Using a modern browser that supports web standards ensures that the site's full visual experience is available. Time management is not something most instructors spend time covering in their courses, and yet it is often cited as one of the biggest student obstacles.
We asked hundreds of instructors and college students to reveal just how confident they are in studentA time management skills. If you spend the time trying to cut back on wasted time you will see a great improvement in your amount of extra free time.
If you can just try to manage your time for 30 days it will become a habit and you will be doing it automatically from there. Good time management is a great way to increase your productivity, gain more free time, and get your life organized. This includes demonstrating the negative consequencesA of poor time management practices and letting students know when there is room for improvement.
Just imagine if you had all of the time you have wasted in your life back to do whatever you wanted to.
Unfortunately, we can’t time travel but we can start having less wasted time right now by following a few strategies and applying them to your life. The techniques for time management really started with picking one strategy that was on day one selection and then a lot of the others that I picked up a daily basis were building on that strategy and it is was about a method of being disciplined in the application of the time and prioritising it. July 22, 2015 - Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin hosted look at the particulars of your past, a naive. Approved accompanying technical material from the 2016 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference, these are available to view until 31 May 2016.
We appreciate that time and company approval are issues for many of you, so there are two options in which you can deliver material for the Workshop. Due to the high number of submissions expected, some contributors may be invited to present their work in a different format from that initially submitted. Abstracts are now invited from operators, regulators, engineering contractors, service companies and research organisations. Your abstract should be 200-600 maximum words in length with optional supporting material of tables and figures.
Email your abstract submission(s) using the Submit Abstract button on the event listing webpage (click here). To address significant concerns about flow measurement using densitometers, NEL set up a Joint Industry Project (JIP), in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Regulator.
However, the discovery of errors in measurements using densitometers, along with limitations in various calibration procedures, led to a loss of confidence in this technology throughout the UK oil industry.
Key concerns were based on the fact that the standard for the measurement of density was based upon ambient conditions (20degC and 1bar).
Restored confidence in the measurement of the density of oil produced in the North Sea by providing traceability to National Standards. Accurate determination of the density of standard reference fluids across extended temperature and pressure ranges. Detailed investigation of performance characteristics of liquid densitometers, using reference standard fluids. Development of procedures for the traceable calibration of liquid densitometers at high temperatures and pressures.
Prior to the JIP, densitometers were calibrated at ambient temperature and pressure and then used over a wide range of conditions. The manufacturer of the most commonly used liquid densitometer invested in two completely new calibration facilities to address the new procedure and launched a new, improved-performance design as a result of their involvement in the JIP. The JIP concluded that the errors caused by the old approach could have resulted in a financial exposure of approx. One of the few primary density standards facilities in the world capable of the process conditions required. Using fundamental thermodynamic principles of flow through a restriction, NEL has developed a method for estimating Reynolds number in real-time.
It is widely known that many flow measurement technologies are heavily dependent on Reynolds numbers, which are used to help predict similar flow patterns in different fluid flow situations.
A significant improvement in measurement performance can be achieved using this technique as it allows the correct discharge coefficients to be applied. The method can be applied to any high viscosity fluids such as crude oil, olive oil, honey, glycerine, tar, ketchup and molten chocolate. For higher Reynolds numbers the pressure profile remains steady across a wide range of Reynolds numbers. Pressure Loss Ratios (PLRs) can track the changes in Reynolds number and highlight changes in flow dynamics. Calculating PLRs allows for Reynolds numbers to be tracked in real-time and gives three calculations of each Reynolds number.
ISO 5167 is the international standard covering the measurement and computation of the flow rate of fluids by means of pressure differential devices (orifice plates, nozzles and Venturi tubes). In the UK, most natural gas is measured at least once using an orifice plate or other type of differential pressure meter.
The International Standard ISO 5167-1 specifies the design of a number of different differential pressure flow meters that are used to measure flows within specified uncertainties without the requirement for calibration. Thanks to research at NEL, the ISO 5167 standard delivers the required levels of precision and accuracy for both industry and the regulators. New NEL research has just been published that will underpin and facilitate any future revision of the standard. In the last few years, both equations have been assessed at NEL and shown to deliver what they promise. A systematic record and an analysis of the experimental data on which ISO 5167 is based have been undertaken by NEL’s Michael Reader-Harris.
Reader-Harris’ work has been published at Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes (Springer, 2015). Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes enables the reader to estimate the effects of deviation from ISO 5167.
The book will be particularly useful for members of standards working groups and committees tasked with revising ISO 5167. It shows where the data can be found to justify each clause and how the data has been analysed. This has led to a requirement to establish suitable technologies which can be deployed subsea to allow the continual monitoring of water quality during production and eliminating the need for costly sampling using ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). The availability of a subsea water quality measurement device will eliminate the need for taking subsea produced water samples using ROVs, which can cost $250,000 per day.
More importantly, if such a device is commercially available, it would allow for the wide uptakes of subsea separation and produced water re-injection or discharge systems, which will have huge impact on subsea oil and gas production from economical, operational and environmental perspectives.
Contact us for more information or to find out how NEL can help with your measurement challenges! If you are interested in attending any of the training courses listed below, or if you would like to discuss your training requirements, please contact us. Provides integrated engineering services in process design, control and instrumentation design. Firstly, detailed modelling of the gas supply system alongside analysis of the site demand pattern needed to demonstrate that the restriction orifice was not going to constrain site operation. Contact us for more information or to find out how NEL can help with your flow measurement challenges! In the oil and gas sector, metering a field indirectly can be attractive with regard to investment cost, but can result in increased uncertainty in the measurement of hydrocarbon flow, causing increased financial exposure for the operator.
NEL developed an uncertainty model to assist an operator in making the optimal economic decision with regard to metering strategy. Using the model, annual savings of $1.0m per year for typical gas fields can be made by obtaining accurate knowledge of the financial exposure caused by metering uncertainty. With the deregulation of oil and gas operations in many parts of the world, companies which share processing facilities and pipelines have to enter into allocation agreements, where the quantity of produced fluids for sale is determined by an allocation calculation. NEL built a calculation model of the allocation system, including uncertainty budgets, for each partner’s allocation meter and the fiscal meter. Reduced density uncertainty resulted in 3 per cent more gas being allocated to the operator, representing a $27 million gain per annum of previously lost revenue. A regular, maintained calibration and verification regime for the newly installed chromatograph meter minimised both meter drift and uncertainty levels, delivering vastly improved financial planning capability and consistent revenue levels. NEL recommended an upgrade to a Coriolis metering system to meet their specific flow measurement needs. The new Coriolis-based system requires up to 50 per cent less maintenance than the turbine-metering system. Reduced meter uncertainty, to 0.1 per cent on the new Regulator-approved Coriolis solution, represents a reduced financial exposure of $500,000 per year.
NEL offers a full range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) consultancy services to the oil and gas industry as well as other sectors. NEL use ANSYS Mechanical and SOLIDWORKS Premium to ensure the highest quality modelling results are achieved. NEL are also involved in developing models which can be used to analyse eroded pipe work, valves and other components (erosion calculated using our CFD Software) to determine whether the pipe's integrity would be affected. The aim of this work package is to acquire the experimental evidence that will lead to the establishment of comparability between flow measurements made in different multiphase test labs. The aim of this work package is to improve the theoretical and experimental mapping of multiphase flow patterns.
The parametric modelling method most appropriate to the prevailing flow pattern, can be adopted (in WP3) when measurement sensitivity to other parameters are analysed for a given flow pattern.
The aim of this work package is to improve the description of the quantitative influence of relevant flow condition parameters and to contribute to an essential reduction of measurement uncertainty in multiphase flow measurement. The aim of this work package is to evaluate and improve experimental methods of flow visualisation that can be used as tools for investigation and verification of flow patterns. Typical multiphase flow measurement systems can have an uncertainty on component flow rate of 20 % or greater under field conditions [1]. In stark contrast to single phase flow measurement metrology, where there is a well-established metrology reference network with mutually supporting programmes of intercomparison, harmonisation of test methods and uncertainty quantification, no such network, norms or standards exist for multiphase flow metrology. This JRP will advance state-of-the-art in multiphase referencing by undertaking the world’s first comprehensive intercomparison study on multiphase flow measurement, the basis of a sustainable reference network.
Canalta Flow Measurement Ltd will be exhibiting their recent innovations in Orifice Metering. The Workshop is the ideal platform to showcase these innovations to delegates who fully understand the environment of metering, the applications surrounding their selection criteria and can appreciate the benefits we now have to offer to them. Hobré is an international leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line process analysers, sample system solutions and complete turnkey analyser systems for the oil, gas and process industry.

It seems as though there is a significant disconnect between how students and instructors rank students’ overall time management success.
I only gave a few examples above, but there are many more reasons to start getting your time back now. Better Commute Time For Going To Work Oct 07, 14 09:20 AMCommute time improvement to lessen effort and stress when going to work.
At first it may seem like your spending a lot of time planning things out, but in the long run it will greatly help you just stick in there and follow things through.
As a business management consultant, one of the first things I see with new clients is their lack of time management skills. Back in 2007 when I was spearheading a talent agency, one of my biggest flaws was trying to do everything at the same time. The necessary corrections for measurement at elevated pressure and temperature were unknown. The JIP generated a revised calibration procedure that accounted for actual operating conditions. Supported by NMS, the method has been tested and analysed and has been shown to deliver more accurate flow measurement results than previous methodologies.
Without an accurate knowledge of Reynolds numbers in real time, incorrect calibration factors can be used and inaccuracies can occur in the measurement of fluid flows. Such high viscosity fluids offer significant challenges to flow measurement because of their complex fluid dynamics and issues relating to increased pressure loss. However, at low Reynolds numbers the profile changes as the flow takes account of the larger frictional forces. The PLRs all clearly show the transition points between laminar to transitional to turbulent flow.
Over the last few decades, NEL has been at the forefront of the development, testing and validation of this standard and of the science and technology that relates to it. Users of this technology range from the water industry through process and petrochemical to the oil and gas industry – and all industries in between. In addition, they are robust, can meter a wide range of different fluids and are simple to operate. The analysis is based on an understanding of the physics of flow that the author has gained from experiments and computational fluid dynamics research undertaken during his career at NEL. By more accurately reflecting the increasing temperatures and pressures at which flow meters must operate, the uncertainty of meters deployed in the field will be minimised.
The EU emissions directive for large combustion plants greater than 50MW demands that emissions levels are controlled below a certain value.
NEL helped to design and validate the restriction to ensure the maximum calorific value to the burners was limited, and below the 50 MW threshold. Secondly, since the restrictor relies on the burner (gas supply) low pressure switch to limit output, the optimum downstream pressure for the orifice design needed to be established by system modelling. This is particularly important for high pressure gas applications where structural integrity is critical.
As well as establishing data to confirm comparability, it is inevitable there will also be anomalies highlighted by the data. This should also improve the understanding regarding flow pattern formation in multiphase flow. Specifically, to realise real-time cross and through-sectional imaging for mixtures and flow velocities appropriate to multiphase oil and gas production. These figures are cause for concern by themselves but the implication in financial exposure is staggering in the context of the global production values above. This is a huge metrology issue affecting a vast global industry that appears over-reliant on technology developers to solve what is, in effect, a fundamental issue of metrology standardisation. State-of-the-art in multiphase reference metrology is characterised by numerous stand-alone test facilities with little or no common referencing or standardisation between them.
This combined offering now gives additional benefits in Safety, Capex, Opex, Environmental and performance to the operator and industry. Canalta has been established for 30 years as the OEM for DP metering products within Canada and the Americas. The demand is tremendous, as each and every day more and more youth are abused and either run away or forced out on the streets because of neglect. I want to take a few minutes to help you make a decision about how you can better spend your time. If you get to unorganized and don’t control your time you will end up missing a lot of important things.
A picture presentation of the task time management graph gives you another view and idea on where your time goes. You might try to control every hour or for some people try to control by the minute for better results. Oil flow is largely measured by volume and conversions involving density are necessary for financial reporting, fair trade and taxation.
This will have particularly relevance for the high-viscosity fluids associated with many of the world’s remaining oil fields.
Real-time knowledge of Reynolds numbers is therefore especially important when measuring this type of flow. Anomalies identified in the experimental intercomparison will require rigorous investigation and rationalisation. The main tools used for this will be computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the flow simulation and the spectral method, and the polynomial chaos approach, for the uncertainty quantification. Based on stakeholder feedback the JRP will focus on electrical tomography as the technology most likely to yield applicable results. This JRP will advance state-of-the art in multiphase referencing by undertaking the world’s first comprehensive intercomparison study on multiphase flow measurement, the basis of a sustainable reference network. He worked in conflict zones include countries like Angola, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Haiti, North Africa (Libya & Tunisia), Nigeria, DRC Congo and Iraq. Many turn to crime in order to support their addictions which have come about because of abuse and neglect simply to kill their pain.
This can be a game changer for anyone wanting to get more out of their lives or simply give you more free time to do what you want.
I have over the past 14 days read Martin’s book which is full of simple tips and strategies on time management and had to improve yours. I will at some time in the future try some of the techniques that really didn’t seem that useful all that they could possibly work, just to see what happens.
Part of this is due to the intrinsic complexity of the fluids and the relative infancy of the technology but another contributing factor is the lack of a proven reference network for independent evaluation of multiphase meters. At present we are seeking land to build a new retreat to enable us the opportunity to house at least 200 +A youths.
Just think of how much wasted time there would be if you spent a half hour each time you wanted to clean your house finding all of the cleaning supplies.
I think to get the most from it you need to read through it over a 14 day period take and apply the time management strategies that you think will work best and at some point in the future come back and spend another 14 days and see which other tips you would like to try. Try to plan your day out to combine things that can be done at the same time and build your plans around this.
The former enables measurements to be made across the range of oil-continuous and water-continuous phase mixtures, the latter is more specialised for use with oil-continuous mixtures. More than a dozen industrial‑scale multiphase flow laboratories exist around the world, more than half of them in Europe, but only one of these is an independent EURAMET DI.
Raath founded Tactical Executives, specializing in high-risk security training and high threat risk management consultation.  As trained Security Manager, Paramedic and a Health and Safety expert, Mr.
This facility will be a research facility to prove our thesis which is; Through nouthetic Biblical counseling individual youths with mental illness can find complete healing.
There are so many benefits to managing your time wisely such as less stress, more free time, and saving money. You can even use the "Excel" program by Microsoft Office to do it.For example, to make the Personal Time Management Chart below, you'll only need a few simple steps for it.
We are certain that we can completely heal at the very least 50% of 70% of those diagnosed with a mental illness. You can adjust the color of each bar and add other labels to your personal time management charts.When you're finished you can have it printed for your self-reference wherever you go. Use your time wisely and work smarter not harder will help you squeeze a little more time out of your busy schedules. His paramedic skills have seen him assist in mass casualty scenarios involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and medical assistance in conflict zones in Africa. Mr. Managing Distractions Vigilantly To Save Your Time Jul 17, 14 06:59 AMStrategies you can use for managing distractions around you. By micromanaging your time you take full control over your time and will help keep you organized throughout the day.
Raath has excellent threat and risk assessment, security planning, special weapons and advanced security training skills. THESE VERY SAME ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, WHO HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT AND SERVE, OUR COUNTRY, AND CITIZENS ,ARE BUT SOME, OF THE CORRUPT,GREEDY TRAITORS .ENGAGED IN THE TYRANNY AND TORTURE. Looking at effective time management charts can help you see things in a different perspective which might help you see any problems with your scheduling and use of time in general which you dona€™t usually see and realize with regular practices. Everyone has at least a few of these simple little tasks that decrease our productivity and take away…How To Start A Before Bed Routine Getting into an evening routine can be a great help on your next day.
You can post and display it to monitor your use of time each day or simply open the file in your computer. You can produce much higher quality of work with less…How to Use the Power of Focus How to Use the Power of Focus Learning to focus the right way is critical to your personal development and success.
Obviously a lot of books on time management concentrate on goal setting and to-do lists and prioritising those, Martin’s book whilst covering these also throws in lots of other methods. If you want some magic formula which is going to prove your time efficiency no end and not out of any work than the book is not for you. Appointed to the security team of the Janet Jackson concert tour ofSouth Africa (November 2011). However, they have convinced the American public that this is the best America has to offer and even salute themselves as having done a great job. Raath presented various Combat Tactical Firearm Training Courses to a large South African National carrier of high valuable goods.
Raath also worked with a Private Security Company in Baghdad as the Assistant Country Security Manager, overseeing all Private Security Detail (PSD) missions on a national basis. In 2013 Mr. Raath was appointed as Project Manager for the China Petroleum and Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) Camp 1.
This mission included the setting up of regional offices, liaison with the Ministry of Interior, Border Police, Navy and Governmental Departments e.g.

Due to the nature of the high risk security business this database is confidential and only vetted and physically able operators are deployed on our missions.     Copyright 2009 Tactical Executives Security Ltd. The school district has moved to a biometric identification program, saying students will no longer have to use an ID card to buy lunch.A  BIOMETRICS TO TRACK YOUR KIDS!!!!!i»?i»?A TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, THE GREEDY CRIMINALS ARE NOW CONDONING THEIR TECH! Paul Weindling, history of medicine professor at Oxford Brookes University, describes his search for the lost victims of Nazi experiments.
The chairman of the board at ESL a€” then proprietor of the desert wasteland in Nevada known as a€?Area 51a€? a€” was William Perry, who would be appointed secretary of defense several years later. EUCACH.ORG PanelIn a 2-hour wide-ranging Panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre on the Transhumanist Agenda, Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan, three experts from the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment, revealed recent technological advances in human robotization and nano implant technologies, and an acceleration of what Melanie Vritschan characterized as a a€?global enslavement programa€?.Shift from electromagnetic to scalar wavesThese technologies have now shifted from electromagnetic wave to scalar waves and use super quantum computers in the quantum cloud to control a€?pipesa€? a reference to the brains of humans that have been taken over via DNA, via implants that can be breathed can breach the blood-brain barrier and then controlled via scalar waved on a super-grid. Eventually, such 'subvocal speech' systems could be used in spacesuits, in noisy places like airport towers to capture air-traffic controller commands, or even in traditional voice-recognition programs to increase accuracy, according to NASA scientists."What is analyzed is silent, or sub auditory, speech, such as when a person silently reads or talks to himself," said Chuck Jorgensen, a scientist whose team is developing silent, subvocal speech recognition at NASA Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley. We numbered the columns and rows, and we could identify each letter with a pair of single-digit numbers," Jorgensen said. People in noisy conditions could use the system when privacy is needed, such as during telephone conversations on buses or trains, according to scientists."An expanded muscle-control system could help injured astronauts control machines. If an astronaut is suffering from muscle weakness due to a long stint in microgravity, the astronaut could send signals to software that would assist with landings on Mars or the Earth, for example," Jorgensen explained. These are processed to remove noise, and then we process them to see useful parts of the signals to show one word from another," Jorgensen said.After the signals are amplified, computer software 'reads' the signals to recognize each word and sound. Our Research and Development Division has been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the California Department of Corrections, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Massachusetts Department of Correction to run limited trials of the 2020 neural chip implant. We have established representatives of our interests in both management and institutional level positions within these departments. Federal regulations do not yet permit testing of implants on prisoners, but we have entered nto contractual agreements with privatized health care professionals and specified correctional personnel to do limited testing of our products. We need, however, to expand our testing to research how effective the 2020 neural chip implant performs in those identified as the most aggressive in our society. In California, several prisoners were identified as members of the security threat group, EME, or Mexican Mafia.
They were brought to the health services unit at Pelican Bay and tranquilized with advanced sedatives developed by our Cambridge,Massachussetts laboratories. The results of implants on 8 prisoners yielded the following results: a€?Implants served as surveillance monitoring device for threat group activity. However, during that period substantial data was gathered by our research and development team which suggests that the implants exceed expected results.
One of the major concerns of Security and the R & D team was that the test subject would discover the chemial imbalance during the initial adjustment period and the test would have to be scurbbed.
However, due to advanced technological developments in the sedatives administered, the 48 hour adjustment period can be attributed t prescription medication given to the test subjects after the implant procedure. One of the concerns raised by R & D was the cause of the bleeding and how to eliminate that problem. Unexplained bleeding might cause the subject to inquire further about his "routine" visit to the infirmary or health care facility. Security officials now know several strategies employed by the EME that facilitate the transmission of illegal drugs and weapons into their correctional facilities. One intelligence officier remarked that while they cannot use the informaiton that have in a court of law that they now know who to watch and what outside "connections" they have.
The prison at Soledad is now considering transferring three subjects to Vacaville wher we have ongoing implant reserach. Our technicians have promised that they can do three 2020 neural chip implants in less than an hour.
Soledad officials hope to collect information from the trio to bring a 14 month investigation into drug trafficking by correctional officers to a close. They will also pay for the building out of their facilities & furnish all the equipment such as cameras, audio and video equipment and editing equipment. Essentially, the implants make the unsuspecting prisoner a walking-talking recorder of every event he comes into contact with. There are only five intelligence officers and the Commisoner of Corrections who actually know the full scope of the implant testing.
In Massachusetts, the Department of Corrections has already entered into high level discussion about releasing certain offenders to the community with the 2020 neural chip implants. Our people are not altogether against the idea, however, attorneys for Intelli-Connection have advised against implant technology outside strick control settings. At present, until contracts can be negotiated with management, doctors and nurses, etca€¦ All will be estimated cost for our annual budget.
At present we do know our basic cost of operation for general expenses such as hourly employees, cost for utilities, etca€¦ Our basic cost is $12,740 per month per 10 clients.
While we have a strong lobby in the Congress and various state legislatures favoring our product, we must proceed with the utmost caution on uncontrolled use of the 2020 neural chip.
If the chip were discovered in use not authorized by law and the procedure traced to us we could not endure for long the resulting publicity and liability payments.
Massachusetts officials have developed an intelligence branch from their Fugitive Task Force Squad that would do limited test runs under tight controls with the pre-release subjects. Correctons officials have dubbed these poetnetial test subjects "the insurance group." (the name derives from the concept that the 2020 implant insures compliance with the law and allows officials to detect misconduct or violations without question) A retired police detective from Charlestown, Massachusetts, now with the intelligence unit has asked us to consider using the 2020 neural chip on hard core felons suspected of bank and armored car robbery. He stated, "Charlestown would never be the same, we'd finally know what was happening before they knew what was happening." We will continue to explore community uses of the 2020 chip, but our company rep will be attached to all law enforcement operations with an extraction crrew that can be on-site in 2 hours from anywhere at anytime. Our de-tox units are separate from our regular monthly operations in respect to cost to our clients as well as our regular monthly expenses. We have an Intelli-Connection discussion group who is meeting with the Director of Security at Florence, Colorado's federal super maximum security unit.
Our regular monthly cost per resident is around $1,700, however, our 28 day de-tox program we charge $10,000 for a 28 day program, most of which is paid by insurance. The initial discussions with the Director have been promising and we hope to have an R & D unit at this important facilitly within the next six months.
So, for illustration purposes and the purpose of this article we handle our regular program of recovery, which is at least a six month program, but many end up in either our 1 or 2 year program differently and separate from our de-tox. Do we continue to throw trillions of $$$ into a industry where no healing ever takes place?
Or, do we re-route our hard earned $$$ & put it into a program where people actually find complete healing and are set free from their bondage of medication?I would like to now thank my reader from the bottom of my heart for the time you took out of your busy schedule to read this whole article. It is my prayer and desire that you learned much about the mental health industry you didna€™t know before. As said before, there is a wealth of information out there that supports my thesis if one were to want to take the time and effort to research this topic. I hope and pray that you may see very clearly that by uniting with Hope Retreat of the South with your money, timeA  and any other resources that we together may totally heal at least 70% of those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
Napolitano insisted that the department was not planning on engaging in any form of ideological profiling.
I will tell him face-to-face that we honor veterans at DHS and employ thousands across the department, up to and including the Deputy Secretary," Ms. Steve Buyer of Indiana, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, called it "inconceivable" that the Obama administration would categorize veterans as a potential threat. However, it is important to show our government and these corporations there is public support in order for them to give us such grants there must be foundational donors who support us.
After watching the whole video, ask yourself how sharing the love Christ our Lord has for these youthA may make a tremendous difference in their lives.Though since we opened our first retreat in 2000-2001 in Lewiston Maine, a resident program working with both men and women with addictions, we have also worked with battered and abused women, at risk and troubled youth, a program for the elderly and orphanages around the world, our goal has always been to help shape our culture positively in the most productive way. When we chose to re-open Nashville we had board meeting where we decided to have the greatest impact on shaping our whole culture positively we should concentrate our whole effort in working with at risk and troubled youth, as the youth of today are our tomorrowa€™s leaders.
It was decided we would build a facility which we could house 200+ youth in cottage setting with house parents who will give these youth a family type setting. I will break down these phases and discuss further what is available and programs at this facility for these youth, however, first allow me to explain why at the beginning of this article I stated you are already paying for such a facility.For the purpose of this article we are just going to address a percentage of the youth we serve, those with mental illness. We can build out our whole facility with a fraction of the cost that Americans are already spending on youth with mental illness.i»?CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS!!OUR PHILOSOPHYA  IS SIMPLEWe believe that every answer for a broken life can be found in Jesus Christ through His Word. 70% of the many who are diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, thus the cause of their mental illness, it is not a chemical imbalance at all until meds are applied, but more a sin problem verses mental illness, and when I say this I do not mean to imply it is a sin of our youth, but could be a sin of someone else.
We have found and proven by adding a spiritual component to a clinical approach to mental illness the results can be astonishing. We have found through Nouthetic Biblical counseling 70% of those diagnosed with mental illness can be completely healed and never having to return to their meds or doctors that the doctors and the pharmacy industry have convinced our society these clients would have to remain on for their lifetime, and have to continue going to their doctor to have them to continue to prescribe these meds. A This is a completely created need & multi- billion dollar industry by the pharmacy industry and doctors.
Though, through extensive research you will find sufficient evidence to support our thesis, you would be hard pressed to find a handful of people from the medical field who would support it. Whereas Kirsch concludes that antidepressants are probably no more effective than placebos, Whitaker concludes that they and most of the other psychoactive drugs are not only ineffective but harmful.
He begins by observing that even as drug treatment for mental illness has skyrocketed, so has the prevalence of the conditions treated:The number of disabled mentally ill has risen dramatically since 1955, and during the past two decades, a period when the prescribing of psychiatric medications has exploded, the number of adults and children disabled by mental illness has risen at a mind-boggling rate. Thus we arrive at an obvious question, even though it is heretical in kind: Could our drug-based paradigm of care, in some unforeseen way, be fueling this modern-day plague?a€?The mental health industry has turned mental illness into an epidemic, practically a plague and the cost to America society is astonishing.
Whereas conditions such as schizophrenia and depression were once mainly self-limited or episodic, with each episode usually lasting no more than six months and interspersed with long periods of normalcy, the conditions are now chronic and lifelong.
Whitaker believes that this might be because drugs, even those that relieve symptoms in the short term, cause long-term mental harms that continue after the underlying illness would have naturally resolved.
Antipsychotics cause side effects that resemble Parkinsona€™s disease, because of the depletion of dopamine (which is also depleted in Parkinsona€™s disease). As side effects emerge, they are often treated by other drugs, and many patients end up on a cocktail of psychoactive drugs prescribed for a cocktail of diagnoses.
The episodes of mania caused by antidepressants may lead to a new diagnosis of a€?bipolar disordera€? and treatment with a a€?mood stabilizer,a€? such as Depokote (an anticonvulsant) plus one of the newer antipsychotic drugs.
One well- respected researcher, Nancy Andreasen, and her colleagues published evidence that the use of antipsychotic drugs is associated with shrinkage of the brain, and that the effect is directly related to the dose and duration of treatment.Andreasen explained to The New York Times, a€?The prefrontal cortex doesna€™t get the input it needs and is being shut down by drugs.
In the case of the mentally ill this is the wasting away of the brain.i»?A look at Mental Illness Policy.

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