So, today specially for those who live not in English-speaking  countries we will share 8 ways to improve listening skills in English. 1) Speaking with English teachers via Skype you develop your listening Skills, as you communicate  on the basis of what you have heard and understood from their speech. You have an excellent opportunity to ask the meanings of phrases and idioms that you don’t understand. 2) Interaction with other ESL learners is also important and useful in improving you listening skills. If you do it without an English teacher you may not notice some of your mistakes and continue speaking like that.

Communication with ESL learners from other countries may be also useful – if they level is higher than Intermediate.
Real Listenig and Speaking to seria ksiazek Wydawnictwa Cambridge rozwijajaca umiejetnosc komunikowania sie w jezyku angielskim w roznych sytuacjach. Surely they will not correct your mistakes as the majority of them are quite polite to do it. W przeciwienstwie do wiekszosci innych ksiazek tego typu nie jest ukierunkowana pod katem zdania konkretnego egzaminu a ma za zadanie nauczyc swobodnego porozumiewania sie w zyciu codziennym.
The answer is simple (and yet difficult  to do for those who don’t live in an English-speaking countries) – You should listen to English speech everyday as much as possible.

Ksiazka zawiera klucz odpowiedzi oraz zestaw plyt dzieki czemu znakomicie nadaje sie do pracy samodzielnej.

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