The government of India certified diploma program makes learners to enhance their skills in implementation of HACCP safety system, critically evaluate plans and guide companies to have an effective HACCP system to have highest food safety standard. The qualification helps participants to understand the importance of achieving HACCP standard in food safety, managing risks and safety issues at factory environment, analyse and implement food safety procedures and critically audit food safety standards at manufacturing places. The learning program includes a practical approach where students learn current best practices, latest developments in HACCP application procedures and changes in policies and control standards at various places. Participants are provided with case studies of HACCP application along with two other case studies which provide critical analysis of incidents regarding food safety investigation. HACCP principles and definitions provide an overview of chemical, biological and physical hazards in foods. The certification adds up to your educational qualification and provides you international recognition. India & any other ministry of foreign affairs that includes Middle East region for immigration and other similar purposes. The City and Guilds of London Institute (City & Guilds) is an examining and accreditation body for vocational, managerial and engineering training, offering over 500 qualifications in 28 industry areas, spanning. Rachana Lucknowala, Vivaah – Wedding Decor stylist & creative consultant, has managed some of the most talked about celebrity weddings, including the most recent “Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma wedding” a young modern couple belonging to Khan Family.
Arpita Khan’s wedding was managed as a celebrity wedding just like other high profile weddings in terms of decor and other essentials.

The decoration responsibility was assigned to “Vivaah” for the wedding which was held on 18th November, 2014 at Hyderabad and Reception in Mumbai on 21st November, 2014. The course is also useful for those who are aspired to become trainers, enforcers, auditors and food safety professionals. The syllabus also substantially covers HACCP plan development and verification and maintenance chapters to reflect best practice which are in use.
Experts also update students on pathogen profiles which include pathogen growth and survival characteristics that will help them when they work as HACCP experts. This qualification gives an in-depth discussion and analysis of each of the HACCP principles which are formulated keeping in line with National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods (NACMCF). In this piece Rachana shared what managing niche and celebrity weddings involve in terms of creative inputs and attention to minute details. The family decided to have pink and white as the theme of the wedding, which was suggested after considering their reputation, as the theme truly presents the royal image. The Victoria theme decoration with white drapes, flowers made guests feel the atmosphere of a royal wedding and Arpita herself felt not less than Queen Victoria.
As we have been in the industry for over 2 decades, it makes us specialist in destination wedding nationally and internationally.
Since this calls for regulatory procedures on food safety and control, a separate chapter has been included on quality, safety and regulatory control analysis.

Awarding of the membership is at the discretion of IIRSM provided they have met the required guidelines for the same. She also discusses how destination wedding for niche clients cannot simply be the regular destination wedding. For Arpita Khan’s wedding the entire Khan family was excited as it was a wedding happening in the family after 16 years.
The venue was decorated with the shades of white and pink with drapes, flowers and other decoration that brightened the marriage celebration. Students are also provided an action plan for following HACCP principles along with details of federal regulatory agencies which follow HACCP procedures. Our clientele consists of this very niche segment, and any wedding we decor is tailored as per taste & personality that spells class, elegance and grandeur. The last chapter includes several important examples for the application of HACCP principles. From venue selection, to guest invites, to decor & catering everything was selected for the list of affluent personalities from all walks of life.

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