There are 2 clinics for coaches that I attend on a yearly basis: The Glazier Football Clinic and the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.
Another one of the wonderful things that is also a byproduct of clinics are the deals you can get on equipment. More than 400 Australian children were given the opportunity to hone their soccer skills by attending coaching clinics with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) coaches. The clinics are a collaboration between Manchester City Football Club and the club’s principal partner Etihad Airways.  They are designed to motivate and inspire young soccer players by providing comprehensive training in a fun, relaxed environment. In Australia, clinics were held at Oakleigh Cannons Football Club and City Football Academy in Melbourne and Boondall State School and Moggill Football Club in Brisbane. Etihad Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Baumgartner, said the airline was pleased to give back to the community through its partnership with MCFC. Oakleigh Cannons Football Club Chairman, Kon Kavalakis, said participating in the Manchester City Coaching Clinics was an exciting opportunity for the club.
There are plenty of other places Georgia football coach Mark Richt would rather be on this gray rainy day. Coaches at schools who sign lucrative sponsorship deals with Nike are required to speak at two instructional clinics each year. The Coach of the Year clinics date to the pre-swoosh dark ages, when Nike was known simply as the Greek goddess of victory. At the end of June, Rohe meets with the regional clinic directors, gives them the list of Nike-sponsored coaches available and asks them to list their top 15 choices. Before Richt begins his presentation, he tells the group he might be interrupted by a phone call from a recruit who is expected to sign. From what I have heard from different people is that the Glazier Clinics have become superior to the Nike Clinics.
Smart Football by Chris Brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
In his teenage years, Peter played both Basketball and Baseball for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church CYO. Upon his High School Graduation he was awarded an Athletic Scholarship for X-Country and Track to Murray State University in Kentucky.
The most significant event at this point in his life was the birth of his son in August, 1967. He accepted a physical education teaching position at Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, MA for school year 1967-1968. In the fall of 1967 he convinced the Athletic Director to add a Mena€™s X-Country team to Apponequet Regional High School. Before the next school began, in August, Peter experienced another life changing event, the birth of his second child, a beautiful daughter.
The beginning of the 1968 school year at Apponequet Peter expanded his coaching ability and became Head Coach Mena€™s Track & Field.
In November of 1969 he and his family moved to a new home in East Freetown, MA only a few miles from Apponequet Regional High School. Summer vacations were spent as Director of Clear Pond in Lakeville, MA from 1969-1987 where he introduced an annual Flea Market, Blooper Ball, which is still played today, and swimming lessons just to name a few.

In late 1974 he developed stress related ulcers due to juggling multiple positions and family responsibilities. In the fall of 1982 he became Head Coach of Womena€™s Field Hockey at Apponequet and earned league championship in 1983 with an overall record 32-12-9. In 1982 he became Assistant Pitching Coach for University of Connecticut Womena€™s Fastpitch Softball Team. During his tenure at Apponequet he continued his education and became Director of Physical Education, Athletic Director and served as Acting Assistant Principal. Mainly because I am lucky enough to live in Vegas where everyone wants to have a clinic, but also because they have the best selection of topics and presenters.
Usually a good mix of offense, defense, special teams, training and leadership effectiveness are offered.
Most companies, Riddell, Russell Athletic, Gilman Gear, and Under Armor to name a few, usually provide clinic deals and pricing. I’ve always thought clinics were a waste of time but your ideas make me rethink this.
They walked away from the clinic very inspired and it was wonderful to see them so enthusiastic about the sport.
But three days after signing a highly rated recruiting class, Richt stood in a hotel ballroom in the middle of Long Island at a Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.
From late January to early March, 71 major-college coaches will travel to 21 clinics across the country. Rohe, a former track coach and the director of football recruiting at Tennessee in the 1960s and early 1970s and later the longtime director of the Citrus Bowl, says the clinics were founded in the late 1950s by legendary coaches Bud Wilkinson (Oklahoma) and Duffy Daugherty (Michigan State).
The three-day clinics offer 24 hours of instruction, taught mostly by high school and small-college coaches.
He talks about the play-action passing game and scribbles plays that are projected on a big screen. There are vendors present, Choices Choice coaching books and DVD’s at tremendous discounts, and losts of like minded people. If you compare the lineups of speakers and number of locations then I have to agree with them. Brown writes and edits Smart Football, which is dedicated to football analysis, strategy, philosophy and history.
While at Clear Pond a tragic accident took the life of Roy Caliri, a lifeguard for Clear Pond.
He found himself managing coaches and student athletes and not having much to do with the students themselves. After leaving Stoughton Public School System he continued private Softball pitching lessons in his attached garage. Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Peter wanted to ensure that his experience would, somehow, contribute to the advancement of research, and eventual cure, for this deadly form of cancer.
Clinics can be a valuable resource to you as a coach, if you really understand the true advantages of attending a clinic. Sessions are 40-50 minutes long and the presenters use PowerPoint, overheads and even sometimes you to demonstrate what their topic is about.

If you attend an out of town clinic, especially in an area of the country you might want to live, make sure you network with your peers.
I see what you mean that the usefulness goes beyond just the information you get and the networking opportunity can be the real value.
After former coaches Johnny Majors (Tennessee) and George Perles (Michigan State) took over, they asked Rohe to serve as director. She was a joy to behold He loved her with all his heart and cherished every moment spent with her. Roy Caliri was also a former member of Petea€™s X-Country team at Apponequet Regional High School. Activities including basketball, swimming, gymnastics and more were included in the program. Over 300 girls have the honor of calling themselves a a€?Garage Girl.a€? Also, continued coaching at the University of Connecticut until 2011. It’s Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College nose tackle John Jenkins, who is from Meriden, Conn. Most coaches will provide attendees with access to their presentation (some for a fee), but there is no recording or filming at these clinics.
Saturday, Richt left Atlanta on a commercial flight and arrived in New York shortly before his presentation. They offer to duplicate their presentation information and send it to you; usually for free. At college he began a weight lifting regiment that he religiously continued daily throughout his life. That September he started his coaching career at New Bedford High School as X-Country and Indoor Track coach.
Don’t be that coach that bee-lines to the bathroom or runs to get coffee without talking and meeting new coaches. Rohe says that because of stormy weather Richt was worried he might not make it back to Athens that night to interview coaches.
They even invite you to come to their campus, to spring football, or offer free tickets to games. Staying in shape was extremely important to Peter almost to the point of being an obsession.
Finally, inspite of any tiredness or busyness, in all those sessions over 4 years, the only guy to mail in a talk and waste my time was Frank Beamer. He described it this way, a€?One year of experience at Roosevelt is worth five years.a€? His first year coaching gave him a taste of success in the field he loved, ending the season with an overall record 9-1. With the popularity of HUDL it is, now more than ever, easier to share game and practice films, cut-ups and scouting information. During the season, follow their team and send them congratulatory emails or condolences on losses.

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