It's no secret I've wanted to catch a 7lb Chub from the Wensum for longer than I care to remember. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge has recently been spotted sporting our Greys Pumpkin 3D Cap.One of our best sellers, to purchase this cap visit an official Greys stockist.
Round 2 of the Barston Masters took place on May 4th.Sponsored by Greys and Bagem Match Baits, the match was backed by DJK floats and Kev Leach Feeders, each angler who fished this round was welcomed with a free float and distance feeder. Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Following his recent crowning as Drennan Cup champion, Gareth offers his latest article following his big win.
The Barston Masters 2013 sponsored by Greys and Bagem Matchbaits kicked off over the weekend.
Product Manager, Dave Coster has recently been working in Germany, promoting Greys Prodigy and Hardy Marksman coarse products. This year's Fish-O-Mania final was for once held in glorious sunshine and bright conditions at the famous Cudmore Fisheries in Stafford.Only a small twenty minute shower dampened the last hour of the match but not the spirits of the spectators who had gathered to cheer the finalists on. In the Pike and Predator's 'Product News' section this month Greys Prowla Dead Bait Pop up Float's are reviewed. Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Angler’s Mail Steve Lockett is a keen overseas angler who has conducted a trial of the Prodigy TX Rova plus to see if these travel rods provide convenience for travel as well as performing on the water. Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sea Angler’s Paul French gets to grips with Greys new GRXS shore rod by testing it to the limit in Britain’s typical windy weather! Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE We are very pleased to announce that the 2010 Greys fishing catalogue is now available from your local Greys dealer or as a download from our website. Greys are proud to announce the launch of twelve new rods in 2010, including the new Prodigy TX and VX ranges.Other products to see from Greys include the new and much anticipated range of GRXi Xtreme clothing. Woodford Fly Fishery have appeared on the Ultimate Ulster television programme, where fishing has been voted the 9th favourite pastime.Watch the programme. This Friday night Chris Tarrant returns to TV screens with a brand new fishing show that takes him all around the world to meet equally fanatical anglers. On Saturday 26th October, members of the Hardy and Greys Coarse Academy attended the Churchgate Lakes open day. Our very own John Bailey starts his Wensum Barbel Challenge this week!Set out by Jim Tyree, John has just one week to catch a Barbel on the River Wensum. The Final round of the Barston Masters took place on Saturday and we are pleased to confirm that all qualifying places have been taken.The top rod on Saturday was Dan Tresign from Birmingham. DRAGON IN DREAMS (DID) - WWII - US - RYAN - 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION - NORMANDY 70th Anniversary Edition.
Packed with articles and tackle reviews, log-on to read what's been happening in Ireland - the species you may expect to encounter, the venues that are producing fish and the methods required to catch them.Angling-ireland includes three separate fish identification section listings where, when and how to catch over seventy species in Ireland, including excellent photography. Look for signs of cover such as bushes, snags, and overhangs as these are prime areas for PerchThe last couple of weeks of the season see Perch at their biggest weights so maximise your time on the bank.Take plenty of bait.
I hate to think how many fives and sixes I've had over the years but that magic seven has always eluded me. The day was of mixed emotions at the draw bag with no one really knowing where the winner was going to come from with the recent form of the venue.Pete Bennet was the man of the day pulling out peg 124, he knew what he had to do and with the wind pushing over his back and blowing into the river bank hard, he was in for a comfortable days fishing. Mick Wilkinson Floats were the qualifying sponsor who kindly donated a range of his floats.The day started with icy cold conditions with a third of the lake being frozen. In the end Norfolk's Warren Martin took the crown, easily beating the anglers around him to thoroughly deserve top spot and a cheque for ?30,000, plus another of ?1000 for the largest fish!Hardy & Greys enjoyed constant crowds at their stand throughout the weekend with the main focus of attention being on the Greys Prodigy coarse range, and superb Hardy Marksman Supero and XT rods. Dave Coster and Tony Runnalls offered customers help and advice on both their fishing and tackle and, despite the poor weather conditions, around 300-400 people attended the day. From fishing for Sailfish, Wahoo, Amberjacks and GT's in the Maldives to Salmon and Pike in Northern Ireland. Dan's golden arm drew him peg 124 and put together a fine net of Skimmers for a total weight of 96lb 10oz. I ripped it open like a birthday present and was greeted by the brand new Greys Fixed Spool Reels.
A big thanks must go to Dave Smalley Floats, Greys and Bag' em Matchbaits for sponsoring the round.
Helpful information if you are thinking about an angling holiday in Ireland, there is also a video area, ‘Fish Box' and a handy weather section giving current weather conditions, tidal charts and moon-phases.Encouraging readers to submit their own articles, with tackle prizes every month for outstanding contributions, simply send in any new angling relating story of your own making and founder, Terry Jackson will include it in the readers' stories section. I find that as Perch lead up to spawning they go on the munch so I make sure I take at least 100 lob worms and a few pints of maggots on a standard trip.Stay mobile until you find the fish. Some anglers had to break ice but with it only being cat ice they were soon on their way!The 65 anglers who took part knew it was not going to be an easy day. Academy members Dave Coster, Tony Runnalls, and Lee Taylor were on hand to offer advice and tuition on the nearby lake, with visitors being able to test out all of the gear in use.A friendly rivalry developed between the three academy anglers with Dave and Tony sharing the spoils on day 1 and Lee Taylor running away with proceedings on day 2. Sitting on top of this is an adjustable screw-winch reel seat complete with a trigger-grip.

John and Chris also visit Canada and Chew Valley Lake, meeting many extraordinary people and fishing some fascinating venues.Episode 1 of the new four part weekly series, Chris Tarrant Goes Fishing will air on Channel 5 in the UK at 7pm on Friday 1st November and is the first commissioned fishing series to be shown on terrestrial TV for several years. The Greys Prowla range have a wide selection!If you're an inexperienced Pike angler pay to go out with someone more experienced first to learn how to unhook Pike.Try and use a different method on each rod. Dan caught on the pole throughout the match finding the fish did not want the method feeder on the day.In second place and from the other end of the lake on peg 69 was Dave Pritchard from Coventry. My long suffering girlfriend looked on in amusement as I got them out to look at, play with and admire. This is clearly very important; otherwise, the Holy Spirit wouldna€™t have included this listA in the New Testament. Firstly, by now the Pike should have started spawning, meaning that they are not only difficult to catch, but they are not in very good condition either.
Whilst doing this he was topping up his pole line hoping on the carp to move in for a munch. That is a big tick in my like-box.’ ‘The rod loaded smoothly and punched my sinker hard and high.
For example, fishing one dead bait on the bottom and one popped up.One of my favourite methods is wobbling or sink and draw - this is a fantastic method for both small and large Pike. Normally an area for the method, Ian decided to fish the pole and put together a fine net of Roach, Skimmers and F1's for a match win of 55lb 8oz. Dave caught the bulk of his fish on paste down the edge for a total weight of 92lb.Third place went to swans bait man Mark Casemore on the method with a weight of Skimmers, F1's and Carp for 81lb.
However, Barry Duggan from Warwick, Portabello managed to hook them from un-popular area peg 82.
Each word selected by the Holy Spirit to depict the works of the flesh is pungentA and powerful. Once I've found some fish with the lures I will then switch to bait fishing to get the best out of the swim.Feed little and often.
So personally I leave them alone at the end of February and concentrate on two other species, namely Zander and Perch. He wasted no time and in the closing hours of the match put a fine net of fish together for a winning weight of 69lb and the round two winner of the comp.A very close fight come for 2nd and 3rd spot between Snowy Ashington andWayne Colloff. Andy started off on the method feeder, but it soon become apparent that this was not the method of the day and he opted for the pole.
It's a very active method and a great way of covering various depths of water.For nearly all of my Pike fishing I use braided mainlines.
For his efforts Ian won ?1000 in cash and ?400 worth of tackle and bait prizes from Greys and Bagem. The final for the Barston Masters takes place on August 31st - check back soon for a full report.
Unfortunately, the second thing that throws a spanner in the works is that the traditional close season kicks in on the 15th of the month - so if you want to target these species on rivers, like I do, you only have two weeks in which to do so, which means it's all hands on deck - which always feels like a rush towards the end of the season.March is a good time of year to target large Zander which, although they don't start spawning until the end of May, can still be quite gravid at this time of year, and are still actively feeding, on most venues. Snowy put in a cracking performance on the river bank taking carp F1's and skimmers on the method feeder at range with Wayne a little further down doing the same.
It took andy 3hrs to get his first bite, but being confident he worked hard changing his rigs and feed rates and soon started to put together a net of Skimmers and F1's on the chop worm and caster.
This is because it has very little stretch which makes it ideal for setting hooks when dead baiting and when lure fishing. I will often just turn my reel handle a couple of times to drag the bait across the bottom and try and provoke a response.It pays to try and fish two different methods.
You can still catch Zander on lures at this time of year, but they are not usually my first choice. Andy finished the match with a match winning weight of 36lb and put himself through to the final of The Barston Masters in August !In second place and from peg 90 Mick Illingworth put together a net of F1's taken on the method feeder at range. This isn't because they are any less effective, but simply because there is usually a lot of colour in the rivers at this time of year- and dead baits presented tight on the bottom are a great way to catch Zander that are hunting scent trails.To assist in creating a scent trail I like to use a large heavy block-end swim feeder filled with chopped up fish, and I will recast this every 15mins until I start to get fish. My normal approach is to use worm on one rod and a small live bait on the other.Because Perch at the back end of the season are carrying spawn it's imperative you take care whilst handling them. Bait is a simple dead bait, but they have to be coarse fish - don't waste your time using sea baits, as, with the exception of a couple of heavily fished waters, Zander simply don't like them, end of.End tackle is simply two size 4 trebles mounted on 30lb Prowla 49 strand wire. To complement the rod range the G-Mag reels are also featured along with the ever popular shore and boat rigs and Apollo luggage and clothing. It makes me thinkA of a story that Pastor Rick talked about thisA one Pastor that he know in the former Soviet Union. This is a very flexible wire, and needs to be crimped, but I think it works well for Zander in a flow as it presents the bait naturally, and allows it to move around in the current without being too stiff, like some wires. If someone mentions a church other than his own, he immediatelyA turns the conversation back to his own church because he cana€™t tolerate anyone talking about anythingA but his own work.

The only adaptation I have done on them is added some highly reflective tape to the tips of the rods - this enables me to see the bites easily, even into dusk. Having a dad and two older brothers that fished it was inevitable that I would get into the sport at a very early age.
I use these rods even in the boat as they have a great soft tip that holds well in the current, and shows the bites up quiver- tip style. Back then I was just happy being outside catching anything that was stupid enough to pick up my crude set up. Other pastors have spent yearsA trying to build bridges to this pastor, only to have him turn around and do something hurtful andA offensive to everyone who has tried to befriend him. This style of fishing may look a bit strange to most predator anglers, but it really works well on big rivers with lots of flow, where you find Zander. The thought of being a sponsored angler let alone winning anglings most prestigous award seemed a million miles away. Featured in the catalogue are the hugely popular Platinum Bait & Jerk bait rods along with all the luggage and terminal tackle. Simply put, this mana€™s flesh is out of control and has devastated many people.A If you hear yourself talking nonstop about your own projects, dreams, and aspirations, but you never stop to inquire about anyone elsea€™s, maybe you need to get into the Presence of God and let Him speak to you about selfishness in your life. In the particular episode he was having is photo taken by top angling photographer, Mick Rouse with the massive Drennan Cup trophy which he had won that year.
Goda€™s Spirit is inside you a€” and if you will yield to the Holy Spirit, He will make you compassionate and caringA about the needs of others. The word dicha means apart, as in a separation, and the word stasis means to standA or to rebel. His rebellious deeds deemed him a terrible and notorious criminalA in the mind of the Roman authorities. He had led an insurrection,A a sedition a€” an act of dichostasia.A Barabbas defied the powers, rejected their authority, and stepped away from their rule, taking other rebels with him as he went his own way. As often happens when seditious flesh has its way, Barabbas and his companions eventually united all the rebels in the city together in an attempt to overthrow the government. It was the ultimate act of defiance or disloyalty to an established authority.A Paul lists a€?seditiona€? as one of the works of the flesh.
It is important for you to know that theA flesh hates rules, regulations, and any order that is imposed upon it.
This is why children rebelA against parents, wives rebel against their husbands, churches rebel against pastors, and people in general rebel against God. Defiance and rebellion to authority is the source of most world wars, civilA wars, and regional conflicts. When a babyA acts like that, it makes one wonder how in the world such an innocent-looking child could behaveA so badly.
But the reason a young child can act so defiantly is that he is wrapped in flesh a€” and oneA of the works of the flesh is to beA rebellious and defiant! This comes from the Greek wordA hairesis.A In the New Testament, it has a meaning that is unique and used differently than in secular literature.
The word a€?sectariana€? refers to a group of people who adhere to the same doctrine or who ardently follow the same leader.A A The adherents of a sectare usually limited in their scope and closed to outsiders, staying primarily to themselves.
Such groups often function in secret to keep their dealings, associations, contacts, and interactions unknown to others.
They giveA the impression that they are better or more enlightened than those outside the group or that they haveA a special assignment that no one else can know about. It adores being selfish, self-consumed, and self-focused, and it takes pleasureA in caring for its own selfish interests. I stand against them inA Jesusa€™ name, and I yearn for the Holy Spirit to produce His divine fruit in me.
I crucify theA flesh; I mortify its deeds; and I release the resurrection life of Jesus Christ in me!
Do you spend much time thinking about how you can be a blessing to them, or do you always think about how others can be a blessing to you?A 2.
Consider again the fact that flesh hates to be told what to do and that it rises up to defy the authority figure or the rules it doesna€™t want to accept. Can you think of any areas of your life in which your flesh is rebelling against God-appointedauthorities or rules right now?A 3.
Have you ever allowed your flesh to deceive you into thinking that you are a member of a higher spiritual class?

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