The English Programs (English as a Second Language, ESL courses) of the American Language Institute(ALI) of New York University(NYU) School of Professional Studies (SPS) are one of the most established international and English language programs in Manhattan New York and in the US. Our location in the heart of New York City provides incomparable access to the cultures of the world. Levels 1-6: Full-time students in intro level through level 6 enroll in morning and afternoon courses that are held Monday through Thursday. The Comprehensive English program of NYU - SPS prepares students to function in English in a range of academic, personal, and professional situations.
The Intensive English Program at New York University SPS is a full-time, 20-hour-per-week program for students who wish to learn English in the shortest possible timeframe. The Intensive English Courses of the American Language Institute of New York University SPS not only offers 20 hours of high quality instruction, and excellent academic preparation a week, but also provides the prestige to study in one of the most recognized Universities in the world, and the opportunity to keep learning and improving the English language outside of the classroom.
For more than 60 years, American Language Institute of New York University SPS has crafted programs of English instruction that take full advantage of its location in the heart of New York City, one of the world’s most exciting and diverse cities. At the beginner levels, the program integrates instruction in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, second only to Mandarin. Having the ability to fluently speak the English language as well as one's native language can be very beneficial to those seeking job opportunities with international companies. Since the English language is one that is predominantly spoken throughout the world, international travelers may find that speaking English can make their travels a little easier.

Students from other countries who attend school in the United States will benefit greatly if they can know basic English.
The English language is the predominant language of academics all over the world, with a large amount of research conducted, written and presented in English. We extend our classroom to the streets, giving you complete immersion in language and culture to help you learn how to express yourself with ease and accuracy.
In addition, they take three to four ALI Professional English Program (PEP) courses or noncredit courses through the NYU School of Professional Studies, which range in subject from marketing or finance to real estate or digital filmmaking. Professionals and business people who want to improve their English for career advancement also enroll in the Intensive Program. The campus is located in downtown Manhattan, the heart of New York City, which gives incomparable access to the cultures of the world and create opportunities for practicing English in New York City. As a leading center for media, culture, entertainment, art, fashion, global commerce, finance, research and technology, New York affords those learning English the chance to explore the language in a multidimensional context. Advanced classes follow a similar pattern, but provide the opportunity for students to concentrate on particular areas of emphasis—for example, writing, grammar, or pronunciation. That English is used almost everywhere is just one of the many advantages of learning the English language. Most international business transactions, including emails, memos, reports and contracts are written in the English language. The ability to speak a language that is spoken by most business people can place the job seeker a step ahead of the competition.

The plot of these movies is easier to follow if the person watching the movie speaks English. Most hotel and restaurant employees, as well as store merchants, will probably speak English at least to some degree. The English language can be a very helpful tool for scholars to communicate their ideas and research findings with peers in their field. In the afternoon classes, students choose electives from a broad array of options including “The New York Art Scene,” “Improvisational Acting,” “Exploring New York,” “Listening Through the Movies,” “American Culture,” “Reading The New York Times,” and “Communicative Skills,” among others. The sights, the sounds, the smells and the excitement of the City will add incredible depth to your learning experience. Popular electives that are taught in the afternoon, allow students at all levels of proficiency, to practice their emerging English skills in real-world situations. Subtitles in other languages can sometimes cause the meanings of words to be lost in the translation, and they can be a distraction or even block the action that is taking place on the screen. The students will also have an easier time with any research or readings that they are assigned.
Exposure to people from around the world will serve to enrich you academically, culturally and linguistically.

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