Armstrong Township High School FFA chapter members recently attended a youth leadership conference at the University of Illinois.
ARMSTRONG — Members of the Armstrong Township High School FFA chapter attended a youth leadership conference at the University of Illinois Sept. The leadership conference focused on two groups of students, first-year FFA members and student leaders who currently hold officer positions in the local chapter.
First-year FFA members, also known as Greenhands, participated in a series of three hands-on workshops that centered on the “Me, We, You” theme. The student leader activities, primarily designed for officer teams, trained students on the details of preparing and conducting a workshop, evaluated ways to productively work as a team and implement activities to promote membership recruitment, and how to effectively communicate with others in their chapter and school.

Students were encouraged to discover more about themselves and their individual leadership style (me), learn how to effectively work in a team atmosphere (we), and explored ways to apply their leadership skills in their school and community (you). We welcome you to contribute your ideas, opinions and comments, but we ask that you avoid personal attacks, vulgarity and hate speech. When they will have to launch out and go to college they will not afraid anymore to face new challenge. You will spend five days becoming effective leaders by exploring your purpose, learning to value people, taking action and serving others – all while making new friends and touring our nation’s capital. To post comments, you must first be a registered user, and your username will appear with any comment you post.

Of course teaching them the best skills enhancement can make them shape their future for good and can contribute to the community. Seven action-packed weeks will be available this summer, starting the first week of June and extending through late July.

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