As women, we take pride in our ability to juggle multiple roles: business person, intimate partner, mother, daughter, sister, friend.
The Enneagram explains what’s actually going on: I have fallen into a trance, hypnotized by the habitual defenses of my personality type. In my Enneagram classes I help people practice the following technique for waking up, regardless of your personality type– you can try it right now! The Enneagram teaches that the underlying Essence of every human being is good, kind, valuable, beautiful, clear, solid, joyful, strong, and peaceful (the nine types). The Dream Factory Community is an educational women’s organization, that has communities that train Chief Dream Officers, women who take on their life, their work and their world. We are creating communities that empower women to make their contribution and impact the world. Unfortunately, by trying to be everything for everyone, we can easily get overwhelmed and completely out of touch with our bodies, hearts, and inner knowing.

I am not doing a very good job at any of it, and I’m feeling increasingly anxious and irritable.
The “real me” has been taken over by a very clever and lifelike machine running a program, utterly convinced it is exercising free will.
Quiet Your Mind: Unless you are a practiced meditator, a direct effort to quiet the mind can be an exercise in frustration and failure.
The reason there is such tremendous suffering in the world is that most people are still asleep, running their programs, disconnected from the truth.
I feel like “I’m not myself,” even though the patterns of my thoughts, feelings, and behavior are discouragingly familiar. The desire to live a more authentic life appears at the dawn of our awakening and continues to grow over time. But here’s the cool thing: if I notice this, if I drop into the present moment for even a few seconds, I’m no longer the machine.

At the Medway Dream Factory luncheon on March 5, I will explain how each of the nine types falls under the trance of ego, and the wonderful gifts each type brings to the world when we awaken to a more authentic life.
The hard part is staying with it, but our capacity develops as we learn to recognize what takes us away (the thought habits of our personality). Without effort, allow your heart to expand, to grow as big as necessary to hold your inner truth.

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