Effective communication involves a lot more than just speaking clearly to your audience without nervously stuttering or writing an email without any spelling mistakes. Probably the most important thing you should learn from this article is that in order to be a “super communicator” you must be a super listener. Some scholars call this “active listening”, which entails more than just scanning what you’re hearing for something that relates to a story YOU want to tell. Restate the issue to make sure you understood correctly and show that this is important to you. If you’re trying to come across as an assertive speaker but your hands are shaking, your voice cracks and your eyes are bouncing from one place to another, you can pretty much kiss that image of yourself goodbye. Also, if you’re trying to make something sound really serious but you look like you’re about to burst into laughter, while twirling your hair around your finger like a 7-year old, nobody is going to take you seriously either. Make sure the rest of your body is delivering the same message that comes out of your mouth. And when you’re the one listening and can see the person who is doing the talking, pay attention!
It’s important to be aware of the emotions and attitudes that one is displaying when in the presence of someone else, too. It is OK if, say, a particular story makes you sad and a little teary-eyed but if you’re sobbing uncontrollably others might become more concerned with making you stop than with what you have to say. Trying to ask for directions to a farmer in Italy when you only speak English and the farmer only speaks Italian constitutes a problem, for sure. Make sure you only use slang or professional jargon if you are 100% sure everyone that is listening (or reading) can understand your words.
Try your best to not interrupt, insult, scream, burp, pick your nose or teeth, roll your eyes, or make fun of the other person (although best friends can sometimes put up with a little teasing!). By being an active listener you can reduce misunderstandings and improve the chances that when it is your chance to speak, your message is heard and understood…as you wanted it to be!

I once worked for a company that employed independent contractors and we offered some basic sales training for them. In regards to body language, see, I have a really tough habit of standing with my arms and legs crossed. Sometimes while I enjoy my morning coffee I watch my blank computer screen as it changes each few moment from one wallpaper image to the next. Feel free to download these wallpaper images, share them around and add them to your computer’s image files. Here is a copy of my Prezi, presented to the American Humanics NonProfit Management Advanced Track students … Wow! Effective communication is a somewhat esoteric concept that is frequently applied to business management. Put simply, effective communication aims at improving our understanding of the emotional content (*taps head and does a bad Bruce Lee impersonation) behind any given information. Effective communication, then, aims at fostering a deeper understanding between communicators, by creating a stronger emotional resonance. Experts in the subject maintain that the first step towards becoming a more effective communicator (should you wish to, of course) is to become a better listener. Of course, effective communication is largely emotion-centric as a concept and so the final point brought up by the article is to improve your own emotional awareness. That person is sending out clues that well help you uncover the whole truth behind the story! It is about being aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you’re certain they do not get in the way of the message you are trying to communicate. But sometimes both people can speak the same language and still not understand each other’s words.
Also, if you have a heavy accent that is unfamiliar to those around you, try to speak just a little slower…and stop talking and ask what is wrong if you start getting any puzzled looks!

My name is Melissa and I have built this website to help you improve your communication skills. Paul Barrs' Internet Business Training Programs will help you sort the truth from the lies! I believe that each of us in business should spend at least 5 minutes a day engaged in what I call “strategic thinking”. Theoretically, this understanding makes us more empathic and thus better able to relate to our spouses, co-workers, employers and friends.
You can do this by fully focusing on the speaker (as opposed to being distracted, or deliberately distracting yourself), not interrupting them and openly demonstrating an interest in what the speaker has to say. A stressed person, even if their outward demeanour seems pleasant enough, gives off a lot of anxiety, from body language to posture, so it is best to deal with your anxieties privately before dealing with others (where possible). It is about improving your understanding of yourself and others around you, in order to live and work with other in a more harmonious way. Listening to what others have to say, but also to the clues that give insight to their thoughts and emotions as expressed in their body language or tone of voice.
They all have quotes that challenge me and set me to asking questions that cannot easily be answered. Also, listening to your own self and to what you are experiencing while you are communicating. If you find yourself entrenched in petty squabbles or constant bickering with your friends, spouse, family or colleagues, then there is a good chance that there is something deeper that is bothering you.
With a greater emotional understanding of yourself, not only will you be able to avoid potentially stress-inducing situations, but you should also be able to recognize patterns in others that you have seen in yourself, allowing you to become more empathic and, ultimately, a better communicator.

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