Fitness cards are applied to a player or a squad when you want them to restore their fitness immediately, in a non-natural way.
Every time you apply a fitness card to a player, his fitness restoration will not depend exclusively on the card’s value, but also on the fitness coaches you have stored in your club. When you are applying a fitness card, you can check how big is the current fitness coach boost of your club.
Unless you have an awesome budget, your players’ fitness management shouldn’t be done with fitness cards. For people that usually restore their players’ fitness individually, fitness coaches are really not a helpful option. General rule, applying squad fitness cards is slightly better than doing it with individual ones when it comes to amounts of fitness restored. Hamm and Scurry conducted a clinic as part of the dedication ceremonies for the new FieldTurf pitch. The two leaders in their fields also came together on another NikeGO program in Washington, D.C.
Teenage soccer star Freddy Adu, the national spokesman for the Afterschool program, praised the initiative and says his personal experience taught him the value of exercise. FieldTurf CEO John Gilman says he is proud FieldTurfa€™s facilities make it possible for more people to participate in physical activities. The community events supported by FieldTurf include the FieldTurf Cup soccer tournament at the Starfire Sports Soccer Complex near Seattle. The Starfire complex includes four pitches, all of which received the FIFA Recommended designation. Athletic Facility Design magazine is a resource for architects, engineers, consultants, athletic directors, stadium managers, school district administrators, as well as owners and developers of pay-for-play recreational facilities.

They do know that the players’ performance decreases when they’re tired, but they prefer to manage that only by applying fitness cards.
The system automatically sums up all the fitness coaches’ displayed percentages and then gives you a bonus according to the total value.
Since most players start using individual fitness cards when it’s around 80 to 90, a simple bronze fitness card is enough and it can be bought for 150 coins.
In these situations, having a few fitness coaches in the club can bring you some advantages. World Cup soccer stars Mia Hamm and Briana Scurry visited Chicago's Douglas Park to pass on their knowledge to a group of young players.
Ita€™s the latest installation in an ambitious, $5-million, five-year project that will provide facilities for community, league, and club soccer programs in the United States. The shoe and apparel giant supplies the rubber Nike Grind, which is an integral ingredient in FieldTurfa€™s revolutionary infill system. Nike and FieldTurf donated a miniature soccer field at the Boys and Girls Club of Washington. The tournament brings together 48 men and 48 women in the U-16 through U-19 divisions and gives them a chance to showcase their skills in front of a large group of college coaches. Designed to feature sports surfacing innovations and installations, the ultimate goal of Athletic Facility Design is to educate and inform those involved with the construction, renovation, and maintenance of athletic facilities.
For them, fitness coaches can be really important since they are responsible to boost the effect of consumables.
This restoration can be even bigger according to the amount of fitness coaches there are in the club.
If you sum the coefficients of all the fitness coaches your club has, you should get the same percentage.

The recommended way is to take advantage of the players’ natural fitness restoration: every time they spend a match on the bench, their fitness is restored.
If you want to play all the time with your best eleven players, you will need to apply fitness cards and it could be a good idea to hire a few fitness coaches. And yet, for an average investment of 4.000 coins to reach 50% of bonus, you’ll need to use around 40 rare squad fitness cards in order to start getting return. He has influenced thousands of FIFA gaming fans with his cutting edge insights and scientific level approach to writing about FIFA gaming modes. The patented infill system produces a field with virtually identical properties to a natural surface. The field will provide a location for activities in the NikeGO Afterschool program, which is designed to keep youth active and out of harma€™s way in inner-city neighborhoods.
This staff is differentiated by its lower percentage contribution per card, which varies from 1 to 5%.
Don’t try and buy more coaches expecting to receive a bigger bonus, you’ll be wasting coins, so you should stop at 50%. It’s important to note that the fitness coaches have nothing to do with this natural restoration. At the same time, FieldTurf offers a durable surface, allowing for maximum use under any climatic conditions. Even in these cases, the gains are almost insignificant and the investment will only pay off if one applies around 160 fitness cards.

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