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What we need to remember here is that, a company is made up of people and to bind these people together in an organizational set-up, communication is a must. The message must be understood clearly and then only workforce can function in a defined way. If a business entity has to thrive in the market arena, it has to have a system of effective communication. Presence of effective communication system leads to productivity and helps in avoiding unnecessary delays in operations or implementation of a policy or transactions.
One minor mistake and it can cost companies millions of dollars and loss of loyal customer base.

There is not much different between the quality of products and services offered by the companies in same category.
Right from business development to personal selling or marketing, communication plays a vital role in almost all the spheres of the business.
Internal communication is the key to increased employee productivity, high motivation levels and a feeling of mutual understanding within the company.
This single most factor can provide an edge to the organization and makes it flexible to respond to the changes in the market without disruption of operations. Effective communication leads to a good style of management and that certainly augurs well for the future of the business organization. But they can definitely differentiate themselves on the basis of better customer service and effective communication.

Internal communication is crucial for managers to effectively convey the role and responsibilities to the employees and what is expected of them. Company that understands importance of communication also saves itself from wasted time, resources and man power.
However, what they can do is to build up the communications skills of employees which play a significant role in retaining customer base, offer better service and make the customers visit them again and again. Communication works on two different levels of internal and external in an organization and both play an equally important part in deciding the future of the company.

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