This is a thorough guide to personal trainer rates in the US in 2012.  It is meant primarily for those who are curious about the costs of hiring a personal trainer, but will also be useful to aspiring personal trainers who are trying to get a sense of earning potential. If you live in Beverly Hills or Manhatten, work with an independent trainer, who has a masters degree and 15+ years experience, and has trained celebs like J.
Expenses include: health insurance, transportation cost, continuing education, marketing costs.
If you have the time to dig a little further we can break it down for you by the various factors influencing the wage.
The findings of this data seem to contradict the regional data as Los Angeles is a fairly inexpensive place to seek training.  This suggests that hourly rates are determined more on the local than the regional level. The takeaway?  Pay a little extra for someone with at least a few years experience.  Also, if you want an experienced trainer you might as well find someone who is very experienced vs. Thank you for this- I have multiple certs from NASM and have been a trainer for over 20 years- but i live in a mixed rural area – my rates I wanted to have lower for my seniors so it would be affordable for pp who need it…but I was still undercharging for many years! If I independently trainer what would be some basic equipment you would suggest outside of a matt, ball and tension bands?
Hi Carmen, thanks for the comment, unfortunately gyms really seem to try to gouge trainers.
Independent training is great but it really requires you to be a business person as well as personal trainer.
Disclaimer: The views expressed on I Think I Can Fitness site by Amber Ellison Walker, staff, or guests are opinions and should not be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. I Think I Can Fitness does not not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to. Enter your details below to receive a free PDF and a consultation with a Course and Careers Advisor. The fitness and natural therapies industries continue to grow in Australia, with greater numbers of people turning to various methods of keeping their bodies healthy. The graph shows historical and projected (to 2019) employment levels (thousands) for this occupation.
Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Fitness Instructors is expected to be average (between 10,001 and 25,000). As expected, the Fitness industry has a strong appeal amongst young people between 20 and 44 years of age, making it a vibrant and dynamic work environment. According to a new Hudson survey of salaries, the employment market is broadly positive for accounting and finance professionals, with salaries rising.
In October the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the Australian Health Survey which found that obesity rates in Australian adults are on the rise, with 63 per cent now classed as overweight or obese. Researchers also found 67 per cent of Australians perform little to no exercise and only 5.6 per cent of Australian adults had an adequate daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

This course is designed for people who are passionate about health and well-being, who want a career focusing on fitness while instructing others. This certificate covers fitness planning and programming, legal matters, client screening and motivation, program delivery and business planning.
This general interest course will give you the knowledge to perform and prescribe exercises as an addition to manual therapy (such as massage).
This comprehensive course covers the essentials of nutrition, food production and the workings of the alimentary system; it could be a starting point if you are considering a career in sports nutrition. This specialised course provides training in the principles and concepts that underpin life coaching, a practice which focuses on equipping yourself and others with the tools and skills required for personal and professional growth. Our fitness courses are delivered online, giving you the flexibility of organising your study around your life. Among other things, you'll learn how to apply exercise science principles to planning exercise, how to plan and deliver personal training and how to undertake appraisals of functional movement. You’ll also learn how to undertake small business planning, establish legal and risk management requirements of small business and to market a small business. Most personal trainers struggle to make the type of personal trainer salary they really desire for one simple reason.  The reason being is that heir business is 100% dependent on their showing up to train clients. In order to become AFAA Group Exercise Certified you will need to take a full-day workshop.
I have been teaching Group Exercise for 3 years and have recently been certified as a personal trainer. Employment in this large occupation (27 600 in November 2014) rose moderately in the past five years and rose very strongly in the long-term (ten years), according to the Job Outlook website. The Australian Health Survey weighed, measured, interviewed and took biomedical samples of about 50,000 people and found that obesity rates in Australian adults are rising, with 63 per cent of people now classed as overweight or obese. Learn to conduct fitness appraisals, develop programs, use fitness equipment safely, and advise clients on fitness and nutrition matters. This course would be suitable if you aspire to work as a personal trainer, whether in an established organisation or in your own business. Learn about the skeletal system, musculature and body chemistry, and acquire important fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
Learn about the importance of carbohydrates, hydration and the influence of sports supplements.
You’ll study specialist subjects such as how to plan and deliver exercise programs to support desired body composition outcomes. Some of the certificates allow you to graduate with a government-accredited, nationally recognised qualification that can boost your chances of employment.
Inspiring them to enter a charity event is my speciality – the sense of achievement I witness from some of my clients is awesome!

The bottom 10% earns at most $26,120 a year while the top 10% earns at most $66,060 a year. In reality, earning a CrossFit Trainer salary is part of a professional career in the fitness industry.
The workshop includes a review of AFAA exercise standards, the practical application of group exercise, and a question and answer period to assist you with passing the exam.
The fitness studio that I have been teaching at wants me to take on personal training clients, which was one reason why I got certified. The positive news for potential trainers from this is that the fitness and personal training industries are booming, and the industry is riding a wave of popularity. There are many schools of fitness that one can choose to have as a career and as a professional you will have to decide if CrossFit is right for you.
There are a several kinds of fitness trainer programs within the health and fitness sector. The one-day workshop costs $299 and includes the study guide, certification review, certification exams (both written and practical), and an AFA Certified Instructor certificate and I.D.
Estimates have been rounded and consequently some discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals.
For every trainer program you’ll find specialty areas that may assist you in furthering your career. Without furthering your credentials and seeking other qualifications, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with other trainers in the market place. Developing Tracks If you are planning to make being a CrossFit trainer your career path, you’ll need more than just the fundamental trainer program. A CrossFit Certification program can really stretch your abilities as a trainer and add greater value to the services you offer. You can begin your fitness career with a basic fitness instructor course, which upon completion will qualify you to train clients. People from a variety of backgrounds including elite athletes, military personnel and martial artists participate in CrossFit. There are two levels of certification in the CrossFit program to help you specialize as a certified instructor. Find out more about the CrossFit methodology, designing programs, and learn ways to improve your overall coaching skills.

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