So as many of you already know we can manage multiple Exchange 2010 forests from one Exchange Management console. This information-packed event is presented by and is designed for busy IT Professionals within the global MS Exchange and Office 365 Community, as a convenient and cost-effective opportunity to get the latest information on important Office 365 and Exchange topics from leading experts and vendors.
As companies begin relying more on Skype for Business for their communications and application delivery, performance and reliability become paramount. How hardware load balancing can provide better monitoring and availability of front-end and edge server pools. The new Citrix SD-WAN solution that can ensure quality through unique QoS and path selection technologies for MPLS, DSL and Internet. How performance for audio and video can be enhanced for virtually deployed desktop Skype clients. TechGenix Ltd is an online media company which sets the standard for providing free high quality technical content to IT professionals. Mailboxes are inaccessible when moved across servers, causing major pain in any Exchange transition or migration project. Exchange 2010 came up with a new wonderful feature called 'Online Mailbox Move' that allows end-users to be online in their email accounts. Mailbox Move Requests are a new feature set of Exchange 2010 and requires running a series of Cmdlets to perform asynchronous online mailbox moves with the help of a service agent called Mailbox Replication Service (MRS).

Note: Online mailbox moves are only supported in the following scenarios while moving mailboxes within the same forest or across forests. Let's start with a simple move request in EMC to understand the procedure performed for a mailbox move.
When movement is completed the end user will receive a message to restart his Outlook client. OWA is pretty simple; it just pops an Error reporting that it needs to be closed to gain mailbox access. At last, upon completion, we need to clear the move request using 'Clear Move Request', otherwise we would not be able to initiate another move request for the same mailbox.
All MRS instances in an AD site work together to ensure that throttling is being followed as per the configuration and also to make sure that a move request is not picked up by more than one MRS instance. Move requests can handle server failures efficiently by checking the status of the target database every 5 minutes during the move operation.
One step ahead, Exchange 2010 delivers a new feature to move mailboxes while keeping them online to end users.
All it does is to update the job information in AD, the System Mailbox of the target database and initiates MRS to start the movement. However I would follow the default configuration that is tested and configured to give optimum performance by Microsoft.

Although Exchange 2010 also includes support for connecting to Exchange Online (cloud based Exchange), it isn’t possible to connect to the Exchange Online version that is included with BPOS. This makes sense since this version is based on Exchange 2007, which doesn’t support the remoting features in PowerShell 2.0. As most of you would have guessed the Exchange Online version included with Office 365 (currently in beta) is based on Exchange 2010 SP1, which means that we now can connect to Exchange Online using an Exchange Management console installed on a domain-joined server in an on-premise environment.
By doing so we can manage a good portion of the things that can be managed for Exchange 2010 servers located in the on-premise environment. We don’t even have a “Server Configuration” work center in the navigation pane as you can see in the above figure. Not a surprise really since Exchange 2010 is all about multi-tenancy where all tenants share’s the same set of Exchange 2010 servers. However we can manage many of the options available in the “Organization Configuration” and “Recipient Configuration” work centers.

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