5 HR Department Roles for Successful Employee Engagement You are using an outdated browser. Here is an overview of the  Zinger Employee Engagement Model.  The purpose of the model is to foster both understanding and actions to achieve robust results and authentic employee engagement for all. Contact David Zinger to put the model to work for more powerful, robust, and authentic employee engagement within your organization. My recent article in IndustryWeek outlined three strategies for achieving employee engagement. The Irish Times has published an annual directory of the Top 1000 companies in Ireland over the past 10 years. Cure: The cure is to ensure all employee engagement efforts are based on caring and focused on the benefits for all.
David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who abhors creepy approaches at work. Employee Engagement is directed towards achieving results.  The first key of the model is on the far right hand side and begins with the results the organization, department, team, or individual wants to achieve.
From the far right hand side of the model we move back through the model to the far left hand side of the model. We want employees to serve the organization’s customers and there are very strong relationships between employee engagement and customer engagement. This website and David Zinger’s services will  contribute to enriching not just your understanding of the model for the organization and yourself but using the model to achieve results for  the benefit of all. The database can be found online and provides details on all the companies and can be searched by industry, company and key employees. Iatrogenic disengagement occurs when our efforts at employee engagement fail and cause disengagement.
Perhaps the leader or manager seems to be saying and doing the right things but something just does not feel right.
The key question for this part of the model is: What do you want achieve and how will you know when you achieve it?

We so often talk about “engagement” and substitute the verb of working (engage)  for a static noun (engagement).
Does the employee feel served by the organization and management so much so that they in turn offer the same level of service to the external and internal customers. Employees should experience both personal and professional development through work ranging from courses and learning to developing their own strengths, value, visibility, and engagement.  We spend so much time at work and work should help us become all we are capable of becoming.
I believe our social brain is wired to detect creepy through our spindle cells and mirror neurons. How will we get those results and does everyone know the organization’s intentions and plans?  Is our strategy engaging and will we have high enough employee engagement to fulfill the strategy?
How well are employees connected to the other elements of engagement ranging from their organization to genuine happiness? We must guard against too many roles or role overload while also fully being in the roles that contribute to results, relationships, and engagement. Are they proud to work for their organization and equally proud to recommend their organization and be constant ambassadors for the organization.
Genuine happiness is developed through knowing and using our strengths in the service of others, gratitude,  and a host of other authentic contributors to happiness. For example, a manager learns that strength based conversations have a high probability to reduce employee disengagement. We must transcend superficial relationships, community or happiness towards engagement that is heartfelt.  Powerful engagement is real and robust.
We want to help each employee become a star performer to benefit customers, the organization, and themselves. Powerful engagement involves mastery of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and organizational energy. Once employees get engaged in safety, their efforts also can be directed toward other organizational goals.
He or she endeavours to hold these conversations with staff but they seem so out of character and feel manipulative.

Do employees see the importance of what they are doing and how their work connects to results? Organizations that do not transform themselves into communities are in danger of becoming obsolete or ignored.
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Once the basics of safety compliance largely are accomplished, engagement becomes the next frontier. Safety excellence requires much more from workers than following rules and doing as they are told. 81 Image: How to Protect Your Website From Hackers How to Protect Your Website From Hackers 43 Image: 12 Best Strategies for Keeping Your App Top of Mind 12 Best Strategies for Keeping Your App Top of Mind 31 Do You Need A Texting App For Your Business… Don’t Waste Your Money! Today, the last of the series, is dedicated to 5 roles you should expect the HR department to fulfill in driving employee engagement.1. The Engagement AdvocateIf someone is going to drive employee engagement it’s the HR department. Below are additional ideas for how to apply these strategies to employee engagement in safety. The Engagement ConsultantNot surprisingly research has confirmed that the line manager plays the most important role in engaging employees. HR has a role to train, guide and coach line managers in how to engage employees.And although metrics are an important tool (see the Engagement Gate Keeper) HR should help line managers point out that engagement is all about dialogue and not the score per se.

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