this point, but it’s one that many mompreneurs don’t want to hear a lot about. Frankly, if you want to drink your own Kool-Aid that’s your business, but you don’t have the right to encourage your client to drink it, particularly if you are their life coach. You may be a few people away from a connection that could serve you in reaching more people, through collaboration.

Now everybody in your life knows that you work on certain days at certain hours, and conversely, they also know that you have downtime with your family on certain days at certain hours. We need to figure out how to incorporate all of that rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away. People are fundamentally scared of creating business and marketing plans, perhaps because there is something almost terrifying about writing your goals down on paper, especially if you have a fear of failure, and let’s be honest—who doesn’t? Just as there are those who are born with the ability to coach others to live their best life. So if you want to be successful on your own terms, create a business that works even when you don’t, get the buy-in and support you need from your spouse and family, and spend quality time with your kids… read on!
Being clear with these expectations enables you to meet the expectations of others in your life without having to constantly negotiate schedules and priorities. If I can teach you some critical time-management strategies, I am absolutely certain I can give you more of your time to do what you want to do with your life instead of always trying to figure out where to grab a few more minutes. There are so many of us that have, for one reason or another, developed some unhealthy, unproductive, or just plain ineffective communication strategies. But if you want to become a life coach, you have to look beyond that and understand, that with the right coaching and inspiration and the right internal drive and commitment, your life coaching client can achieve great things and be an inspiration for many.
The truth is that if you decide to be a life coach, you are deciding to achieve mastery of both accountability and strategy coaching based on the teachings of a recognized coaching organization and based on established scientific methods.
We do this by creating an “ideal schedule,” which identifies your top moneymaking talent—where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck—and then incorporates systems and routines so that you are not just aimlessly trying to work whenever you get the chance (like when the family is eating dinner or the kids are asleep or they’re at a soccer game and you’re multitasking like crazy), but learning to really focus and be intentional with your time. These are the sorts of things a coach can help you work on to make sure you are communicating clearly, in such a way that you get what you want, be it support from your spouse, understanding and love from your kids, or a new project from a client.
And even if their dreams are more modest, helping them achieve their potential can be just as fulfilling. I hope this has piqued your interest and perhaps even answered a few of the questions you have about just what all this life-coaching business is about anyway.

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