If you like to train, make sure to check out CardioTrainer for Android.  CardioTrainer is a free fitness app that tracks a variety of exercises, has a weight loss add-on, a race add-on, a game to compete against others around the world, and it will post your exercise activities to your Facebook profile if you so desire.
CardioTrainer can be used to track running, walking, skiing, hiking, and similar activities where one would have the phone in a holster or other device on the body. The name of the applicaiton has changed, it's not My Performance anymore, but My Workout ! Our interface will help you to only focus in your workout, and the timer will free your mind during your workout session!
Create your routine, write down your performances, and follow your progress through the graph, created according to your notes.
Now the latest app vying for a slice of movie success is Halfbrick Studio's Fruit Ninja. Science Journal takes advantage of your phones’s sound, light, and motion sensors to gather and record data in real time. Clique no botão, em seguida use o scanner do QR code para baixar o app diretamente ao seu Android dispositivo. In addition to common outdoor activities, CardioTrainer can track swimming, and indoor treadmill and elliptical exercising. Once you put in your actual weight all you have to do is set how much you’d like to lose and set a timeframe.
Said data can then be converted into graphs and charts, which can be annotated with notes and photos of a given experiment, and compared against other findings.
The default settings work just fine but if you want some changes you can customize them as per your needs.
You set how many days a week you plan to exercise and the app will give you a gentle reminder on the mornings of your exercise days. There are settings for miles or kilometers, voice output, GPS sensitivity, stride length, weight, music playback, etc. For swimming, CardioTrainer uses an algorithm to calculate calories burned based on the total exercise time and body weight. Once a week the user is prompted to log their weight and the app calculates the weight loss, or gain.
Built for professional weight training athletes, the app can definitely help bodybuilders improve their physical fitness with the aid of various tools, helping users track their statistics.
With the JEFIT application, users can easily track body statistics, create custom routines, access a detailed exercise database and have access to two-way synchronization with the use of an online server to store data and other valuable information regarding on their workout.For users who dona€™t know the basics of body building, they can take full advantage of JEFITa€™s detailed tutorial, consisting of charts, pictures and the anatomy of the muscular system.

If you still havena€™t reached your goal, then let Multi Reps help you with all of your conditioning and training for you. Multi Reps is a handy application for individuals who want to be able to perform pushups and sit-ups to achieve washboard abs.
Multi Reps is an all-in-one application that will not only help you keep motivated but will also help you stay fit and healthy.Multi Reps is fully programmable and users can set up to ten different, fully customizable exercises. Using the app is like having a digital trainer by your side, guiding you when you should take a break or reminding you if you have achieved your goal. Be the best at push-ups with this exciting application fit to help users build their strength.
Push Ups Pro is not limited to helping you count the number of push ups you have made but also helps you calculate the calories you lose during exercises, making Push Ups Pro the best training companion for daily workouts.Selecting training mode will analyze your training plan based on your age and body status. Training for the next group will be based on the current session you’ve accomplished. With over 750 workouts and over 5,600 images and video clips, FitnessBuilder is the ultimate training application that will help you with your physical training.
FitnessBuilder is not just limited to personal use; the app can also be used for professional athletes.
NorthPark’s Sit Ups Pro is another application that makes good use of your phonea€™s sensors and turns them into a scanner that monitors your physical conditioning when doing sit ups.
The app is a cool way of dealing with sit ups as it acts as a virtual trainer is not limited to merely counting but also calculates the calories you lose during every workout.Sit Ups Pro uses your phonea€™s proximity sensor and keeps track of how well you perform in your current session.
Lifting Log is a tracking application that helps users track their progress during the course of an exercise. The app features an exercise log of the sets and repetitions that you make during that day.
With BodyBuilding’s Android app, users will be able to access BodySpace straight from their Android devices. Fitness Buddy covers over 300 different exercises with accompanying descriptions and animations. The app is generally very helpful if you are still starting an exercise plan or wanting to build that dream body of yours.If the free version doesna€™t meet your expectations then you could always try the paid version that features over 1,000 HD videos, 1,700 unique exercises, and 4,000 exercise photos with accompanying animations, all in glorious retina display.
Having a workout planner is priceless, as it will always guide you and keep track of your daily exercise routines.
VirtuaGym Fitness is built on the idea of helping neophytes in discovering more about weightlifting and cardio-vascular exercise.With VirtuaGym Fitness, users will have full access to 400 exercises and 100 workouts and earn as many as 150 badges.

Workouts will never be the same again, as the app features clear 3D demonstrations of each exercise with complete instructions on how to do it.
Workout Trainer is ideal for people who want to get in shape without spending or using bulky gym equipment. It is also very helpful for people who enjoy high-intensity training, CrossFit WOD, or Tabata.Workout Trainer is filled with interesting facts about workouts in step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions that users might find very useful. Whether you are planning on doing bodyweight workouts or simple weight lifting at your local gym, Workout Trainer will make you fit in no time. FIT Radio is designed to let you feel the mood of an intense workout and let you sweat like mad.
FIT Radio provides nonstop, professional-level entertainment that is all accessible straight from your Android phone. FIT Radio is a must-have application if you are working at the gym and want to get some music while working out.Offering pure nonstop music and original mixes, users can choose a wide variety of music genres like hip hop, rock, house, indie, dub step, and so much more. The app features 110 great workouts and features 40 abdominal exercises for users to practice at home or at the gym. Each exercise is categorized according to the 10 separate sections of the human body.The app is perfect for first-time body builders who need a guide or instructions for targeting a specific body part that they want to build. Each exercise contains an easy-to-understand tutorial with a photo demonstrations showing how the workout should be done.
Let the Daily Ab Workout application help you with your ab-carving and strengthening workout. Daily Ab Workout features various exercises reportedly proven to be effective and let you see results in just a matter of days.
These exercise have already been demonstrated and are said to be effective as they target all the major abdominal muscles found in your body.The appa€™s easy-to-use interface will welcome newbies who have always wanted to train and workout at their home. These applications make working out fun, counting calories simpler, and scientific research easy.

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