This is another common fear scenario that has you in front of an audience and will say something embarrassing.
Standing in front of an audience and completely forgetting what to say, is a situation that may make you nervous even reading this. You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition would become Public Speaking trainer, but that's exactly what Lucas Mattiello did. Lucas is passionate in empowering business professionals with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to communicate with confidence. Sure – you go to your doctor when you are feeling very ill, but you also see your doctor for wellness visits. Accent modification – This is particularly growing in popularity with increases in international business. Presentation skills – These can range from learning better breathing and swallowing techniques to calm anxiety as well as incorporating body language effectively.
Listening skills – Speech therapy is not just about the sounds that a person makes, but it includes the sounds that they hear and can process.
Public speaking – Have you ever been to an event where you just couldn’t hear or quite understand the speaker?
Vocal health – Especially for those people who do a lot of public speaking, vocal health issues such as hoarseness can become a problem.
If you experience anxiety at the mere thought of giving a speech in front of just a dozen people, you are not alone. Pick focal points in the room to look up towards that make it appear that you are making eye contact, or even just look at the tops of the audience members’ heads. This is not an easy fear to deal with, so let us look at the issue by trying to modify our perspectives and behavior toward this and hopefully be able to help you overcome this type of fear.Public speaking is not supposed to be stressfulFear of public speaking is quite common, and for some, is inherently stressful. Make sure to check out our post on Speech Preparation: First Things First if you want to know more about getting ready to be in front of a crowd. The words you’ve recited hundreds of times escape your mind and you start sweating profusely as panic begins to set in. Maybe it’s because I’m not familiar enough with the material I have to present, or worrying that what I have to say won’t be of value to the people I’m speaking to. While I prefer not to deal with snakes or spiders (other than when I’m stomping on them), there is nothing that gives me more anxiety than being in front of 50+ people.
I’ve turned down speaking opportunities at my work which may have helped advance my career; I’ve turned down public functions where my presentation could have helped somebody in the crowd or put me in front of a high-profile person.
I’d find excuse after excuse to get out of speaking functions…all to avoid the greatest fear that I have. The fears we’ve developed are due in large part to ourselves and the mental block we’ve surrounded it with. For me the fear of public speaking was standing in my way of developing a much-needed skill in the world that we live in.
With that in mind, I eventually realized that I had a choice: quit being a baby or continue to stay in my comfort zone while confining myself to the limited possibilities that allowed. However, with continual practice and placing myself in those settings, all of that went away. While I’ve never handled a 2-hour presentation on my own, I was recently invited to give a budgeting and debt workshop to anywhere from 50-200 people (we’re still not sure how many will show up).
It’s funny that my initial reaction was to run even though I’ve been speaking in front of medium-sized groups for over a year now.
After again reminding myself that I have a choice as to whether or not I confront my fear, I accepted the invitation to handle the workshop on my own. Make sure to check out our post on Speech Preparation: First Things First if you want to know more about getting ready to be in front of a crowd!
Jason is a financial advisor and Dave Ramsey-trained counselor that blogs over at WorkSaveLive. We can all overcome fear, especially at a young age, but it has to be coached and worked on consistently.
Public speaking isn’t for everyone, but I know developing it makes every presentation better. I’m a curious person and want to assist everyone to achieve their greatness, so the fear of public speaking is a perfect fit for me to explore. This creates a situation where 90% of people will tell you how nervous they get or how much they hate public speaking. This creates tremendous anxiety as it’s commonly linked to a worst-case scenario of extreme embarrassment  When I ask where this thought comes from, most of my clients recall a situation from their school years where they spoke in class and were laughed at. This is what causes many people to completely script their presentations and spend hours trying to memorize it.

List out the most important points you want to address and fill in the supporting information. He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years, the self-management tools he used to control stress, and his training as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with clients. He is an internationally renowned trainer in communications and stress management that has been featured in Forbes and numerous news shows, is a best selling author, and his corporate clients include: Vancouver Coastal Health, City of Burnaby, and Cactus Club Ltd. Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, affects as many as 75% of the population to some degree. You have your blood tested, your lifestyle discussed, and you perhaps receive a few instructions and tips on how to improve and maintain a healthy life. Public speaking involves listening to the audience and using your voice to effectively respond.
Speech therapy can provide tools to people who struggle with articulation under stress, vocal tone, and facial muscle coordination that can improve speech quality. SLPs can work with individuals to provide them tools for better vocal health, including proper hydration and reduced straining of the vocal cords. However, there are the above steps you can take with the help of an SLP, along with other tips you can use to make this a less frightening experience.
Sometimes if you try to memorize the entire speech and you miss just one word, it can be more difficult to resume your speech because you are relying too heavily on the precise words and not the overall meaning.
He really gets the heart of Fearless Men-read about what he’s done to tackle and overcome his greatest fear! I’m not sure what it is…maybe it’s the fear of being judged, looking like a fool, or not upholding the image that I want people to have of me. Maybe it’s a fear of heights, spiders, opening a business, snakes, public speaking, social settings, isolation, failing, or even succeeding.
Even when I became a financial advisor, I’d forego doing my own seminars (ones that I paid for) and urged my boss to give the presentation while I merely chimed in for a small portion of it. You’ll always be scared of heights – and miss out on thrilling adventures like skiing or skydiving – until you realize that you’re not really going to plunge to your death. Regardless of your job, being a great public speaker only adds value to what you bring to the marketplace. Sure, the anxiety may never go away, but once you take a step out of your comfort zone you’ll realize that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. While I didn’t like it, I found that the more I prepared my material and the more I spoke, the less it bothered me. Without a doubt, overcoming the psychological walls we’ve spent years (sometimes decades) building is a daunting challenge and the only way to tear them down is to tackle them one brick at a time.
Whether or not I perform well is beside the point; the most important part is that I’ve learned you can do whatever you set your mind to. Many seasoned speakers don’t need a script, but don’t be scared to create one for practicing purposes. While I no longer write a complete script, I will write large bullet points (and sub points) on a piece of paper that I carry with me during my presentation.
Granted, you don’t want to be staring at the ceiling, but instead of looking at audience members directly in the eye, look at their forehead. He aims to educate his readers on a variety of financial topics while sharing his family’s journey out of debt. If you can teach your kids how to overcome any fear of public speaking (or engaging in with large groups) then they’ll be well ahead of the curve! I joined a business group a few years ago that required a short speech each week and a larger presentation every couple of months.
Being an Anxiety Coach, I address many different situations, all rooted in fear and the beliefs that reinforce it. Let’s think about it, if you’re nervous about speaking in public and most people you know confirm this belief, do you think this reinforces the association of fear and public speaking? The school years are challenging for all of us and has significant impact on our beliefs and self-esteem…if we allow it. The hours spent usually lead to stressed out and tired presenters as you’re so nervous that you just want to grind through the presentation and get it over with. Not many, most people will accept this fear as who they are and live with the consequences, this DOESN’T have to be you! Sometimes also referred to as stage fright, this condition can leave people trembling, sweating profusely, with difficulty breathing, and stumbling through their words. Speech language pathologists can work with individuals to build better communication skills that can help reduce public speaking anxiety.
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Regardless of what it may be, the status quo is to run from those fears, regardless of what it costs you. Up until two years ago, the ONLY time I spoke in front of more than 20 people was back in 8th grade – nearly 14 years ago. I’ll admit that early on my hands would shake during parts of my speech, my mind would go blank, and after the presentation I couldn’t remember a thing that I said. Your own voice will sometimes scare you and only reciting it in your head won’t help nearly as much.
Bring it with you to a presentation, but if you’ve recited it enough you’ll learn that you won’t need it. As I’ve learned to master the material, if I get stuck all I need to do is look down to find where I am in the presentation and that will be enough to jog my memory.
My work with the fear of public speaking has produced interesting insight on what creates most people’s fear and strategies to overcome it. Ask yourself if being afraid of public speaking is your belief or something you learned from hearing others tell you they are. While there are many different treatment options, including behavior therapies and hypnosis, people are also finding relief through various forms of speech therapy. For those who already experience some form of speech disorder, such as stuttering, public speaking can be even more anxiety-ridden, but SLPs have various methods to treat those issues. One way to challenge your perception of public speaking is to imagine this activity just like any other regular communication that you do everyday.
Engaging the audience is one of the best ways to get the attention off of you and allow you to feel a little more comfortable.
Some even SLPs specialize and work as corporate SLPs – targeting their skills and education to help those people in the workforce whose public speaking skills need improvement. 54 Image: Why You Should Pay Attention to Indirect Competitors Why You Should Pay Attention to Indirect Competitors 46 Want to Achieve Business Success? The only difference with public speaking is that you are addressing more people than you normally would.Acquiring this new perspective is not something that you can achieve overnight.
However, just focusing on what you need to share during your public speaking and less on the actual delivery process will help to begin to lift the burden.Let go of the idea of perfectionThis is another insidious culprit in the mix of why people fear the idea of speaking in public.
You have changed and achieved a lot since them, don’t hold yourself back from success today because of a learning experience years ago. But the content of your speech is what is these people have come to hear and will remember. Once you are able to get rid of this anxiety about perfection, then you should be able to find the whole idea less frightening as you speak to larger groups.Focus on the whyOne of the most common “hidden” causes of the stress that is often associated with public speaking is related to the need to perform perfectly.
Focus instead on what value the audience is meant to get from your speech delivery, instead of trying to make them come away being impressed with how you did.
Although delivery will boost your success at a public speaking, the most important thing to remember is that your primary goal is to communicate effectively. If this offers any consolation to you, most public speakers do not get 100% approval from their audience most of the time. And as you hone in on the why, the purpose of the speech, you can begin to…Find your voiceMost of the time, when you are delivering a speech, or asked to do one, it is something that is important to you, something that you feel passionate about. It is all too easy with internet access to pick up bits and pieces of other people’s speeches, instead of constructing your own. Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about public speaking: “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking.
Even the pros do this.Next time you are called upon to deliver a speech, take your time and prepare. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”Fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears that people have. Although this task appears to be rather simple and straightforward to many, there are several factors that can come into play for those who are not comfortable with it.
So before you blow it off realize that this is a legitimate type of fear for the people who have it.People whose job requires that they speak in public are not immune to this. This she does as a physician, writer, mother, grandmother, coach, minister, blogger, speaker, and working with the prosecutor's office for the conviction of people involved in the sexual assault and abuse of children. This is an issue that must be attended to because people who experience fear of public speaking end up not delivering the quality speech they would otherwise be capable of.
After all, an effective public speech should produce a satisfying experience for both the speaker and for the audience.

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