Jogging: This is recognized to be one of the most effective methods for getting rid of love handles. Aerobics: Aerobics are motivating and actually speed up the course of action of losing the excess weight in the region of your waist. Love handles and bulging stomachs are made of stored fat, which must be lost before you can cut a lean figure. Crunches are good exercises that can be modified to work both the abdominal muscles, to give you a flat stomach, and the obliques, to tone your sides. One being a girl wearing the cutest Stella McCartney workout outfit like EVER and the other being a lady who you could tell had never walked through a gym before.
Waist slimming is an art, a combination of a healthy diet and certain exercises will bash the fat and give you a slim waistline.
The oblique muscles are there to pull you in, they are comparable to a waist cincher that people back in the 20’s used to wear under gowns to give that waist a slim down. In this video I will show you the 3 movements you should be doing 2-3 times a week to get a slim waistline. I always think free weight areas should have a PT there at all times, i’ve seen so many people hurt themselves because of bad form.
INSTAGRAMTAPPolicyStar Systemz FITNESS will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere.
Trainers at the Military Fitness Center report that a consistent cardiovascular workout program is vital to lose the stored fat around the middle and sides of the body.

To perform crunches, lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet against a wall or flat on the floor. There are certain exercises you should BAN from your waist slimming routine that is of course if you are looking for that coke bottle body. STOP doing weighted side oblique crunches, dumbbell side bends and weighted Russian Twists. Oblique muscles need not to bulk as if they build as full muscle, they will give you a square like appearance instead of a cinched like appearance. I know the trend right now is to count your macros and eat a box of pop tarts but unless you are counting your macros (bringing a scale around with you) and out lifting the nearest powerlifter, you need to watch that diet. What really makes me want to go over and talk to someone when that person does squats with their knees going waaaaaay over they toes.
Then cross your arms in front of your chest and raise your shoulders, tightening your abs and keeping your neck straight. Being me, I so desperately wanted to run up to her and give her GYM 101, but instead I decided to step back and see which exercises she went for.
The only time you can use weights it when you are crunching the front part of the abdominal area. Now with that said, I have a free ten day challenge that will knock your socks off and help you jump start that weight loss goal.
Remember, do not ADD WEIGHTS to these three exercises, to get a slim waist you need to rid of the fat in this section and keep it slender by not adding thick muscle.

For us ladies, this is not the way to go, there are a few exercises I am totally not for, this is one of them. The challenge includes a grocery list, tips on what to eat during those hunger hours and set you up for success with motivational tips. You can add this workout into your routine at the gym or just plop on down and do it right now! Join an aerobics class or take up a physical activity, such as kick-boxing, that speeds up your heart and tones muscles at the same time. You can intensify the workout by doing the crunches with your legs held straight up in the air.
After raising yourself up straight, work on your obliques by bringing your right elbow to your left knee when you rise.
Then reverse the process by continuing to lie on the floor and raising your hips and knees up toward your chest.

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