Over 200 students a year from around the world study on this flexible English Language course. You will study with adult students in a friendly and supportive environment allowing you to grow in confidence and reach your goals. EU students who wish to receive the EU subidised fees can join the course at the start of each term and should complete a minimum of one term. Please note that although students aged 16-18 are classified as adults in respect of their eligibility for this course, they are subject to stricter rules on supervision , details of which can be found on the Accommodation tab of the website.
Also, please pass along information about this group to your friends who might be interested. The purpose is to encourage making new friends with whom you can practice speaking English and learn about American culture.

Hi, we are delighted to see you - welcome to the proven way to learn and revise your curriculum subjects. English Language Plus is the perfect course if you want to improve your General English, work towards an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) exam and study a wide range of work-related or academic options. Classes are offered at many different levels and we will place you with students who have a similar level of English.
You will study on the same campus as British students, giving you an authentic British study experience. It affects their confidence, their ability to succeed in a business world, and the way others perceive them. Events will be casual, but we'll be sure to talk about topics related to American culture and traditions as well as the English language.
Did you know that you can play every teacher-written quiz on our site for just ?7.50 per month?

Standard English should be spoken with Received Pronunciation (RP): without regional variations. It emerged from the 18th and 19th century aristocracy and it continues to be the standard for spoken English. Standard English and RP are extensively used in the media, by politicians, by public servants, in government departments and educational institutions.

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