This training game illustrates that feedback is an important part of the communication cycle. Recently Information Technology giant, Atos Origin announced that it would stop using inter office emails by 2014.
Ita€™s hard to deny, at times, we deal with email overload and maintaining quality of messages can be tough when there is so much information to be shared. New modes of communications have changed the effectiveness of communication as well as how we communicate as individuals, colleagues and community.
Comic strip conversations are a unique way of communicating with your child on the spectrum through simple drawings and illustrations.
It is a very effective tool for older children and teenagers with communication and social difficulties to help the traverse the pitfalls and difficulties of social requirements. The little black duck is running a workshop on dec 6th to teach you the basic skills required to use comic strip conversations with your child.

They will help you the understand how giving and receiving feedback is imperative for communication to be effective. When asked why, Atos CEO Thierry Breton mentioned company employees were sending an average of 100 emails per day, of which only 15% of those messages were deemed useful and the rest were considered lost time.
They are designed to help your child understand social interactions, conversations, problem solve and understand another person’s point of view. The seating for this training game are pairs of chairs are placed around the room giving the participants the room to spread out. Because social media is not only changing the way we as individuals communicate but also how organisations are communicating.
Unknowingly, we are quickly becoming very efficient communicators; using very few words and still reaching our desired audience all the while keeping the entire thread indexable. One thing is for sure, as humans we have evolved and so has the media we use to communicate.

When people experienced Twitter for the first time, their jaws dropped as if a smoke signal using caveman just got his mail delivered by a pigeon.
The cycle is complete when the sender of the message comes to know the listener's interpretation of the message. The 'A's are expected to communicate to 'B' the figure in their hands so that the 'B's are able to draw an exact replica on the sheet given to them.In this round of the feedback game a constraint is introduced. They have just to listen and draw according to the instructions by 'A'.After everybody has finished playing the round the 'B's share their version of the figure with the 'A's.
There's quite a bit of laughter at the copies of the figure that the 'B's have made.In the next round of this feedback game the 'A's are given a second figure.

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