To see a swimming pool in your dream usually represents relaxation, calm, luxury and easiness.
It could also mean that you are simply bobbing along in life and not really giving yourself or finding yourself with any challenges in your working life or at home. The attendant might be symbolic of you-maybe you are the one not allowing yourself to look at things at a deeper level. If you feel your life is in a comfortable place right now and you have no complaints or worries then the pool could be an embodiment of how you perceive things to be in your waking life.

Perhaps it's time to move on from your job, or look for something new to occupy your time in your home-life. Perhaps someone in your life cannot cope with that sort of exploration into your past and is encouraging you not to do so or not supporting you while you do. A past hurt or pain that you feel you can't shake all that easily but someone or something is holding you back. It might be time to dive in and see what is going on deep down rather than what you choose to show others.

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