Online educational technology degrees are designed to teach students how to effectively implement technology in K-12 classrooms to enhance the learning process. Most bachelor’s degree programs in educational technology can be completed in four years if the program follows a standard semester format. Curriculum in an educational technology degree program includes general education courses in the arts and sciences, with essential courses in writing, mathematics, communication, computer science, the social and behavioral sciences, the physical and biological sciences, and the fine arts and humanities. Many of the major courses in an educational technology degree program will require students to complete projects that demonstrate their skills. Training and development specialists earned an estimated median yearly salary of $55,150 as of May 2011, according to the U.S. In all states, teachers in public K-12 schools must be certified, and technology teachers may require a special endorsement. HTML CSS Images February 09, 2015 By pinoyguro Download the following images for the html css activity. Susunatur bagi kelas abad ke 21 adalah mesti mempunyai beberapa ciri yang penting, iaitu membolehkan pelajar terlibat secara aktif dengan pdp yang berlangsung, membina ruang autonomi pembelajaran dan menselarikan ruang pembelajaran fizikal dengan ruang pembelajaran mental.
Semoga perkongsian ini memberi input dan sedikit gambaran berhubung dengan contoh dan keperluan yang perlu ada bagi sesebuah kelas abad ke 21. These degree programs may also be called instructional technology degrees or technology education degrees. However, accelerated programs that use terms or modules may allow students to complete a program more quickly.
Students then begin their major courses that emphasize curriculum design, technology and learning, distance education, and multimedia tools that can be put to use in the classroom.

In this course, students learn how technology impacts everyday life, including our careers, health, economy, and environment. This course explores the different types of classroom software that are used in educational environments. In this course, students are exposed to the wide range of tools available to help instructors use interactive multimedia in the classroom.
Students may be asked to design an interactive online course, put together a training lecture using multimedia tools, or put together a graphic design project.
Numerous industries seek training and development specialists who can design effective learning experiences and training programs for their personnel. The median yearly salary for teachers was $48,800 for kindergarten teachers, $51,660 for elementary school teachers, $51,960 for middle school teachers, and $53,230 for high school teachers, as of May 2010, the BLS notes. Several research and studies showed that technology helps improve the teaching and learning process. A total of 20,834 secondary teachers out of 47,892 examinees (43.50%) passed the September 2012 LET Secondary. Campfire adalah konsep yang memberi ruang pembelajaran daripada orang pakar atau pun pencerita. A review of the literature on educational technology and instructional methods for teaching STEM courses was used to identify the strengths of technology in education.
Students learn how to teach with technology and how to promote technological literacy in the classroom, drawing from the most successful models and up-to-date research in educational technology. Program length is also affected by the number of transfer credits a student brings in from outside institutions and whether the student attends the program full-time or part-time.

Students also look at the relationship between technological development and social development, as well as the social issues that arise from the use of technology. Students learn how to employ effective methods for graphic production, video, and sound, as well as how to select appropriate media for various instructional purposes. Depending on the program, students may be required to complete a semester of student teaching (for those seeking teacher certification), or a capstone project in educational technology that requires students to work with a real-world client or examine a case study and write a thorough solution, drawing on what the student has learned from his or her courses.
Of course, many graduates of these programs go on to implement educational technology in K-12 classrooms as teachers, or even specialize as technology teachers. With experience, training and development specialists may advance to positions in training and development management, where median salaries were $89,170 as of May 2010, the BLS noted. Salaries may vary greatly based on your level of experience, where you live, the size of your employer, and other factors.
Manakala konsep Watering Hole pula adalah ruang pembelajaran sesama rakan yang melibatkan kolaborasi dalam kumpulan yang kecil.
These findings being used to develop educational technology and provide heuristics and guidelines for developing effective STEM courses that optimally support learning.
With appropriate experience, education, and licensure, individuals with a background in educational technology may also qualify for certain administrative careers at school districts, such as director of technology, a position that entails development and oversight of district-wide technology plans. Konsep Cave pula adalah ruang pembelajaran individu untuk mereka yang belajar mendapatkan ilmu secara sendirian.

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