This One Page Coach® program provides a step by step approach to improving information flows at all levels in the organisation. This training guide summary sheet is a 2-sided document with a storyboard on one side and an application template or other supplemental resource on the reverse. Provide a systematic process to choose the right communication method to deliver the message clearly and efficiently. Demonstrate how to set up a centralised information gathering and dissemination organisation to help communications flow in an optimal manner.
The One Page Coach® family of products was designed for trainers, facilitators, coaches, mentors and others responsible for guiding individuals on their learning journey.
At Aimia we believe informed, passionate and properly trained employees are your greatest asset.

Our experienced team develops Communications Strategies to engage and inspire your employees to deliver a consistent brand promise to customers. We unlock powerful insight to create meaningful marketing communications programs than run the gamut from simple campaign communications to generate enthusiasm and participation in your meetings, conferences, events and incentive programs, through fully integrated online, print, mobile, social, paid media, social media and virtual communications to launch a new product, program or process. Aimia's communications plans leverage the loyalty lifecycle to deliver persuasive communications and incentives proven to lead employees and participants through progressive stages of commitment to the organization.
Our campaigns are supported by communications planning and in-house design, editorial, mobile, social, virtual and media planning expertise.
We offer full-service training for your product, process or program initiative and design effective curriculums and training for your employee initiatives.
The Aimia performance improvement team is degreed, certified and award winning in the channel space.

As participants advance through each stage of the loyalty lifecycle, their engagement increases measurably and their lifetime value to the organization grows substantially. We provide the right tools to help your employees succeed; rewarding those who excel is at the forefront of our thinking. We combine our full suite of services to offer a curriculum targeted toward your team and your goals. If you wish to make additional copies of this storyboard for use in a classroom or other group setting, you may purchase a reprint licence from this webstore.

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