So I’ve personally drawn up and put together this Time-Management Toolkit in the form of interactive worksheets to help get your blogging tasks organized, scheduled and carried out on time too!
Plan your monthly, weekly and daily activities in advance so you know exactly what needs to be done and when. Getting your blogging business organized doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult any more, thanks to my time-management worksheets.
Get yourself organized by using my worksheets to plan out your goals, list your projects, schedule your tasks and get them done with extra time for family and many other fun activities! Time-Management Worksheets for Bloggers help keep you organized, your blog organized and your blogging tasks scheduled and done on time.
I've created dozens of blogging worksheets and workbooks to help you stop procrastinating, stay focused and be more productive.
The Rugby Field at the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center is the primary home of Men's Rugby at USC, and is the secondary pitch for the women's rugbyteam.

Please arrive for games at least 15 minutes prior to kick-off, both to ensure you make it to the match on time and to enjoy our pre-match festivities. Opened in spring of 2007, the field serves as a showcase for rugby in the Southeast, in what many opponents have described as "the most beautiful field they've ever seen in college rugby." The field lays adjacent to the university's awe-inspiring Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center and the impressive USC Greek Village system, with views of the STWFC pool, the university's Colonial Life Arena, the historic Carolina Coliseum, and the horizon-dominating Williams-Brice Stadium. Matches may be cancelled, match times may be changed, or opponents may be changed at any time, so please keep up-to-date with us here at The field is also a hub for activity, as it is located in the heart of the university's new InnoVista research area, which is under construction as we speak. We ask that our spectators respect our field rope and stand at least 5m away from the pitch at all times in accordance to USA Rugby's safety regulations. The Men's Rugby Club at the University of South Carolina is proud to call this pitch home for many years to come. In accordance with University of South Carolina wellness policy, tobacco and other smoking products are not allowed on the pitch.

Do NOT park in the STWC Lot south of Blossom Street or in the Greek Village if you do not have a pass for these lots. The field's first ever event was hosted by the men's rugby team, as Men's Rugby at the University of South Carolina defeated Kennesaw State University, 47-10, on February 3rd, 2007. Additional street parking is available on Sumter Street, which is two blocks from the SWTFC Rugby Field, and near the Blatt P.E. Failure to abide by these rules, or any rules posted on the playing surface, may result in a fine or removal from the facility.

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