Are you looking for the best way to have a healthier body but aren’t sure whether to become part of a gym and have a personal trainer help you or hire a fitness coach to attend to you at home instead? One of the major differences between a personal trainer and a fitness coach is the location wherein they do their job. There is a difference between the methods of training provided by personal trainers and fitness coaches. Personal trainers will no doubt give you an effective and efficient fitness program and workout routine. A fitness coach will also guide you, create exercise programs and workout routines for you just as a trainer would, but only this time it will be at your own pace. I agree that there is no ‘one size fits all’ exercise program or plan that works for everyone. About UsIn the today's fast paced world where our mind is bombarded with thousands of things to do and as if like a mechanical robot- our life is whirling in a vicious circle of responsibilities, dead-lines, commitments and what not- this website is a small attempt to give it a chance to slow down a bit. By definition, and as we are all probably aware of, personal trainers are the people employed by the gym to help members create and work through a program. Personal trainers assist you and guide you whilst in the gym to perform effectively all the routines in your program schedule. Fitness coaches primarily rely on techniques and workout routines that are related to sports and athletics. The goal of coaching is not to put you under a lot of pressure, but rather to encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals – a fit body. As a part-time fitness instructor, she motivates people to get back into shape, using only the most natural means possible.

As the OP points out, there are differences between trainers and fitness coaches and each will work better or worse for different people. To see the world as it is evolving, to learn to take the notice of the smile of a child, the flowering in a plant, the blackness of the cloud, the sparkle in the water drops - all things we used to do as a child. A fitness coach on the other hand is someone who helps you achieve the level of body fitness you want at your own home or wherever you choose to do your work out. They pay attention to the actual work out such as the number and manipulation of sets, reps, lifts, heart rates and maximum weight allotment. Their skill sets are honed strongly by their background in athletics training, communication and rapport building. This is extremely effective for individuals who would prefer to workout privately away from prying and sometimes judgmental eyes while you dance to the beat of your weightloss playlist. She is also a strong advocate of eliminating junk food from the typical school child’s diet.
However, I don’t agree necessarily that the relationship one develops with a trainer is less personal or less like a partnership than that with a trainer. Choosing whether to go for a personal trainer or a fitness coach can determine whether or not you succeed in becoming fit as fast and best as possible.
The difference between working out regularly in a gym and at home can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your fitness training. A fitness coach on the other hand not only provides this same service but actually go a little further through building an actual personal relationship with you, the client. A fitness coach approaches from a different angle – you tell him what you want and how you want to achieve it.

On her spare time, she loves doing arts and crafts projects with her 2 adorable daughters, ages 6 and 8. I have admittedly only worked with the latter, but have had a variety of experiences with different trainers.
Specifically, there are those of us who would prefer to do their programs privately at the comfort of their own homes while there are others who find it better to work out in a more public environment. Of course he will guide you and make sure that you are on the right path, but he will definitely not be ordering you around.
Comparing which is more effective is debatable up to a certain degree but it all really boils down to the individual preferences of people. They are like teachers who work hand in hand with you to achieve the fit body that you want. Though experts at bodybuilding and fitness training through machinery and exercises, trainers aren’t as well versed at communication and building relationships with their clients. This can be a bad thing for some individuals who have a hard time at performing under the pressure of a trainer.
Some may find that working out at home under the guidance of a fitness coach works better for them while others don’t. A personal trainer will make sure that you get the work done whilst a fitness coach take into responsibility your own goals and make it his own.

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