Enhance your careera€”and your salarya€”with the new leadership skills and knowledge that a mastera€™s in educational leadership can provide. Our Master of Education in Educational Leadership program will hone the skills youa€™ve already developed as an undergraduate, while at the same time broadening your professional network and opportunities. Throughout the program, all of your assignments will be field-based, combining theory with practice. This program is state-approved and allows for certification in educational leadership through the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE). Youa€™ll thoroughly examine all aspects of educational leadership while pursuing your advanced degree at Lynn.
Your new degree will give you access to impressive career opportunitiesa€”many more than we could ever hope to list.
Recognized by Apple as a distinguished school for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. Membership in a fraternity or sorority opens the door for a variety of involvement on the URI campus.
Greek 101 is a community-wide new member education program that all new members of URI fraternities and sororities attend.

The Greek Leaders’ Summit is an overnight retreat that is held prior to the start of the fall semester. Starting in July, QM is implementing a number of changes related to the course review process to improve the rigor of reviews and to provide more services to subscribers. Thanks to all of you for providing samples of exemplary work that we submitted to meet all of the national ELCC (Education Leadership Constituent Council) and ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) standards. How Does Group Work Relate to Student-to-Student Engagement and Overall Success of Course Design? This article was originally written by Academic Partnerships Chairman and CEO, Randy Best, for Inside Higher Ed.
Developed by Academic Partnerships, Faculty eCommons is a social learning ecosystem for faculty across the world to work together to improve online education. Small class sizes provide a personal education, and they allow you to exchange philosophies with your peers and industry-expert staff. Here are a few examples of the ways URI Greeks learn about leadership and educational opportunities.
The program consists of a weekly series of workshops that address the following areas: teambuilding, hazing, responsible alcohol management, violence prevention, scholarship, and leadership.

All fraternity and sorority chapter presidents, IFC officers, and Panhellenic officers attend this summit. In light of our focus on globalization and open courses, this is the perfect time to celebrate and learn more about open education. Plus, youa€™ll have the opportunity to study within an educational institution and network further, with local schools and their representatives.
During the retreat, members participate in a variety of activities that encourage teambuilding, goal setting, event planning, and positive environmental improvement. Melissa Kaulbach and James Bryan Smith answer this question during this episode of Ed Tech Du Jour. The summit is revisited during a second overnight event that is held during the month of January.

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