Effective CommunicationAtieh Roshan Consulting has invested a great deal of time and energy to working on building effective communication and developing interpersonal skills in organisations. The eldest from a family of four, Natasha describes herself as a happy person who enjoys reading, research, travelling, teaching and learning. Having taken on and completed 18 courses with ALISON in the past year, Natasha says her knowledge and grown vastly in a range of subjects in that time, while improving her teaching skills. Natasha says she loves the flexibility that learning on ALISON offers so that she can study at her own pace and convenience.
When designing your website, bear in mind that your contents are more important than your design. You might think that those who will navigate the site are not just your target group of people but there would also be others. When you are in a catch 22 situation, wondering which image or text would be best to use, check which one has better impact. No matter how important your message is, it would still be useless if you do not look for ways for it to be noticed.
Your type would greatly affect on how a particular message can be effectively communicated.
Having much quality information is good but if you place all of them in a page, then you will confuse your readers. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! This way, you can prioritize the contents that you really want to give attention to and really want your readers to know.

You will not be able to communicate effectively if you will allow your design to eat up the contents. Yes, that is true but you really have to make sure that your contents and your site design will be relevant to your target audience.
Also, if you are planning to communicate so many things, be sure that you will be able to lay them well.
Communicate with clarity by having a clear purpose and by prioritizing what to communicate. So, to make sure that they will read it and they will immediately get the message, make it brief but complete. A professional looking website is more convincing and would even be more encouraging for the visitors to read what is in the site.
Have a good branding in your website so that people can easily recognize you and connect you with that brand. Choose a font style that is attractive but do not use a font that is too fancy making it impossible for one to read it.
I would advise anyone considering studying on ALISON to embrace the opportunity to learn and achieve enlightenment on as many subjects as you desire. At least, when you create a site that has good communication techniques, it will make all your hard work worthwhile. Like if you are selling some products, your priority would be to show the clients your products so that they can purchase it. Simplify them into categories so that your readers will find it easy to digest all the information.

This way, you can avoid clutter in your design by having stuff that are no longer necessary. You can actually show many contents but make sure to do it in a manner that it will be presented one by one. Tell us your communication techniques so that other people can also apply it in their own websites.
I have always been interested in psychology and the courses Alison has on offer has filled that gap. Designing a website is not just about how it will look and what impact it can give to the audience. No one would be willing to visit a site like that because they are after the information and not the aesthetics.
Design your site in a manner that other people can also relate to it but you have to think of those who are within your target first. Websites that have lesser contents can actually easier achieve their goals in getting their clients. Although, design is also important but you have to give more value to contents and usability.
Without the right communication technique, you will fail to tell the users what you want them to know.

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