Do you realise that effective communication is the result of a successful buying and selling transaction? Imagine you walk into a market where many sales people are trying to convince you to buy their products. Environmental Education and Conservation Global (EECG) was created to promote education as a tool that can help conserve and enhance the earth’s biological diversity. EECG’s goals are to educate and improve the environmental behaviours of the many publics it serves by helping educators, resource managers and other professionals concerned about environmental quality create more positive environmental attitudes and behaviors in these audiences.

Provide training to educators and others who are willing to work towards appropriate behavior changes—Change in those persons creating environmental problems today and those who can help prevent them in the future. That communicators are traders of information that addresses the needs of consumers a€“ be it to create understanding, to improve knowledge, to stimulate an emotion, an attitude or to change behaviour?
Look out for the third key a€“ Communication is a network a€“ in your inbox by early November 2014. Is it to reinforce a certain message, to create an emotion and attitude or to change behaviour?

If you use words, abbreviations or jargon that they dona€™t understand, they will not buy your message.
If your intranet, website, sms or app is too difficult to navigate a€“ your message is lost.

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