Ignore any prior reviews about our "moldy campus" - we just got a brand-new building and an open courtyard and all of it looks so beautiful and clean.
I would give this school zero stars but there is one teacher there that cares about my child and does her job!
Honestly a great school, a lot of extracurricular activities, really good teachers, for honors and AP, Great DECA, SGA and CTV programs, really good in waterpolo, swimming, girls soccer, boys volleyball, band, and recently Football. If I could I would take my son out of this school asap, he hates , my husband and I hate it. CCHS is an amazing school, the teachers are amazing, most of the students are really friendly and there is little to no bullying.
DECA (business), FMPA (medical club), Debate, Journalism (and also CTV, the school news program and The Lariat, our newspaper), Fashion, "The Littlest Cowboys" (early childhood care), a variety of sports, and much more.
I can't imagine a better high school - our marching band was top notch, and there were other great performing art programs. A school system may identify 10% to 15% or more of its student population as gifted and talented.
Programs offering GED or equivalent courses for adults within regular schools, whether classes are held during evening or daytime schedules.

I just finished freshman year and i can say some of the things people have been saying are not true. I know I am unfairly basing this on several bad experiences with only a handful of teachers but it is really a shame that the administration at this school chooses to do nothing about a long standing problem. Medical School Interviews: a Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School - Over 150 Questions Analysed.
My son tells me everything so i think i know.He said the children there are disgusting.Moving him ASAP!! These programs should not be confused with common after school clubs or athletic activities. The AHSGE is a standards-based test, which means it measures specific skills defined for each grade by the state of Alabama. Not everyone may love this school due to bad experiences with the teachers or the administrators, but in reality to compare this school to others it's one of the best.
The kids at this school continue to work hard every day, even when 'senioritis' is suppose to be kicking in. After graduation, I attended a very competitive California university and was better prepared for the rigorous curriculum than most of my peers.

Review chapters featuring sample essays, commentaries, and critical reading and writing strategies show you what you need to know to succeed on the AP exam.A An entire review chapter explains how to prepare for and take the AP exam. We are new to this school and learning that the administrators or staff have no contact with the family. But every teacher here is willing to take time out of their day to try and help, if not them than other students will. Raulston has received many academic honors, including Most Influential High School Teacher Recognition from the University of Texas and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Chicago, among others. You can't coast through and expect to gain a good education, you have to devote your time and effort.
Wood has counseled college-bound students on such topics as academic preparation, test-taking, and college admissions. Wood is listed in Whoa€™s Who in American Education and is a long-time member of the Missouri State Teachers Association.

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