As global trade expands and our world seems to shrink, the need to speak another language is becoming increasingly important. We offer customised and flexible training plans for foreign and English Language courses in over 19 centres across the world. We work alongside our sister company, Language Studies International, to provide English Language Courses and Foreign Language courses. We are committed to teaching different languages and making the learning process as simple and as effective as possible. Intonation's Assistant Translation Manager Rachael Cox talks about helping the future stars of the industry at a Portsmouth University translation event organised by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.
London Language Training offers a full range of group and one to one English language courses to fit all requirements.
Almond Vocational Link has many years of experience in providing English Language Training to our European Students who choose to come to Plymouth to learn English and gain work experience. The most popular choice for our students are English classes in small groups (up to 8 people) This option allows you to enjoy a personalised learning experience whilst benefiting from the informal and relaxed group approach. All of the English Language Courses will be delivered at City Business Park, Somerset Place, Stoke, Plymouth PL3 4BB.
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Please upgrade your browser, or alternatively, download another browser of your choice, such as Firefox or Chrome. In recent years, SPEED has experienced enormous growth in its clientele base for General and Business English courses at various levels. SPEED's English courses are designed using the principles of Communicative Language Teaching, which focus on teaching language through practice of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Under our ELT Program area, we offer a range of courses to provide for different needs and abilities. The trainers at SPEED are all qualified, mostly with degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and years of experience in teaching. For LANGUAGE LEARNERS & LANGUAGE TEACHERS, the ultimate selection of LANGUAGE COURSE BOOKS to get you started. This book offers an array of pronunciation and intonation exercises to help students speak with a standard American accent. For the language student who plans to travel or live in North America (The US or Canada), teachers who work with accent reduction, or even native speakers involved in theater, radio, or voice acting, this book is a definite must have.
American Accent Training is a step-by-step course book that will guide you or your students towards speaking in a standard American accent.

One thing that sets this book apart from most pronunciation and accent reduction books is the fact that the book comes with a nationality guide. With the purchase of this book each student can take advantage of a toll free telephone diagnostic analysis that evaluates their initial speech patterns. As a teacher who has experience giving accent reduction workshops, I can honestly say that nothing in the market has been as much of a help as American Accent Training. Although this book is an amazing tool, the only thing that could complement this package is a tape recorder (for self-study students). We offer tailor-made training solutions to individuals and businesses and we are always available to discuss the most suitable course to meet your requirements.
Due to an increased demand and positive feedback we decided to expand our services to offer language training to those located in Plymouth permanently. When taking part, your tutor will asses the level of input you require and decide on the most suitable method for you. Our teachers have many years of experience in helping adult learners to improve their English and boost their confidence. We thoroughly recommend this approach for those learners who require intensive language training and a more tailor made classes. Perfect if you are starting a Business related University course or are already a student and would like to increase your vocabulary. We are very open to your suggestions about times and days you consider to be most convenient for you.
Our approach involves interactive, participatory training techniques that have proved to be very effective. Most of our courses lead to Cambridge ESOL Examinations, a globally recognized certification. American Accent Training is perfect for study abroad students, business people, or students who are planning a trip to The US.
This highly acclaimed self-study book is an essential tool for the upper intermediate and advanced student who wants to perfect their English speaking skills. This book is one of the most extensive and thorough guides I have personally ever come across; if you are a casual English student who is only interested in preparing themselves for a trip abroad or for a short vacation, this book is not for you. The student begins the self-study course by becoming familiar with the rhythm and a€?musica€? of the American English dialect.
You may be asking yourself a€?what is a nationality guide?a€? Simply put, it is a guide that helps correct common errors or difficulties that arise from a studenta€™s specific linguistic background.
This analysis aims to help each student realize whether they have a standard or non-standard accent and where they need to improve.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who does business with American clients, people who are planning to live in The US and even foreigners who are currently living there.
Learning and speaking a different language is an advantage within the commercial and business sectors and there is increasing pressure for employees to be able to speak to an employee in another country in their own language. At present we are in the process of research which is crucial in planning our English Language courses, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you want to focus on improving grammar, increasing your vocabulary or practicing the pronunciation we will help you in achieving your goal.
The group course creates many opportunities to practice your conversational skills and ability to seek information in the target language more efficiently.
Our Business in English courses are also suitable for those in employment who’d like to impress their colleagues and employer with a wide range of vocabulary.
We provide the CVs of trainers to clients prior to the launching of a course, upon request. The book also comes with supplementary materials such as: detailed nationality guides , online material, and referral to a qualified telephone analyst for a diagnostic speech analysis. Those who will benefit the most from this book are students who want to take part in a self -study course and work towards perfecting their accent over a period of time. The booka€™s nationality guide offers useful tips for native speakers of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, French, and German. Students also have access to free online support, extra material for written exercises, and even a small mirror to observe the placement of the lips and tongue to achieve an accurate pronunciation. With a bit of dedication and practice anyone can achieve a perfect American accent with the help of this book. Participants who take our courses develop their skills to communicate in English through practice of grammar and usage, and they build their confidence and fluency. Unfortunately these are the only languages listed on the guide, but speakers of other languages can benefit from the guide as well. For example: speakers of Italian or Catalan can find some useful tips under the Spanish section of the guide.
Dutch, Danish, and Afrikaans speakers can also find a few useful tips under the German section.

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