He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and holds Masters Degree in Optical Communication Systems.
VP of Business Development – He brings over 25 years of sales and marketing expertise to Pikaia Systems. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto (1978), a Chartered Accountant designation from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (1979), and a Chartered Public Accountant designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (1996, Illinois). Cinemagoers may one day be recorded for market research using 2D and 3D imaging technology. His interest in the healing power of herbs and good nutrition started at a young age when his father gave him ginger root and cayenne pepper instead of the more typical a€?drug storea€? remedies. One of her great passions is the concept of whole-body health and this philosophy both shapes her strategic vision for the company and extends into her personal life. Larry Lee serves as the Chief Financial Officer and is a member of Global Health Industry’s Executive Board. A founding partner of Integrated Logistics and former UPS finance executive, Mike brings more than 28 years of experience in financial planning, analysis, and activity-based costing to the Integrated Logistics team.
Another former UPS veteran of 23 years in the UPS Engineering group, Dan brings a multitude of talents and credentials to the Integrated Logistics team.
Prior to establishing his own company, Jim spent 6 years at Arthur Anderson and 5 years at IBM.
Utilizing his vast industry knowledge and experience, founder and CEO, Mike Keller continues his personal commitment to maintaining the reputation of Paramount Transportation Systems as an organization that provides the highest quality services at a fair market price.
Prior to founding Paramount Transportation Systems, Mike worked within the global moving services industry in both Germany and the United States, holding positions of increasing responsibility throughout his career.
She began her career in the international transportation services industry as a Move Coordinator based in Carlsbad, California.
Grace earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Strategy and Control Management. As President of Paramount Transportation Systems, David Dance is responsible for all day-to-day operations as well as developing and implementing the corporate strategy for driving growth and profitability for the company. Joining Paramount in January of 2012, David brings with him 16 years of international transportation services experience. David received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and an MBA degree from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. As Group Director, Strategic Development, Robert’s dedication to ensuring that our valuable customers relocating assignees receive the highest level of service, stems from his personal experience as an expatriate, and an understanding of the difficulties involved with relocating a family. In 1991, Robert worked for a Saudi Arabian International moving company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Robert Vespa is the Vice President and General Manager of operations for Paramount’s service center in Houston, Texas. With nearly 20 years of experience in the moving and transportation industry, Robert most recently served as COO for a Florida-based moving company and was responsible for all strategic initiatives and corporate operations. Prior to that he held the position of National Director for a leading global mobility company where he was responsible for managing a national sales team and developing new product offerings and strategic partnerships to increase corporate growth.
As the Managing Director of Paramount’s Boston, MA service center and warehouse facility, Mark’s responsibilities include managing the daily administrative and logistical operations for relocating domestic and international clients.
Mark has been with Paramount since 2006 and is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. Brian Goates, Vice President and General Manager of operations for Paramount’s Reno, Nevada service center, is responsible for the management of all operations and service delivery to Paramount’s domestic and international corporate clients.

With deep roots and almost 30 years in the relocation and move management industry, Brian has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering reliable, best value service to human resource and procurement managers. Our Management Team Our management team boasts decades of remote-site experience, and has expertise in all aspects of remote site infrastructure development and maintenance. He held Chief Financial Officer positions in Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd., Luxell Technologies and Atlantis Systems Corp. Hesam is an Electrical Engineer, Majored in Microwave and Optics, graduate from University of Ottawa. As an avid athlete, Rhonda can be found most mornings working out at the local gym or running hills in town. He began his career in 1981 at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he focused on helping middle market companies improve their financial controls and reporting systems. During his UPS career Mike served in financial operations, corporate product cost, and the UPS internal consulting group. During his career at UPS, he was responsible for design and implementation of the UPS internal consulting group known as Professional Services (PSI).
It is this commitment that makes the company a universal industry example of how reaching for perfection leads to rapid success. Through perseverance, drive and an adventurous spirit, she has become a successful entrepreneur and has helped build Paramount Transportation Systems into the thriving business it is today.
He has served as Director of Supply Chain Management for a leading global mobility company, and most recently as the Vice President of Finance and Strategic Development for a Florida based international moving company. He was then recruited to open a new office located in San Diego for a large International freight forwarder. With over 30 years of experience in the domestic and international transportation and relocation industry, Joe brings his high energy and expertise to the Paramount team and will manage all of the daily operations including local sales, warehousing and customer relations. Previously he served as the Managing Director of a Massachusetts-based international moving company and prior to that as Director of International Logistics at a leading moving and storage company. This is the fourth start-up company that he has been involved with and the third from the ground up. As a young man, Kim worked for ten years for his fathera€™s company, Life Centers, learning about all aspects of the natural supplement industry. Larry is a CPA whose background includes working as a Controller, Consultant, Auditor, Director of Human Resources, Director of Safety, Business Planner and, now, CFO. He has enjoyed directing multiple production facilities in an international environment and has been sought after for consulting in process improvement. Mike focuses on improving system design and functionality, as well as servicing operational projects.
Dan worked as VP of Supply Chain in several "turn around" efforts, including the management of a 500,000 square foot national distribution center supporting over 10,000 SKU's.
Jim has a distinguished military record serving as a United States Marine in the Middle and Far East. In 1997, Robert went on to work in various Director roles in Asia for a company which grew from 7 offices when he joined, to over 126 offices Worldwide when he departed. David has also been a sales and business development leader at two successful acquisitions: BBN and Nimcat Networks, where the later was acquired by Avaya in 2005.
He has also been working in the field of Networking and Video Surveillance and Analysis for the past two years. As she describes, a€?I started the community garden because I wanted to give back to our employees; they work so hard.

He has worked in a variety of industry fields, including nutrition, manufacturing, food, construction, automotive, healthcare, railroads and non-profit organizations. He brought to Global Health more than 27 years of experience in quality, product development, manufacturing, sales, supplier relationships and customer relationships.
Bret's primary experiences include exercise science, nutrition and the biotechnology industry. A born and raised Midwesterner, Mike graduated from Augustana College and holds an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University.
Dan also served as past president of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Division, and has been honored multiple times in the industry. Jim achieved his undergrad at South Florida and attended the Master's program for Mathematics and computer science at Georgia Tech. He has now found a home at Paramount where he is currently based from our Raleigh office as our Group Director, Strategic Development.
Through his career, he has worked in manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer service, and procurement, and has general management experience owning and running several family businesses. He finds doing philanthropic work for non-profit organizations to be very rewarding as it helps him realize how lucky he has been throughout his life.
Prior to working for Global Health Industries, he was Vice President of Quality Assurance for a contract manufacturer in the Dietary Supplement Industry, and as a Director of Quality Assurance for a supplier of chelate minerals. His insurance background includes underwriting large "alternative risk" pools as well as standard P&C. Dan is responsible for IL's customer relationship and support program as well as sales and marketing. Robert is a Worldwide ERC Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Suffolk University in Boston, MA.
His primary experiences are in the food, biotechnology and nutrition industries, where he excels at building relationships that benefit both the customer and service provider. At Global Health Industries his primary responsibilities include quality assurance, quality control, laboratory affairs and regulatory affairs. Dave also has a diverse background in Corporate Internal Audit and administrative operations.
He's a graduate of Michigan State University's Executive Program in Logistics, and received BIS from George Mason University and continues to be highly involved with his alma mater. Currently Hesam is working on Pikaia Systems, an IP platform video analysis system, as a Director of System Engineer at Pikaia Systems Inc.
His experiences are in the Dietary Supplement, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, where he specializes in understanding into the regulatory world.
He also held the position of research scientist at JDS Uniphase and was founder of Perry Noor Ltd, a company that calibrated & maintained high power lasers systems. After work you can usually find him biking along the Legacy Highway Trail to the Great Salt Lake Marina in preparation for the MS150, which he has done for the past eight years.
He also loves to snow ski, water ski, fish, golf and stay involved in his church and community. Outside of work Shawn is a husband and father who loves to loves to spend time with his family, hike, hunt, fish, golf and ski.

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