Redwire Sports combines 27 years of experience with an uncommon history of success and an unparalleled reputation as a premier operator of quality golf courses.
Effectively communicating with your management team, Redwire Sports will develop programs that will create leaders and meet your company’s objectives.
We go well beyond negotiating contracts by working closely with each client to build a respected brand that achieves that client’s specific goals. For the last two decades, Christopher Brandt, the principal behind Redwire Sports has served in a management or decision making capacity for a number of top 100 golf courses, high profile sports projects and events around the United States.  Some of these projects include working with The PGA TOUR, The National Football League, Major League Baseball, The Big East Conference and Conference USA.

Redwire Sports provides unparalleled management and consulting services for golf course operators, business leaders, athletes, sports projects and events at the recreational, collegiate and professional level. See how our experience and uncommon leadership will lead to results you never thought were possible. Redwire Sports provides better services and superior results at rates no other management group can offer.
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