Personal Trainer Fitness Application was designed to cover everything you would expect a personal trainer to cover and more, with out the cost.
Now the latest app vying for a slice of movie success is Halfbrick Studio's Fruit Ninja.
Science Journal takes advantage of your phones’s sound, light, and motion sensors to gather and record data in real time.
Tunturi AB-TrainerDeze Tunturi AB-Trainer is speciaal ontworpen om uw buikspieren te trainen.
Dit is de snelste manier om een product te bestellen en ook het makkelijkst voor beide partijen.
Wij hebben direct uw gegevens en kunnen dit rechtstreeks doorgeven aan de logistieke partij. Fitness apparaten leveren wij altijd volgens afspraak via onze vaste koerier of onze eigen bezorgdienst.
Wij zijn aangesloten bij branche organisatie Qshops wat u de nodige zekerheid biedt voor online verkopen.
U kunt het bedrag vooraf overmaken of indien afgesproken betalen met PIN of cash bij aflevering. As the tech savvy community that we are, we spend most of our time working in front of our computers and mobile devices.
This is especially true for workaholic freelancers who sometimes work longer hours than their office-bound counterparts. Get the correct lessons and instructiosn to tone your problem areas and work those abs with these 8 workout apps. Workout Trainer provides many different routines (with step-by-step audio) for weight loss, yoga or weightlifting. Ab Workouts is a handy app which guides you in abdominal exercises, complete with animations and a trainer’s voice. Practice yoga from home or the office with this comprehensive and useful app which showcases many different levels of yoga routines. Vitogo is your virtual personal trainer who coaches and gives you a customized workout program that evolves with your progress. Daily Ab Workout is a simple, straightforward app that features three brief daily ab routines and video demonstrations to help you exercise from the comforts of your own home. FitnessClass showcases high-quality workout sessions from all over the world, all in one app.
GymGoal has an extensive database of workouts with step-by-step instructions, and helps you schedule workouts, track progress and measurements. Daily runners or those who aspire to become a regular jogger can use any of these apps to help them map out their running routes, track their personal mileage and keep track of goals.
MapMyRUN is an awesome app fit for every runner: it tracks and logs your distance and pace, can calculate calories and even your nutrition intake.
Nike+ Running lets you map your runs easily from trail to treadmill as well as record your running distance, time and pace to help track your progress.
RunKeeper keeps track of your fitness stats: pace, distance, time and heart rate as you run. Not only should you exercise, but you should also watch what you eat, or at least let these apps help you keep track of your food intake. With a large database of over 2,000,000 types of food, Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is a great app for monitoring your diet.
Another calorie counter with built-in barcode scanner which analyzes food labels and food scores, this app provides a daily analysis of what choices you can make to eat more healthily. Fooducate helps you eat healthier by scanning barcodes of products and providing a nutrition grade instantly, ranging from A to D.
Weight Watchers help you make smarter food choices with featured heathier recipes, shopping lists and interactive Cheat Sheets. Like its name suggest, this app helps you eat healthier by scanning food label barcodes to know which foods match your diet needs.
If you’re worried about your hearing, then take this hearing loss screening test from UHear to check if your hearing is within normal range.
Glucose Buddy is a handy logbook for diabetic patients to store their glucose numbers, insulin dosage, monitor carbohydrate consumption and activities to manage their weight and blood pressure. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is a smart alarm which analyzes your sleeping patterns and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. Period Tracker keeps track of your past menstrual cycles to help you predict the date of your next period. Max trainer M5 CONNETTIVITA' APP INFO - Top Fitness Entra Contattaci Contattaci subito: 059645046 Cerca Entra Il tuo account Carrello 0 Prodotto Prodotti (vuoto) Nessun prodotto Spedizione gratuita! In the current version of the Fitnet App, the camera of an exerciser's smartphone captures data from him (upper left), while a prerecorded trainer guides him through a workout. Originally published on June 23, 2015 7:31 am It would be easier to exercise, I've told myself, if I had a personal trainer. The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an upgrade of the earlier M3 model, combining a stepping motion, resistance settings, and upper body muscle activation to burn more calories in a shorter time.
The entire design is based on creating a shorter and more efficient workout experience, by utilising upper and lower body muscle groups during high intensity interval programs.
In this review we’ll be taking a closer look at every aspect of the design, as well as the workout programs, assembly process, and console functions to help you decide if this is the best choice of machine for your own home workouts.
When it comes to fitness equipment design, Bowflex have never been a company to follow convention, which obviously pays off judging by their hugely successful range of home gyms.
In effect it feels like the designers have taken the lessons they learned from the success of their treadclimber collection, and created a more compact and affordable solution, albeit without the platforms that emulate the treadmill belt. One of the things we often come across when reviewing fitness equipment is the claim that a particular machine enables you to burn more calories than the others, often using the treadmill as the benchmark.
This is one of the claims we found when reviewing the Maxiclimber, and we’re noticing similar results being quoted by Bowflex for the M5. Bowflex claim that the Max Trainer was tested against treadmills, steppers, and ellipticals in an independent study, which measured the number of calories burned across a certain workout duration.
With their Treadclimber they put out the claim that it burns up to 3.5x more calories than a treadmill, based on a study carried out by the University of Wisconsin in 2011. The claim was that the treadclimber burned 612 calories in 30 minutes, while the treadmill burned just 165, which isn’t far fetched considering the difference in incline.
Unfortunately the Universities involved in these studies aren’t at liberty to disclose the final results of these studies as the data belongs to Bowflex, who themselves have a corporate policy not to disclose proprietary studies. When you combine this incline stepper style design with the high intensity interval training programs and upper body motion, the Max Trainer certainly seems to have all the features in place to create such efficient workouts. You can even choose from 16 digital resistance levels, each of which offers an ultra-smooth, low-impact motion that protects your joints and ligaments. Entertainment features such as tablet support and inbuilt speakers have been sacrificed in favor of a more affordable price tag and higher quality build design.
One final feature we wanted to mention before we look at the console features is the foot pedals. As a result, the Max Trainer was awarded first place in the Outdoor and Exercise Equipment Category of the 2014 International Design Awards (IDA). Widely recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious design awards in the world, Red Dot has been identifying exceptional design since 1950, judging thousands of entries from hundreds of companies and designers annually.
When Bowflex designed the Max Trainer, their main goal was to create a form of cardio that burned the highest number of calories in the shortest time.
In order for this to be successful, they needed to look at all aspects of the design, from the intensity of the workout programs through to the stability of the frame and ergonomics of the stride motion. The result is a compact base frame which maintains enough width to guarantee stability, even with the higher center of gravity and during intense interval training workouts. Although static grips are provided for isolating lower body muscle groups and measuring your heart rate with the touch sensors, the moveable handles are another of the unique features that helps increase the rate at which you burn calories.
The Max Trainer M5 continues its run of unique design features with the console, which includes a number of significant upgrades over the earlier M3 model. Firstly, the display screen is now backlit, which was one of the issues highlighted in our review of the M3.
You might have noticed that the screen size is considerably smaller than on most ellipticals, particularly those from Sole Fitness who specialize in large display screens. Because effective calorie burning featured so heavily in the design of the M5, this takes pride of place at the top of the console, and allows you to monitor several important calorie readings. You do of course have the standard LED screen which indicates how many calories have been burned, but you can also determine the number of calories burned per minute based on the current RPM and resistance level. There is also a Target Burn Rate LED Range, which functions in a similar way to the SmartRate heart rate scale we saw during our reviews of Precor’s Precision and Energy series ellipticals. In this case there are five LEDs that activate during your workout, and are based on the currently selected user profile. That’s because the entire machine has been designed around the goal of shorter workouts, where you burn the highest number of calories in the shortest time. There are other benefits to not having this technology built in, such as a reduced cost that puts the 16 resistance levels and 8 preset workout programs level with many standard elliptical trainers at this price point. The console buttons have been upgraded since the M3, but they’re still fairly basic, with no quick select resistance or burn rate settings. The Max Trainer M5 is also setup to support two forms of heart rate monitoring: touch and telemetry. Contact Heart Rate (CHR) sensors are built into the handles which will read your heart rate and transmit a signal to the console after your grip is maintained for 10-15 seconds. Instead we would tend to recommend the second method, which is to wear an uncoded heart rate chest strap transmitter(e.g. There’s no warm up with this program, and the very first segment starts right at the highest resistance level, so we would recommend taking a few minutes to elevate your heart rate with a low target Burn Rate to get started. If you’re looking for a high intensity interval program that uses Burn Rate targets and automatically adjusts the resistance, your best option will be the SMART MAX interval. The preset programs on the M5 are split into two categories: Standard and SMART, with Calorie Burn being the first of the Standard workouts.
Split into 16 segments of equal duration, the profile includes a wider range of resistance levels than the Fat Burn or Stairs programs, with less variation than the interval programs mentioned above. The short spike in resistance at the start of the program is designed to increase your heart rate, followed by a short rest period and a consistent increase in resistance, helping to increase lower body muscle activation as well as the number of calories burned.

Most of the Fat Burn programs we see during our equipment reviews follow a very similar pattern, where the resistance builds to a preset level and follows more of a steady state profile at 70% of your maximum heart rate. The resistance profile of the Stairs program doesn’t reach the same resistance level as the Calorie Burn or Fat Burn programs, but can still provide an effective lower body workout, particularly if you override the maximum resistance for a segment.
This is the first of the Max Trainer’s SMART workouts, and as the name suggests, is a program based entirely around the number of calories burned. As with the other standard programs on the M5, Calorie Goal is split into 16 segments, each of which is assigned a number as a percentage of your goal. To achieve this target level the program follows no preset profile, and you’re free to change the resistance and Burn Rate at any point. As effective as interval training is for calorie burning, you’re still going to want to add variation to your routine to experience the best results.
The Steady State program automatically adjusts the resistance level to keep you within a specific Burn Rate Range, adapting to any change in RPM.
If you use the M5 on a regular basis, either as your sole source of fitness or part of a wider routine, you probably want to keep track of your progress in both the short and long term. This tends to be slightly easier if your goal is to lose weight, where the scales give a clear indication of how effective your workouts are from week to week.
For this Bowflex have included a Fitness Test, which uses the age and weight values from your user profile to calculate a maximum heart rate, then measures this against your power output to determine a fitness score. For the Max Trainer M5 the test is completely different, where you build up to a Target Burn Rate Range that keeps your heart rate at close to 75% of the calculated maximum. The idea is that as your fitness level increases, you will require a higher Burn Rate setting to reach the same 75% heart rate level, which results in a higher power output. This Burn Rate is only a suggested target, and it’s down to you to either increase the RPM, resistance level, or both in order to maintain it.
This isn’t exactly a workout program, but stepping onto the M5 in Manual Mode means you can define your own workout plan without following one of the preset training profiles. Unfortunately this is the closest you get to a custom program, but it usually results in frequent adjustments to the resistance level and burn rate, which may be difficult to recreate during your next workout. Although the workout data can still be synced to your Bowflex Connect online training profile, this doesn’t include a breakdown of the burn rate and resistance level settings used during each segment. Several of these workout programs are customizable, such as the duration of the Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, and Stairs programs. If you’re on a strict budget, the $600 price difference between the M3 and M5 Max Trainers could be enough to influence your decision towards the entry level design.
It’s certainly popular enough, with more than twice the number of reviews than the M3 model at the time of writing. As you might expect for the lower priced machine, warranty coverage is half that of the M5, with parts and frame covered for just one year. Whereas the M5 features a combination of steady state cardio and high intensity interval programs, the M3 is based almost entirely around Bowflex’s MAX Interval workout.
This means by choosing the M3 you’ll spend much more time at the console making manual adjustments to the incline and Burn Rate, as there will be fewer preset resistance profiles to follow. You’re also missing out on the fitness test that comes as standard with the M5, which prompts you to workout at a certain level for a short amount of time.
To summarise, it really comes down to how much you value the upgrades, and whether you feel they will have a big enough impact on the quality of your workouts to warrant the $600 price difference. For us, despite the occasional connectivity issue with the app, being able to maintain an accurate historical log of your workouts and sync data to other fitness profiles is the most noteworthy difference. One of the developing trends to come out of cardio equipment in recent years is the ability to sync your workout data to an external device, whether that’s your smartphone or an online profile. Several companies have already developed fully functional cloud-based systems, including the myLiveLight app from Yowza Fitness, and the Preva app from Precor. But this level of workout app integration doesn’t come cheap, and each company only includes this as a feature on their top-of-the-line ellipticals, which is why we were excited to hear about the Bowflex Max Trainer app. Although the M5 does have a built in fitness test that provides you with an overall fitness score, there’s no way of recording this or logging it against your user profile. What Bowflex set out to do was create an app that could connect to the M5 via Bluetooth and effortlessly sync all your important workout data, including time, watts, calories burned, and average heart rate.
Unfortunately, based on the numerous reviews from the 10,000+ people who have already downloaded the app, connecting via Bluetooth isn’t as reliable as you would hope. But as well as syncing your workout data from the M5 console to the Max Trainer app, you can also sync to your MyFitnessPal profile, as well as the Google Fit app and Apple’s Health app. If you’ve already built up a fitness and nutrition history with any of the apps shown above, the Max Trainer allows you to automatically update your profile with full details of your workout to measure your progress over time. Overall we do really like the look of the app, and the way the dial on the screen uses a similar design as the Burn Rate display on the LCD screen of the console. Despite the issues some people have mentioned in the app reviews, Bowflex do seem to be listening to the concerns and bringing out fixes quite quickly. The option to sync data to other fitness apps and health profiles is also an attractive feature, and allows you to combine the workout results from the M5 with activities from a wider fitness routine.
When you buy a new piece of fitness equipment, the first thing you want to do is start enjoying your new workout routine.
But in recent years we’ve noticed a definite trend towards simplifying the steps involved, with more of the machine arriving pre-assembled and diagrams being used alongside clearly written instructions in the user manual.
Some companies have even developed systems specifically to reduce the time it takes to setup the equipment, such as NordicTrack’s SNAP assembly, which they use on many of their top ellipticals and treadmills. However, even with improvements in the quality of user manual instructions and a reduction in the number of steps involved, it’s reassuring to know that a professional in-home assembly service is still an option. For the Bowflex M5, this includes full assembly by a qualified technician, as well as calibration and testing to ensure everything is in working order. When we reviewed some of NordicTrack’s ellipticals we noticed that they too offered a professional in-home assembly service, but across a limited region. Whether it features a rear drive, front drive, or center drive design, elliptical trainers are traditionally quite heavy pieces of equipment, with some weighing in excess of 400 lbs. When you combine this with the fact that most of the frame and drive system arrive pre-assembled, you have a machine that’s actually quite simple to assemble. This is helped by the quality of instructions in the user manual, which is something we’ve noticed from Bowflex ever since we first reviewed their PR series of home gyms. That being said, the pre-assembled frame makes up the majority of the 143 lb weight, and is one of the reasons why the user manual recommends having a second person help with getting this into position.
The instructions themselves are clear enough, with exploded drawings and written explanations throughout. This is really only a minor issue, and doesn’t add too much to the assembly time, but we would still recommend setting aside at least 60 minutes to get everything put together. At 143 lbs you might not want to attempt moving the Bowflex M5 far without assistance, but there are front-mounted transport wheels to make this a little easier.
There have been a number of negative comments in some of the M5 reviews that highlight the shortcomings of having such a short power cord. Wherever you decide to position the M5, levellers have been fitted to the base to help compensate for any slightly uneven ground, improving stability and ensuring a safe workout experience.
We take the guess work out of obtaining your personal fitness goals weather it be packing on some serious muscle mass to shedding unwanted body fat. Said data can then be converted into graphs and charts, which can be annotated with notes and photos of a given experiment, and compared against other findings.
As a result, we often let our health take the back seat, never really finding the time to go to the gym or a fitness class and more often than not choosing fast food over much healthier options. The good news is if all you need is some help with record-keeping or to keep track of your progress, you can actually find iOS apps that can help you do that.
If you’re undecided, try Shakerciser, all while staying connected with the fitness community. You can even design your own custom workouts.The app also comes with a food list that informs you which food are good for fighting abdominal fat. Develop your flexibility, balance and strength by learning the correct poses from the video lessons (accompanied with voice or music) assembled by the yoga masters.
Other than tracking exercise data, Vitogo also provides weekly overviews of your workout and serves as a timer for rest periods between exercises to keep you on track. Tone your abs and train your way to pure fitness by exercising regularly and in the right ways. You can find the right lessons for your needs, post your own reviews of the videos, calculate the amount of calories burned per session or post the progress of your exercise sessions to your social media sites.
With detailed instructions and audio support for all 130 featured dynamic drills designed to build your strength and train your stamina, you can also track details of your training progress and workout history with the app.
The workout history by muscle is handy to let you know which muscles are neglected during workouts.
Improve your running performance with RunKeeper by viewing your detailed history of progress. There are apps to help scan your food labels for hidden information, track the amount of nutrients you’ve swallowed and find healthy recipes for you to try out. It scans, saves, tracks and calculate the calories and nutritional content of food you have eaten. You can read unbiased information of a product, such as the controversy behind food coloring and make better, educated choices for your food intake. You can also read health news, exercise info, success stories and weight-loss tips, all from the app. It calculates your heart rate by scanning the arterial changes on your fingertips to let you know how fast your heart is beating. Just place the tip of your index finger on your phone’s camera for it to detect your pulse, and you will be able to get your heart rate. With vision screening tests, doctor locator, appointment scheduler, jargon dictionary, real time chat and even special coupons for eye treatment, EyeXam ensures your eyes get the attention they need to stay healthy. The app even provides detailed sleep graphs, where you can see which days of the week you sleep best, and read notes on what affects your sleep quality.
You can also easily view future period dates, ovulation and fertile days to plan for events like a wedding, travel or even to start a family. Get multiple answers from more than one specialist regarding anything from symptoms to medications, share your health scans with doctors securely and directly, schedule an appointment and save your time by skipping the queue.
We’ll also put together a quick guide to the Max Trainer app, which can be paired with the console to sync all your most important workout data.

That being said, many of the most efficient calorie burning functions have still been included, such as the near-vertical stepping motion, and movement of the upper body grips. Unfortunately, while these numbers look good on paper, it’s proving difficult to locate a copy of the Bowflex Max Trainer® Independent University Study to determine the conditions of these tests. For this equipment Bowflex did actually put up a graphic that showed some basic settings used in the study, where the Treadclimber was set at a high intensity level, while the treadmill remained at 0% incline. But you still get a workout fan built into the base to help keep you cool, as well as a water bottle holder to help keep you hydrated.
Ergonomically designed with a wide platform and narrow Q-Factor to encourage a more natural stepping motion, they’ve also been contoured to help improve grip and stability at higher intensity levels. This featured alongside fitness innovations such as the Fitbit surge and the V650 cycle computer from Polar. As you might expect, the higher the Burn Rate, the higher the number of calories you can expect to burn during a workout. But we have found this style to be more efficient for interval training compared to the longer range of motion found on most rear drive machines. This helps to protect against glare from the sun as well as with highlighting all your most important workout feedback in low light conditions. However, the LCD display is still large enough to provide accurate feedback for a range of workout stats and equipment settings. They’re an indication of workout intensity, with the first LED designed for beginners, and the highest LED designed for more advanced levels of personal fitness. Instead you have to rely on using the up and down arrows, which isn’t such a big deal if you take advantage of the profiles already created for you as part of the preset workout programs. This style of interval program even allows a certain level of customization before starting. Unfortunately there are many factors that can lead to a drop in connectivity and a lost reading at the console. This is something that was missing from the earlier M3 model, and allows you to sync your workout performance to the Bowflex Max Trainer fitness app. This is where you maintain a specific workload throughout your training session, without the fluctuating intensity that’s associated with interval workouts.
Essentially you’re basing your entire workout on your Burn Rate, where manual adjustments to the resistance are needed.
This is much more reminiscent of outdoor running conditions, and you can still adjust the resistance level manually during any of the segments if needed. The only difference is the build up to these higher resistance levels is much more gradual than on the Max or Smart Max programs, which helps develop endurance. Until you reach the target number of calories burned for each segment, the workout doesn’t progress to the next.
This means that as you increase your running pace the resistance level will drop because the RPM is increasing your workload. Once your reach this stage, the Burn Rate is maintained for 3 minutes, after which your score is displayed on screen.
The standard MAX program displays a target Burn Rate using a combination of the dial and 5 LEDs, which act as an indicator for different personal fitness levels.
In contrast, the Smart MAX Interval program automatically adjusts the resistance to keep you within your Target Burn Rate Range.
If Bowflex were to develop an upgrade to the console, this is certainly a feature we would like to see. You can also set a target for the Calorie Goal program to be higher or lower than the default 300 calories.
But does the M5 actually have enough high quality features to make it the better option in terms of value for money?
When you compare this to other ellipticals at a similar price level, this is well below average, but doesn’t seem to be indicative of poor quality components, based on the high average review rating. However, the M5 also gives you twice the number of resistance levels (16), as well as a backlit display screen to make it easier to track workout stats in low light.
But you also have to take into account the longer warranty, more resistance levels, more workout programs, fitness test, and the integrated contact grips for measuring your heart rate.
This makes it difficult to use in comparisons over time unless you create and maintain your own training log.
The M5 pairs with the Max app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which means it doesn’t pair with the Bluetooth settings of your phone. Feedback is clear and easy to read, and the option to view workout details for specific dates is a quick way to set goals for your current session. You can even transfer data to a Bowflex Connect profile for graphing your workout results in a weekly, monthly, or yearly comparison review.
Unfortunately before this can begin, you need to follow the assembly process to setup the equipment once it’s delivered. Because it’s quite bulky, this will also help when you have to lift it off the shipping plate and onto the stabilizer assembly. The only improvement we would like to see is a small reference grid at the end of each page, detailing the parts required for that step. Of course there are always going to be ways around this, such as extension cable to extend the length of the AC Adapter cord, so for us it wasn’t a deal breaker.
Set goals and deadlines and the app will notify you whenever you hit personal bests or reach certain milestones.
You can also diet with your friends by monitoring and supporting each other’s progress.
Calorie Tracker’s community will keep you motivated and disciplined enough to stick to your goals with daily reminders.
You can also setup customized recipes for more complicated food, and share custom recipes and exercise routines with friends. It’s also a handy app for the those with food allergies like an intolerance for lactose or gluten. It can then generate a report of your heart rate , let you keep notes and also track multiple profiles. The orange dots (upper left) indicate he's following her routine well, as judged by the camera and phone's app. We’ll be looking at this more closely later in our review when we discover how to sync workout data from Bowflex Connect to a MyFitnessPal profile. So setting a lower resistance will result in longer segments, whereas a high resistance and high Burn Rate will have you achieving your goal in a much shorter space of time. Likewise, if you start to decrease your RPM, the resistance level increases to maintain the intensity. Some way of selecting from your history of manual workouts, or the option to create a small number of custom programs.
Make sure this is accurate before stepping on the machine if you want to compare workout performance across a range of dates. Although you do have the parts reference in the diagram, you’ll find yourself switching between pages trying to match the corresponding part to the reference letter. The workouts are 3 times a week, 20 mins each.The app's audio coach guides you on how many pushups to do, when to rest, and when to resume. Then broadcast your route to Facebook when you start a run or share your route maps with fellow runners. This app also summarizes your daily nutritional intake and tracks your weight in a motivation report.
It also acknowledges your reached milestones by awarding you badges, and will remind you when you forget to log your meals.
During the instructions you listen to your favorite music, and the coach blends in when needed.
My dream of a live trainer who won't judge my outfit and is available at my beck and call — like a Jillian Michaels who knows my name — is being developed as an app called Fitnet. The app keeps you motivated which is the key to success and the true magic of the app: you will earn wins and badges as you go along and the plan is achievable and enjoyable even by people that never liked to exercise. It falls within a family of apps that deliver prerecorded videos from personal trainers to your palm, like Nike+ Training Club or FitOrbit. But, unlike the others, Fitnet is trying to deliver that trainer in real time — coaching you, via smartphone or tablet, while you exercise. Vermeld altijd uw naam en order nummer en geef aan welke dag u thuis bent om het pakket aan de chauffeur te geven. I placed the phone angled toward me on the floor while a video of an appropriately enthusiastic woman coached me, like any other exercise video would do.
As I lifted and hopped through the six-minute "Fire & Ice Workout," my phone's camera was watching. The next phase of the app will drop the camera analytics, and instead will use wearables like a Fitbit or Jawbone to send data in real time to a personal trainer, according to Bob Summers, CEO of Fitnet. There would be an actual person watching me (and likely hundreds of others), advising each of us how to get the best stretch.
Fitnet's algorithm is intended to help personal trainers determine who needs help at that moment by processing participants' exercise data simultaneously. The real-time feedback to exercisers will give someone using the app an experience that feels more like an in-person session with a coach, says Joe Barnhart, a master trainer with the National Association for Fitness Certification. For the low price of "free," Fitnet will certainly beat the average hourly rate trainers charge, which can range from $45 to $200 per hour, according to Barnhart. GENI is a nationwide gigabit network hosted by computer researchers — essentially a giant cloud computing network, kind of like Amazon or Google, which researchers can use to develop applications that need superfast Internet speeds. Fitnet is being used to test whether real-time interaction is possible on a faster, next-generation Internet. It's a lot more complicated than a group video chat, explains Summers, and it requires an infrastructure like GENI's to test.
But there are pockets of the country with superfast Internet — like Kansas City, Missouri, which was involved in the rollout of Google Fiber — that give broadband enthusiasts hope.
Summers is optimistic that a real-time streaming trainer — with all of the buff, but none of the buffering — will be available in three to five years.

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