A new year means a new fresh start for all and do you want to attract wealth in this new year? It is always good to keep your wallet in a clean and tidy state, so start clearing all the unnecessary stuff out of your purse and wallet. Similarly to home and office Feng Shui, once you clear an area and remove the stagnant energy, it will make room for new energy to flow. In summary, just get rid of anything that you do not use and only put those essential items. BlueWaterBlue symbolize money will be drained just like water (attract splurging) and it is hard to accumulate wealth, so the colour is not recommended. RedFireRed represent fire and it is not advisable for wallet colour because it will burn away your wealth luck. BrownEarthIf you want to increase savings or has the habit of spending too much money, this color may help you to save money.
PinkFireThis colour is more suitable for ladies who are looking for the other half as it increase love and relationship luck. YellowMetalNormal light yellow color wallet may often attract money, but it will be often in and out. If you want to save money, choose mustard yellow and if you someone who want to increase wealth luck you can choose pastel yellow instead. Do not use a wallet that was used before because the previous owner’s energy has been in the wallet and it might influence you if you start using it. You can tell if a person has money or not by simply looking at the way a person placed their money into their wallets. You might consider getting getting a wallet or purse with compartments for you to organize your things neatly, instead of getting one without any (a catch all type), it will be very messy.
Using these Feng Shui principles, we will like to wish you a prosperity year ahead and Huat (?) all year long. Two excellent Feng Shui wealth-inviting symbols combined in this piece - the Money Frog and Money Tree.
This absolutely beautiful Three Legged Toad sitting on a bed of coins accompanied by a Money Gold Coin Tree signifies money keeps growing and pouring in! A work of beauty, this impressive enhancer is absolutely striking when shone with lights, attracting many admiring eyes, as well as emitting vibes of prosperity chi and the good traits the wealth ship represents. In ancient Chinese folklore, the Money Frog was the wife of renowned man who attained the Elixir of Mortality from Hsi Wang Mu, the Goddess of the West. 3) Using two Money Frogs in the same area is a very beneficial practice; at the main entrance of your home or office, place on frog facing inwards, and one facing outwards. 4) Housewives who place the Feng Shui Money Frog at the altar of the Wealth or Earth God is believed to be benefited with the luck of gambling.

5) The lucky charm is essential for businessmen who are seeking to expand their business; when placed at integral points of customer interaction (such as counters and cash registers), the frog is said to help create a better money-generating environment. 7) For individuals who have careers in which commission is a bonus, place a money frog beside your desk or in a diagonal direction to the main entrance of your house; this is reputed to subconsciously encourage customers to tip to your benefit. It is easier than you think to create more love in your life with the help of these feng shui romance tips. Add candles and fresh flowersFlowers and candles are obvious symbols of love and sensuality. Get rid of objects that other people gave you that you dona€™t love.Having objects around that you dona€™t love is clutter which results in stagnant energy. If you are single, you must prepare your bedroom for a lover.This is one of the most important romance tips I can offer to single people.
The ancient art of placement can help to enhance your wealth luck by Feng Shui your wallet or purse. Do not place junk, like sweet wrapper, old name card, expired membership card of any in your wallet.
Allocate a special location in your house for your wallet and place it there everything you are back home, so that they will feel treasured.
In home Feng Shui, you will add green plant to help increase the positive flow of energy in your space, a green wallet will help to increase income opportunity. For those who respect and appreciate the money , they had all their notes and coins neatly sorted. It is best to have long and straight type that you do not have to fold the notes in order to put it in.
If you believe in Feng Shui but not doing anything, you will still be facing with poverty and obstacles. With its high quality gold finishing, it makes an excellent Feng Shui gift for business owners and managers. It is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity and monetary gain in Feng Shui, and can often be spotted beside cash registers, receptions and owners’ desks all across Asia.
The frog, who at that time was still a maiden, was jealous and so stole the elixir from her husband. This signifies the frogs collecting money from outside and then bringing it into the home or office.
This is ideal because it symbolizes the flow of money inwards from the nine directions of the compass. If you are looking for advancement in career or soar in your business, black is the color to go for.

As for those who were broke or always lack of money will have disorganized and messy wallets. I did everything that this article has mentioned and my friend did everything the opposite way, ie wallet is always empty, receipts and money are kept messily, not nearly arrange and can throw the wallet anywhere yet my friend had been doing very well and earning a lot while I’m always broke. As retribution by the other gods, she was transformed into a three-legged frog and sentenced to reside on the moon. The frogs can be placed either in your living room or in your front garden; display them at arbitrary points, ensuring that they are all facing in different directions. If you want loving, harmonious relationships, then you must get rid of negative images, a€?unfriendlya€? stuff like cactuses, or singular items.The master bedroom often reflects the relationship.
Avoid tossing your wallet away on the dining table or anywhere that you find it convenient.
Be sure to arrange your notes in an upright position before placing them into your wallet because it has a huge influence over the energetic relationship between you, your wallet and money. Because of this, the Money Frog is always seen sitting on a bed of treasure, carrying two strings of coins and biting one in the mouth – her natural greed requires that she always be surrounded by riches. The Feng Shui Money Frog at your main entrance should, however, face inwards – this signifies money coming into your household.
Make sure it conveys the message you want.Examine your bedroom for any inappropriate imagery.
This is why she is such a strong symbol of prosperity that is used extensively to attract wealth luck. While nine is the optimum number, three or six Money Frogs will also be sufficient in creating wealth luck. Painting your entire house pink and filling every vase you have with red roses might give a potential partner the creeps.
You need to also remove a€?bodyguardsa€? from your bed like stuffed animals and dollsa€”these convey a message that you dona€™t have space for another person. To attract a lover, let the bed be the dominant piece of furniture in the room (not exercise equipment, a home office, TV, etc.) And of course, avoid single objects or art depicting solitary objects and remove photos of past lovers.

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