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What Is Financial RiskManagement?? Process to deal with the uncertainties resulting from financial markets.? Involves assessing the financial risks facing an organization and developing management strategies consistent with internal priorities and policies? Strategies for risk management often involve derivatives. Risk Management Process? The process of financial risk management comprises strategies that enable an organization to manage the risks associated with financial markets.? It involves and impacts many parts of an organization including treasury, sales, marketing, legal, tax, c ommodity, and corporate finance.
Factors that Impact FinancialRates and Prices? Financial rates and prices are affected by a number of factors.
Financial Risk Management is a reliable program that enables you to calculate the level of liquidity and operational risk regarding a particular company. Financial Risk Management is a ClickOnce application that enables you to view, analyze and estimate the operational risk regarding an investment or a company. The program is divided into two tabs, namely LiqRisk, dedicated to calculating profit, loss and turnover, as well as OpRisk, designed to outline the operational risk.

Three main indicators are depicted in the analysis, as well as in the graphs: historical simulation, normal flow and Ewma parameter. Financial Risk Management offers a detailed report on the data analysis regarding the three main objects: turnover, expenses and profit.
Financial Risk Management is a powerful application, designed to calculate the values and probability of profit, expenses and turnover in investment business. It is essential to understand the factors that impact markets because those factors, in turn, impact the potential risk of an organization.
The software allows you to import data from local files, then filters it through scientific formulas, in order to estimate the profit, turnover and general expenses. The application can calculate the level of liquidity as well as the operational risks, based on input data it extracts from the provided file.
The software detail the methodology used in data analysis, as well as the algorithms used for generating the graphs: plot model and plot VaR.

The number of exceptions, sample size, estimated probability and model efficiency are some of the analysis results. It returns the median values, standard deviation, sample variance, skewness, Kurtosis indicator, estimated minimum and maximum.
The software applies several scientific formulas in order to calculate financial risks inside and outside of a company. Financial risks arising from an organization’s exposure to changes in market prices, such as interest rates, exchange rates, and commodity prices2. Financial risks arising from the actions of, and transactions with, other organizations such as vendors, customers, and counterparties in derivatives transactions3.

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