The Applied HFM and Financial Reporting course is designed to take students through the typical steps needed in an implementation of Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and Financial Reporting. read more and register below. This one-day course covers all of the essential techniques and best practices of building and deploying reports using Financial Reporting. The Applied FDM course is designed to take students through the typical steps needed in an implementation of Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM). The Applied HFM End-User course is designed to take interactive or view HFM users through the essentials of working in a Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) system. If a course you would like to attend is not listed in the form above, please get in touch (Please note, all courses need to be fully paid for to confirm your place). Organisations such as Channel 4, Bird & Bird and Guys and St Thomas NHS rely on Brovanture for their Hyperion application and planning support.
We don’t just help corporates – with our Prepare2PLAN® mid-market solution we work with companies to implement strategic and effective planning to support growth strategies. Our Oracle Hyperion, Essbase and HFM implementation, consulting and support services ensure you get the solution best matched to your strategic objectives. Brovanture was established in 2005 by Malcolm Brock and Marc van Kan, previously of Comshare, a leading vendor of BI and planning, forecasting and reporting solutions. Oracle Hyperion Planning and Essbase Consultants Brovanture are recruiting for additional Consultants.
Brovanture is involved with the careers department of the University, working with them to identify students who may be best suited to working in our environment.
However, even a certain person can use this type of management in order to be sure that they will not have any financial issues.
Financial management training is the best procedure to have for those individuals who want to learn the basics and all important information about this type of management.
Taking a management course about finance might be a very effective way on how to learn about the particular type of management. However, some of the colleges and universities around the world that are offering this course require a large amount of money.

But even if they are requiring a lot of money for financial management training, you can be sure that you will learn all of the important matters and knowledge about the said course.
Today, there are lots of training companies and even schools that are offering this type of management training on the internet. Although there are lots of benefits that you can have from taking financial management training in a traditional school, there are also numerous advantages and benefits in having this training online.
You will not be required to pay for their service and you can learn the basics and even the advanced techniques without spending too much money.
But still, financial management training offered by local schools is the best way to learn all about this type of management.
Cotton & Company provides services in this specialized federal government arena, and our personnel are thoroughly familiar with auditing standards, federal accounting standards, cost accounting concepts and principles, and administrative requirements covering a wide variety of governmental assignments. Cotton & Company has successfully completed numerous federal financial statement audits since the passage of the CFO Act in 1990. Cotton & Company assists organizations in assessing and delivering solutions to meet their financial management requirements.
Cotton & Company has helped numerous federal agencies establish and maintain programs that meet and exceed the internal control requirements specified in OMB Circular A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control.
Our training experts are well-versed in video production software, which we have used to develop reusable on-demand training for our clients. To register for one of our courses, please complete the form; once you submit your registration, a member of the Education department will be in touch to provide you with more details.
With significant Essbase and Hyperion expertise, Brovanture quickly became Oracle Hyperion Platinum Partners and have established a leading reputation for Hyperion implementation, consulting and support. If you are an Oracle Hyperion, Essbase or Hyperion Financial Management expert or consultant then we would love to hear from you! Degrees in Financial Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science and Accounting and Computer Science are favourites. In order to apply this type of management effectively and properly, you should have enough knowledge on its standards and the basics.

Financial management training can be provided by finance professionals found in some learning establishments such as training businesses and schools.
Once you have graduated in this type of course and pass all licensure examinations, you will automatically be called a professional finance manager.
The money that you spent in taking the course will be recovered once you start working in a specific company.
In fact, this is now being used by most individuals who want to learn about the said management than go to school and enroll in a financial management course.
If you don’t have enough money and don’t have time to go to school to enroll in a course related to this type of management, online course and trainings are available for you to take. Our audit philosophy is based on integrity, objectivity, independence and strict adherence to all professional standards, regulations, laws and industry best practices. We have been providing a wide range of services and objective results helping organizations achieve their financial management goals.
We have a proven track record of implementing and executing effective, risk-based management control programs. Brovanture assists companies to maximise their investment in existing spreadsheet processes.
This particular type of management is used by most companies and other businesses around the world. This is delivered by implementing scalable, error free, secure performance management systems either on-premise or as a cloud solution from premier vendors such as Oracle Hyperion. In November 2013, Brovanture was awarded the Employer of the Year for 2012-2013, by the University of Surrey for work completed with the Mathematics Faculty students on the placement year.

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