Posted in Boxing Classes for Teens in Queens, Boxing Classes in Queens, Boxing Gym in Queens NY, Boxing in Bayside, Boxing in Bayside Queens NY, Boxing in Douglaston, Boxing in Flushing, Boxing in Oakland Gardens, Boxing in Queens, Boxing in Whitestone, Boxing Lessons for Teens in Queens, Boxing Lessons in Queens, Bully Proof in Queens, Queens Boxing Gym, Train Boxing for 30 Days FREE in Queens!! A man who’s thinking or worried about getting hit is not gonna have a good sense of anticipation. If you want to learn Boxing in Queens, call 646-421-9749 & start your 30 Day FREE Trial. Boxing class in Queens teaches you the basic boxing techniques, that will make you a lean mean fighting machine.
A BoxingYoga™ class merges boxing technique with traditional and innovative yoga postures in a 60-minute class format. BoxingYoga™ methodically strengthens and stretches the entire body and offers practitioners a considered approach to explore coordination, body awareness and correct posture alignment. BoxingYoga™ focuses on utilizing the whole body in a kinetic chain reaction with the power of the core and spiral dynamics of the spine. In the past years I have made several trips to India to learn about the yoga lifestyle & I’ve been practicing yoga in studios in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and San Francisco.
In the past I have taught private and group classes in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam. Journey through the Layers from Self to Soul In this 45 hour training, you will gain more mastery over your physical and energetic bodies to clear your space for more effective transmission. The boxing class will typically start by skipping rope, then we move on to shadow boxing calisthenics, bag work & partner drills.

Born in a boxing club, BoxingYoga™ abandons yoga’s more traditional conventions and focuses on a streamlined activity, directly targeting improved sporting performance. The four stages of the class are performed in one continuous movement sequence to music, with intensity adapted to participant’s needs and ability.
As a result, BoxingYoga™ helps to drastically shorten recovery time and cultivates relaxation and muscular tension release.
BoxingYoga™ looks at the whole pattern of movement in the musculoskeletal system and offers multi-stretching exercises in sequences, thus providing a routine for developing whole-body flexibility. I am also an active Vipassana meditator, I have undertaken several 10 day silence retreats.
As of 2015 I am living and teaching in San Francisco,  following my dream to become a better yoga teacher and practitioner.
This class an invite only event and is free for the passionate yogis invited ~ Enjoy two hours of yogic bliss, from asana, to philosophy, to anatomy! As you grow into your teaching career, it becomes more and more imperative to be able to understand your students bodies, injuries, age, and prenatal needs.
The more videos I see of Canelo the more confident I am I will win this fight and become middleweight world champion, which will be huge, it will be a massive shock to the world. You’ll burn tons of calories, make new friends, get ripped, have fun all while learning to defend yourself. These are important factors in order to prevent injuries and optimize a healthy body and mind-set.

My aim is to do one course per year to deepen my meditation experience, self knowledge and compassion for others. Would you like to be part of a community of like-minded Kids Yoga Teachers & entrepreneurs? This happened at such a young age that I realised I had to make some drastic changes in my life.
In 2014 I finished a Vinyasa yoga teacher training with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner, I have a deep understanding of anatomy via a yoga anatomy and breathing course by the breathing guru Leslie Kaminoff. This realisation brought me to do yoga so I could learn how to find calmness in myself and understand the boundaries of my body.
To deepen my practice and that of my students I am practicing yoga therapy under the guidance of Kate Holcombe and I have been trained in BoxingYoga by Kajza Ekberg and Matt Garcia.
I explored various yoga styles and teachers until I settled with a more powerful style that helps me deal with my busy daily life. I love the energy my body creates, and the stillness in my mind, while posing in a powerful asana.

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