Build Your Dream Car - Car ConfiguratorsThis is a discussion on Build Your Dream Car - Car Configurators within Shifting gears, part of the Around the Corner category; There are some really nice car configurators out there. Build Your Dream Car - Car Configurators There are some really nice car configurators out there.
The most detailed configurator I have seen is the Rolls Royce Phantom, followed by the Ghost. View My Garage Re: Build Your Dream Car - Car Configurators Excellent Thread Akshay1234 !!
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You know, it is tough — you see all of these innovative new cars, and the fact of the matter is that most of us cannot possibly afford them … or can we?
Right now, it is possible to get new cars for as much as six thousand dollars less than the same models from a year ago. Sometimes If I'm bored I just start messing around with some configurators, seeing what the car would look like in different combinations. Basically making this thread so that you guys can have some fun with these configurators, and then post up the pics here for everyone to see what car you have created.
It also foretells how the ideas will be implemented.Sometimes dream about cars can simply contain an image.
For example, you can walk along various car showrooms and shop for a car.Car in the dream that just stands and doesn’t move, heralds a trip or journey, where you can get a lot of positive emotions. Less obvious are the changes in your life.If you felt a clear desire to buy a car seen in a dream, or even dreamed of a buying procedure, it promises the restoration of good state.

For example, all your detractors who thoroughly smeared your reputation will disappear.Selling a car, in contrast, is a sign of bad changes. Vehicle brand determines your situation at the moment.If you are used to drive an expensive car, but you see yourself in a cheap car in the dream, it is a sign of your social status changes not in the better way. If a broken car is white, it means that your happiness will be spoiled by some problems, quarrels and unpaid loans.

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