Women Leaders in Earned Value Management (EVM) and Information Technology who work across Industry and Government and in numerous Corporate roles, some of which are ranging from CEO to President to Senior Project Manager to Control Account Manager (CAM) share their EVMP® certification experience and discuss the benefits of completion of their EVMP® certification, EVMP - Industry™ specialization and My EVMP® Portfolio™ tool box to their careers and organizations. PROFILE & TESTIMONIAL FROM LOCKHEED MARTIN'S SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MANAGER AND CERTIFIED ITPM™ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGER™, MS. Pennsylvania, USALOCKHEED MARTIN (NYSE: LMT) is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong (EVMP® Instructor) was ready and willing to answer any questions I had during his presentations and he was efficient in managing class time and getting us through the entire 600 plus page notebook within the allotted time frames.
Professor Kwaku Akyeampong (EVMP® Instructor) was excellent at supplying the class with real life examples and experiences, which helped me to understand how better to adapt the EVM practices into my own program.
FEATURED TESTIMONIAL FROM YULISTA AVIATION, INC's SENIOR PROJECT COST & FINANCIAL ANALYST MRS. I highly recommend this class for anyone considering working on or starting work on Projects that utilize Earned Value Management (EVM).
My EVMP® Portfolio™ contents developed by Yulista Aviations Senior Cost & Financial Analyst Mrs.
Ms Suzanne Magee, the first female CEO in the world to be EVMP® certified described her EVMP® experience as, "Taking the EVMP® training as a management team provided value from day one.
ABOUT TECHGUARD SECURITY®: TechGuard Security®, a leading United States Cyber Security Firm was founded in February 2000 to address National Cyber Defense initiatives and US Critical Infrastructure Security.
I decided to take the EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP - Aerospace & Defense™ credential certification and training to gain increased knowledge for our Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) implementation.
ABOUT UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DoD): The United States Department of Defense is the executive department of the government of the United States charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with national security and the United States Armed Forces.
ABOUT MANTECH®: ManTech® was founded in 1968 to provide advanced technological services to the United States government.
Ms Holly Beckstrom, Information Technology Specialist at the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at the United States Department of Agriculture described her EVMP® experience as, "Currently, I write, review, and update federal division, information technology (IT) policy and procedures.
Jackie Woodson leads and manages teams that implement secure mobile solutions; and develops the mobile talent programs to train employees. JACKIE WOODSON, BS (Computer Science), MS (Human Computer Interaction), CISSP, Security +, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Associate Global Supply Chain Management Professional, ITPM™ in her own words, described her ITPM™ credential certification program experience as, “The ITPM™ Information Technology Project Manager™ class discussions, course materials and the ITPM Strategy PlayBook™ were very applicable and I was able to immediately apply what I learned at work. Nathalie Behn described her EVMP® and EVMP - Aerospace & Defense™ credential certification experience as, “The 5-day EVMP® credential certification course truly exceeded my expectations. Debbie Hillard, BS (Accounting), MBA (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - IT™ described her EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® credential certification experience as, “After successfully budgeting and estimating large systems integration, development and business process re-engineering projects for many years, I did not think I would gain much from the EVMP® class, but since many contracts are now coming out with EVM as a requirement, I felt compelled to take the class. Tammy Sears Kluesner in her own words, described her EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP - Aerospace & Defense™ credential certification program experience as, "Truly exceptional training! The EVMP® credential certification tells others your company possesses highly trained Earned Value Management (EVM) staff to the level of certification.

Suzanne Magee was invited to be present and attended the unveiling of the Obama Administration's 60 Day cyber security review at the White House in Washington, DC on Friday, May 29, 2009.
As the program progressed, we began using a common lexicon to describe our programs, projects and quality initiatives.
TechGuard Security® provides trusted and award-winning Cyber Security Solutions through innovative research and development, consulting services and training for the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal, Financial and Healthcare communities. Alicia Anderson described her EVMP® credential certification experience as, “The 5-day EVMP® credential certification training program is equivalent to the Navy Seals or United States Marine Corps Basic Training. Lorna Lavelle, BA, MSc (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - Utilities™ originally from United Kingdom (UK) is a seasoned and highly experienced Senior Project Manager with over 15 years of International related experience in Project Controls, Earned Value Management and Project Management; and manages a number of Transmission and Distribution line projects for various clients in the Utility industry. Lorna Lavelle, BA, MSc (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - Utilities™ has a proven track record of ensuring that her projects adhere to prescribed scope, schedule and budget; and that all risks are collated and mitigated where possible and that any contract changes are handled efficiently.
Lorna Lavelle, BA, MSc (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - Utilities™ in her own words, described her EVMP® and EVMP - Utilities™ credential certification program experience as, “The EVMP® program takes Earned Value Management (EVM) from the textbook to the real world. I didn't realize before the class how mush risk, quality and crisis management played a role in the success of a project.
Shweta Gupta, MSPM, EVMP®, EVMP - IT™, PMP® in her own words, described her EVMP® and EVMP - IT™ credential certification program experience as, “The EVMP® program is a great program.
Ngochuong Luu, EVMP® manages very large and complex dollar value contracts from inception through closeout in Peoplesoft; and performs contract monitoring and management that ensures that contracts are operating within approved budgets.
Ngochuong Luu, EVMP® described her EVMP® experience as, "I think the EVMP® credential program is great.
Today, ManTech is a $3 billion public company that provides the innovation, adaptability, and critical thinking our government needs for success in defense, intelligence, law enforcement, science, administration, and other fields—throughout the nation and in many countries throughout the world.
After taking the EVMI® EVMP® credential certification program, my products more effectively cross reference EVM attributes such as; budget, risk management, IT architecture, and continuous monitoring. Dealing with increased EVM rigor, IBRs or EVMS validations Looking at implementing EVM to help in responding to RFPs and winning new contracts Not sure how implementing EVM will impact their organizationsThe content of the presentation can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, as dictated by your organizational or contractual needs. I have taken many other Project Management classes in the past and none of them were as hands-on as this one. YAI is an SBA 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation regionally headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and has over 1,000 employees in North America. It brought us closer as a team, and has provided a commitment to providing Earned Value Management (EVM) to our internal and external customers. TechGuardians® address the current challenges of cyber security and privacy, specifically the problems of information management, network vulnerabilities, firewall integrity and network security concerns created by e-commerce initiatives, global Internet connections and cyber terrorism. The company's activities include, but are not limited to, the engineering, building, installation, maintenance and upgrade of energy, utility and communications infrastructure, including electrical utility transmission and distribution, power generation, natural gas and petroleum pipelines, wireless, wireline and satellite communications, wind farms, solar farms and other renewable energy, industrial infrastructure and water and sewer systems.
I have approximately 28 years of Earned Value Management, Cost Accounting, Project Finance and Project Management related experience and a strong background in Project Accounting focusing on Budgeting, Planning and Cost Management.

I also learned the important role of Control Account Managers (CAMs) and how essential it is for them to have the proper training. Kari Jones’ role requires her to build, track and manage the program tasks, which are numbered in the thousands, as well as cost and resource hours.
Exercises were extremely helpful in understanding of EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® and EVMP - Aerospace & Defense™ program materials.
Lorna Lavelle, BA, BA, MSc (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - Utilities™ is a native speaker of Scottish Gaelic and English; and speaks German. Lorna Lavelle, BA, MSc (Information Systems), EVMP®, EVMP - Utilities™ provides Earned Value Management (EVM), Project Management and Projects Controls expertise across MasTec's projects, including providing monthly EVM reporting that captures solutions to variances across projects are resolved. The program provided me with a great guideline on how to implement EVMS [Earned Value Management System] effectively on my group projects. Classes were very lively and course reference manual provided an excellent reference for future EVMP® projects execution and success. MasTec's core services are the engineering, building, installing, maintaining and upgrading of infrastructures.MasTec, Inc. Even though the class required a lot of time and work, its benefits will carry far in my efforts and the parts that I play as a central part of our project team.
Kari Jones provides several levels of status reports for teams and executives regarding the program’s progress. Calista was founded in 1972 and represents over 13,000 Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Athabascan Alaska Native People. Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President teaches from the heart and his passion is infectious, and the classes are enjoyable and motivational! Cheryl Barton Parker manages all efforts related to internal tracking of financial reports, preparing accurate Estimate at Completion (ETC), Cobra EVMS software integration and implementation of a viable and compliant industry standard ANSI EIA 748-C Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for managing projects across Yulista Aviation, Inc. The Calista Region encompasses 58,000 square miles (nearly 10 percent of total Alaskan land area) and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Region in land size. Kari Jones held positions with BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana’s Project Management Office and The Road Home Small Rental Property Program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and the State of Michigan Department of Treasury’s Project Control Office in Lansing, Michigan. Approximately 75 percent of the land within the region is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service.
Most of the remaining lands are owned by federal and state governments, with a very small amount privately owned.

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