Thunderbird School of Global Management has been one of the top-ranked international business schools for decades with nearly 70 years of experience in developing leaders with the global mindset, business skills and social responsibility necessary to create real, sustainable value for their organizations, communities and the world. Thunderbird Executive Education offers a flexible portfolio of open enrollment, online and custom programs.
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We have developed events in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.No matter what industry or topic, we have specialists that can handle the project.
Talent Management Alliance LLC (TMA) is a global knowledge-exchange network dedicated to the advancement of strategic talent management and leadership development practices.
All Harvard Business School Executive Education programs are residential programs, and participants are expected to live on campus. HBS Executive Education residence halls are designed to foster out-of-class discussion and shared learning.
For more detailed information on HBS Executive Education residence halls, please see the building guides.
Harvard Business School is located in Boston, directly opposite Harvard Stadium and across the Charles River from the Harvard University campus and Harvard Square (a 10-15 minute walk). While it is not necessary to have a car while you are at HBS, if you choose to bring one, you may park it on campus in the parking garage.
Program materials, as well as a checklist of academic and administrative preparation items, will be posted to your program website a few weeks before the start of the program. If you are coming to HBS from outside the United States, we strongly recommend you notify your credit card company in advance of your international travel dates to help ensure uninterrupted use of your credit card. Registration takes place at your residence hall program office on the opening day of your program.
Each bedroom has a desktop computer with high-speed Internet access running Microsoft Windows 7. Please send comments and questions about this web page to Technology Services or call us at 617-495-8835. Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education offers a wide array of open-enrollment and custom learning solutions.
Improved student performance is as much about strong and effective leadership as it is about personal initiative. Curriculum: The curriculum is based on the highly acclaimed model developed by the Public Education Leadership Project. Participant Mix: This program is designed for teams of eight participants, including district office personnel, school principals, and regional supervisors, who are responsible for school systems with at least 30,000 enrolled students. The design and copy of all materials produced for custom and affinity executive education programs must be approved before production by your program director.
Before publicizing your program via press releases or other channels, you must contact Custom Programs to ensure that any implied association with the School is accurate.
When the shield appears on a light background field, it is equally acceptable for the light areas to be white or to have the background color show through (shown below). When the shield reverses out of a dark color, the field around the books and the cross containing the shells should remain dark. All materials must be approved before production by your program director, who will need to get approval from Marketing & Communications. Contact your program director to obtain the School's official logos forprint or digital materials.
When using both the name and shield logos, adhere to the relative position standards depicted above.
All materials carrying the School's logos should adhere to the rest of the School's brand guidelines (available in the primary navigation of this site). Any company or organization logo appearing on materials containing the School's logos must be at least 1.5 inches away in print and 200 pixels away in digital formats. Do not include rules within the name of School unless you are using the official horizontal name logo.
All products carrying the School's name or shield logo must be approved before production by your program director, who will need to get approval from Marketing & Communications and the Harvard Trademark Program.

Any company or organization logo appearing on a product containing the name of the School (or its logos) must appear on a different part of the product.
The Harvard Trademark Program requires that all products (t-shirts, etc.) depicting the official logos be produced by licensed vendors. When used on products or by external parties, the stacked name logo and the shield logo should carry the "R" registered trademark designation, while the horizontal name logo and the secondary abbreviation treatments should carry the "TM" trademark designation. No videotaping or voice recording of sessions during custom or open-enrollment programs held on- or off-campus is allowed. Special sessions conducted by members of your organization may be videotaped or recorded with prior permission of both the individual(s) conducting the session and Harvard Business School.
No still photography is allowed inside School buildings or classroom sessions without prior permission from Harvard Business School. If you would like to use other photos from the library, you will need to negotiate usage fees directly with the photographers. YES: "As you assume greater leadership responsibilities, the challenges you face become increasingly global in nature. Enthusiastic, energetic: The copy should reflect the energy and excitement of the HBS EE experience. Focused on practical results: Our programs are not an exercise in theory, but a pathway to practical results for both the participant and the organization.
With TMA, sponsors can have a package that best fits their budget and aligns with their goals. YES is a network of senior event professionals with international experience in event contract negotiation, logistics, program management and sales & marketing.
Our mission is to provide a resource for business leaders around the world to find information and services to help recruit and develop the best employees and prepare their organizations for growth and increased revenue.
The intense peer contact that forms the basis for much of the learning experience is perhaps the most unique feature of our programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer accommodations on campus either before your program begins or after it concludes. For the safety of our community - as HBS is a walking campus with no sidewalks - vehicles are allowed on campus only for your arrival and departure. Taxis (and car rental shuttles) operate from the lower level curbs near the baggage claim area of your terminal at Logan. Instruct your driver to proceed straight ahead to the guard booth and tell the guard which program you are checking in for and in which residence hall.
If your travel plans necessitate arriving after the scheduled registration hours, please be sure to notify someone on your program team so that they can make alternate registration arrangements for you. After you drive onto campus and arrive at your residence hall to register (see Arrival and Directions), inform the staff that you will need a parking pass for your vehicle. When the program website is available, you will receive an email from the program staff with instructions on how to access the site. Additionally, if you are enrolled in a program lasting more than one week, you should also factor in Saturday and Sunday night dinners, which are not provided as part of the program.
If your travel plans necessitate a late arrival, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible so we can make alternate registration arrangements for you. Software includes Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as Microsoft Office 2010 including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
More than 8,000 executives arrive at HBS each year to recharge, rethink, and refine their management skills to drive corporate advantage. The Public Education Leadership Program incorporates a unique framework that focuses you and your team on specific district challenges or educational issues that you identify before coming to the program. Along with interactive lectures, collaborative group work, and relevant case studies, you will address the specific issues confronting your school district. PELP allows districts to build capacity by sending new teams over the course of several years. There are five acceptable relative sizes and positions if all 3 elements (shield logo, name logo, "Executive Education" identification) are used.

In electronic mediums (such as the Web), the horizontal treatment should never appear smaller than 260 pixels in width. In electronic mediums (such as the Web and email), the stacked treatment should never appear smaller than 160 pixels in width. This is only true when the background field is black; the white outline does not need to be used on other dark colors. If your materials will not follow these guidelines, a business reason why they will not must be provided to your program director for evaluation. You may choose to use our MBA Student Association, a licensee of the University who is authorized to produce such items.
Look for opportunities to apply active verbs - lead, create, manage, discover, collaborate - instead of "to be" constructions.
Camden Delta Consulting specializes in helping you plan for and manage the people aspects of organizational change.
It is therefore not advisable to relocate family members to the Boston area during your program.
If you do plan to arrive in Boston prior to or stay after your program, please contact your program staff for information on area hotels that are convenient to HBS.
There is also a desktop computer (see Technology) and a telephone (see Telephones) in each bedroom. To arrange ground transportation prior to your arrival at Logan, you may wish to contact an area limousine service, such as Commonwealth Limo at 1-800-558-5466 or Town Car International at 1-888-482-4685. Once you have dropped off your belongings in your room, you are asked to return to your vehicle and move it into the garage.
Each bedroom also has an Ethernet cable for a laptop and all HBS buildings have wireless Internet throughout.
These development opportunities are grounded in field-based research and closeness to practice, providing actionable learning for individuals that quickly translates into sustainable results for companies.
Guided by Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) faculty, you will develop new strategies and insights to confront your district’s toughest obstacles and take advantage of available opportunities.
To ensure continuity, returning teams must include one member who has already attended PELP. If another vendor is chosen, prior written approval must be obtained from the Harvard Trademark Program. When making your request, please supply as much detail as possible on how you plan to use the photographs. You’ll find our team well-experienced and expert in guiding organizations through complex people issues associated with change.
Other than a hairdryer and iron, if desired you should bring your own electrical personal care appliances and adapters that accommodate 120 volts. The HBS and HGSE faculty, as recognized thought leaders on crucial management issues, maintain dynamic relationships with the highest-performing urban school systems, nonprofit organizations, and top companies around the world.
With the exception of the superintendent, who is always welcome, teams may include no more than one returning member. Our solutions are practical and based on the principle that real change happens in the trenches with front line leaders and associates. Past participants have found that paying for excess baggage is no more expensive than separate air freight shipment. In addition, you will find yourself immersed in learning with a diverse and collaborative group of public education leaders whose insights and perspectives will contribute to your learning both during the program and well beyond. Additionally, you will return to your school with the tools, skills, and confidence to refine your management model, develop new strategies, and improve the performance of your school system.

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