For mid-level leaders who have excelled in their careers to the point of managing teams in any and all functional business roles, including Business Development, Sales, Marketing, PR, Operations, IT, Software Development, Human Resources, Creative Services, Finance, and Accounting.
If you're like most management professionals, you've probably been simply adding positions, employers, and job descriptions to the front of your resume, watching the page count grow as you build years of experience.
Although the amount of content has expanded, you're still working from a novice resume that you created years ago, which means your resume's focus, strategy, format, message, and tone are representative of a novice individual contributor. The Management Resume includes a 1-hour phone consultation with world-leading resume expert, Cliff Flamer, optional usage of our Management Questionnaire, the writing and formatting of your resume commensurate with your industry stature and target audience, and (should you need it) 1 round of revision. The resume consultation will first help you refine your career focus, identify and address specific work history challenges, pinpoint skills and accomplishments on which to extrapolate, and explore formatting and organizational alternatives.
From here, we'll guide you in generating the right kind of information at your own pace and in your own words. Our clients and competition know we're the best at what we do, with the credentials to prove it.
The Management Resume Service will present you as a confident, effective leader in your profession. Patience - You have the time to invest in this process; we're often booked out several weeks for appointments. Positivity - You're open and optimistic about initiating a process that will change you (or at least the way you see yourself). Passion - You're looking for more than money: the contentment of feeling alive in what you do and who you are. Participation - You've done your research, have confidence in our abilities, and are committed to ongoing collaboration.
The last seven words of a dying organization are, “We’ve always done it that way before.” Leaders are continually dreaming of doing what they do better. Content on this Website is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher.

This Team Leadership course focuses on team performance and people development, and how you, as a leader, can make it all happen.
In the Team Leadership course participants learn to do what it takes to lead a team to success, identifying key success factors of team dynamics and turning best practices into everyday habits. Through extensive role-playing, they will master the art of everyday coaching and feedback with the purpose of developing individual talent within the team and future leaders for the organization. Coaching is a thought provoking and bonding conversation thatinspire clients to maximize their potentials & performance in order to achieve organizational goals. Lyrais a Business and Wealth Coach, and also a founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapter Jakarta Indonesia. Seminar on Strategy to Win ASEAN Economic Community – Winning The AEC WAR, Competing or Collaborating? The goal is to equip you with a clearer understanding of your unique value proposition to accelerate your job search.
While you talk, we'll write, asking follow-up questions to help you probe deeper and in the right direction. The Bible verses expressing the importance and value of prayer are simply too numerous to not proclaim again and again.
Call on me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).
Charles, IL, where he oversees a staff of 120 and serves alongside Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem. They will also learn how to greet and manage conflict in a constructive way, generating stronger ideas, while paving the way for change within the organization.
Having more than 2,500 coaching hours, she already coachedhundreds of business owners and leaders from SMEs to corporate scale.As a professional coach, entrepreneur, investor, as well as certified wealth and financial planner, she developed Wealth Coaching practice in Indonesia as solution focused coaching approach for creating sustainable wealth. If you feel there's more ground to cover at the end of the hour, we can always set you up with our Management Questionnaire.

We all have to learn to develop and build great relationships with those we lead and those we influence. I firmly believe that’s a huge part of how we’re made in His image — as relational creatures. I understand how I can build a strong team and – and this is new to me – have fun doing it. She was dedicatedly working with Milton Erickson‘s methodology and was also an early family system student of Virginia Satir. For example, a coach that develops his players, but doesn’t have a winning record, is still moving toward results. You can’t run a business without some element of new, improved and improving coming along every now and again.
Leaders recognize this and aren’t frightened off by problems; they are energized to figure out a solution. She hosts Golden Friday, the leading Gold Investment Talkshow at Sindo Trijaya Radio Network. However, if a coach doesn’t win and the players don’t get any better, he’s not much of a leader or coach. Leaders need to develop the skill of being innovation-driven to be successful in the long haul. She develops corporate and specialized coach training programs (ICF ACTP The Art and Science of Coaching) that have been taught in more than 40 countries.

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