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Thurber said that he got the idea for Mitty from the character created by Benchley in a series of shorts that he made for Fox and MGM, respectively, in the 1920s and 1930s.
As they are talking, Rosalind is shown putting her dress back on and buttoning it all the way to the neck. His dream becomes true when he accidentally meets a mysterious woman who hands him a little black book.
According to her, it contains the locations of the Dutch crown jewels hidden since World War II. Pierce (uncredited)Raoul Freeman known as Department Head (uncredited)Joel Friedkin known as Mr.

Follinsbee (uncredited)William Haade known as Conductor (uncredited)John Hamilton known as Dr.
Pritchard-Mitford (uncredited)Sam Harris known as Sidewalk Extra (uncredited)Harry Harvey Jr. Wilson known as Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)Beal Wong known as Headwaiter in Chinese Restaurant (uncredited)Harry Woods known as Wrong Mr. Kaye gives a brilliant and hysterical performance as thehighly imaginative Walter Mitty, who escapes his own real life and pictureshimself as a whole new person, whether it’s a hat designer, professionalgambler, a war hero, surgeon, etc. Yet his imagination is no longer fictionwhen a real life event and adventure takes place in the dull, but uniquelife of Walter Mitty.Anyhow, I was really surprised at this movie. I thought it was going to beboring, because 1947 is 34 years before I was born, but I was reallyimpressed by this movie.

As a matter of fact, I thought it was A LOTfunnier than a few comedy films they have these days. Boris Karloff and Konstantin Shayneare delightfully unctuous villains (Fun Fact: their henchman, HenryCorden, later became the voice of Fred Flintstone!).

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